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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Little Dove by Perryen Livingston 💕 Book Tour & Print Book Giveaway 💕 (Romantic Suspense)

An emotionally gripping story about love, family secrets, and self-discovery.

A single test was all it took to turn my world on its axis. The life that I had and the life that I knew nothing about, would soon collide. Love and hate, truth and lies, bitterness and rejection, redemption and clarity- would I find my truth? I am Talyn Rose Easton-Galiano and this is my story of who I was, who I became, and ultimately who I am. They say that life is stranger than fiction... but they don't have my life.

What is something unique/quirky about you?
Something unique and quirky about me… my fashion sense. I don’t really follow the rules of fashion, I make my own rules. If it makes me happy, it makes me confident-- much to my children’s dismay. Another
thing would be, I love shoes but hate wearing them. I’m almost always barefoot.

Tell us something really interesting that's happened to you!
Something really interesting that happened to me was during the summer of 1989. I was on vacation in London with my mama and sister, my sister was trying on wedding gowns in Harrod’s. A voice comes over the loud-speaker announcing that Harrod’s was closing for Princess Diana to come in and shop. After my mama wrangled my sister out of the wedding dress, everyone had cleared out. My fourteen-year-old self was hoping to see the princess. Well… I got my wish when I decided that I would twirl and spin out of the
bridal section and smack -- right into Princess Diana. She was the epitome of grace, but kind and compassionate. She smiled at me and waited patiently for the rest of my family to join me. To this day, I will never forget how beautiful she was. She was beautiful on the outside, but more so on the inside.

What are some of your pet peeves?
Pet peeves: All other drivers but myself and chipped nail polish.

Where were you born/grew up at?
I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and grew up in a small town in Mississippi.

What are you passionate about these days?
I am a passionate person in general, but what I’m most passionate about these days are my family, my writing, and giving back to others.

What do you do to unwind and relax?
To unwind and relax, I either take a nap or watch The Godfather 1 and 2.

How to find time to write as a parent?
As a parent, my children are my priority. My family always comes first, but I write when they are at work or in school. Sometimes it doesn’t give me many hours in the day, but I try to make them count.

Describe yourself in 5 words or less!
Sassy. Full-throttle. Introvert/Extrovert. Wife. Mother.

When did you first consider yourself a writer?
I first considered myself a writer when my mama told me that my mouth always got me into trouble and that I should write down what I wanted to say instead of talking.

Which of your novels can you imagine made into a movie?
My novel, Little Dove, I can see made into a movie. If someone can find a younger Sandra Bullock to play the lead, I’ll send you my contact information.

What literary pilgrimages have you gone on?
Wow, okay. I’d have to say that traveling home to where it all began was a bittersweet, painful, and cathartic pilgrimage that I went on.

As a writer, what would you choose as your mascot/avatar/spirit animal?
My spirit animal would be a dove. I’m part Native American and it’s fitting in the essence that I was
released when I was a baby, but I flew back.

What inspired you to write this book?
My life inspired me to write Little Dove. I was adopted and at forty years old, I took an AncestryDNA test. Little Dove chronicles what I went through on my journey to self-discovery.

What can we expect from you in the future?
The future for Perryen Livingston is to write more books, books I’m passionate about writing.

Can you tell us a little bit about the characters in Little Dove?
All of the characters in Little Dove are people that I know on a personal level. They are all responsible in who I am today.

How did you come up with the concept and characters for the book?
I wanted to write a book that touched on a topic that was very personal to me. It was important for me to show the other side of adoption, the perspective from an adopted child. The emotions that adoptees feel and the struggles they go through, is very real. Little Dove follows Talyn’s journey from taking a DNA test to actually finding and meeting her biological family.

Where did you come up with the names in the story?
The names of the characters are all variations of their real-life counterparts.

What did you enjoy most about writing this book?
I won’t lie, Little Dove was an emotional rollercoaster for me to write. I lived through, still am, all the pain and heartbreak, the bitterness and rejection, the happiness and love, and the acceptance. I enjoyed being able to see my life from the beginning to the present, and knowing that I wouldn’t have changed a single thing that has happened to me. I had to go through all the ups and downs to get to a place of clarity and closure, but also acceptance.

Tell us about your main characters- what makes them tick?
Talyn Rose-- I am Talyn and she is me. Talyn is all about her family and her family-family. She always puts them first and would walk through fire to make sure any and all of them are safe and loved. But, Talyn also doesn’t put up with anyone’s crap. She fights for those who can’t fight for themselves.

Gracen-- Gracen is fiercely loyal and protective of Talyn. He is the calm to her storm. He is supportive and doesn’t clip her wings to make her something that she’s not.

How did you come up with the title of your first novel?
You have to read Little Dove and all will become clear.

Who designed your book covers?
My son designed my book cover(s). He is an amazing graphic artist who was able to take my vision and turn it into reality.

If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your latest book?
Honestly, no. I wrote what was raw and real and I didn’t hold myself back. My “characters” are all real people, but they had a voice that needed to be heard.

Did you learn anything during the writing of your recent book?
I learned that maybe the hero is a villain and the villain might just be a hero. As for me, I learned that the things in my life don’t define me, they align me.

Anything specific you want to tell your readers?
To my readers: I am who I am and I will never compromise myself to fit into “The norm.” I write what I’m passionate about and try to blend the sad with happy, the “Oh, my gosh! No they didn’t” with humor
and love.

What is your favorite part of this book and why?
My favorite part(s) of the book would be the funeral scene and the crazy dynamic that I share with my best friends, Lando and Piper. Anything with Gracen is a favorite of mine, we are the greatest love story of
all time and I get to go to sleep every night and wake up every morning beside him.

Do your characters seem to hijack the story or do you feel like you have the reigns of the story?
I started out thinking that I had complete control of the reigns, but “Lando” hijacked his character and I just went with it. It’s like that in our real life relationship, too.

Convince us why you feel your book is a must read.
If you like strong, fierce women who tell it like it is, males who support and adore their females, humor, grit, raw and real emotions: Little Dove is a must read. I wanted to write and deliver a book that touched on very real emotions, but I wanted to show that love conquers all. I write exactly how I talk, so that comes across in my books.

Have you written any other books that are not published?
The second book in The Redenzione Series, SUNSHINE & REIGN, is almost done. There will be a third book in the series, possibly more.

If your book had a candle, what scent would it be?
Rose. I love everything rose scented and the lead character’s name is Talyn Rose.

What did you edit out of this book?
I’m a foul-mouthed Southern Belle. I edited out, believe it or not, a lot of cussing. Other than that, absolutely nothing. I wrote about as raw and real as I possibly could.

“You have guacamole on your shirt and you’re wearing Wonder Woman slippers. Super classy.” I lean down and lick the guac' off my shirt. That stuff costs extra.
“I called you to come over so we could watch trash TV and make fun of people. You used to love doing that. Carson has made you nice. I don’t like it.” The truth is, I adore Carson. He adores Lando and that’s what matters. It’s about time Lando found a man who is quality.
“Sugar, you know that I will sit here all day and talk smack, but that’s not why I’m here.”
“I’m going to try and find my father today. I think it’s time. I’m scared. What if he doesn’t want me anymore? It’s been forty-one years and he probably has a wife and kids. Francessca acts like she never had a kid and hasn’t told a soul. What if I’m a secret that Jamieson has kept, too?”
“You won’t know unless you try. You should prepare yourself for the possibility that he’s moved on and not looked back but you also need to have a little faith. Your dad is not your mom. You are nothing like Francessca, maybe you are more like him. What does Gracen think you should do?”
“Gracen supports whatever I decide. He hasn’t looked into Jamieson, yet. He is waiting for me to tell him what I want to do. I think that knowing Jamieson wanted to keep me when I was a baby has given him hope that he’s not a threat to me emotionally. He did say that forty-one years can change a person. It’s changed me.”
I turn the TV off and grab my laptop off the coffee table. It’s time. Lando scoots closer so we can do this together. We’ve always been there for each other during the hard times. We might give each other a hard time, talk smack, and play jokes on the other but at the end of the day, we are ride or die. Best Friends Forever. As I log into my Facebook account, I feel Lando’s hand on my boob. He’s scooping guac’ off my shirt with a chip.
“Seriously, Lando, and you think I’m not classy?” It makes sense he’d do that. We share most things. Men are pretty much the only thing we don’t share.
“Hurry up! I’m jonesing to see your hot dad.”
“You think he’s going to be hot? What exactly makes you think that?”
“Well, sugar, you are beautiful. Remy, God forgive me, he’s my godson, is handsome. You don’t look like your mom so…”
Facebook is up and my finger is hovering over the search bar like it’s going to bite me. I can do this. I can do this. I type in Jamieson Drake while Lando chomps chips in my ear. Right as he’s about to put another chip into his mouth, I swat it across the room.
“I was going to eat that!”
“You’re distracting me. You’ve gotten crumbs on my laptop. If you are this spun up about my dad, how do you think I feel?”
“I have peanut M&M’s and Twizzlers. I brought stress snacks, let’s find your dad.” I grab the package of Twizzlers, rip them open with my teeth, and grab a whole handful.
“There are so many Jamieson Drakes. Some don’t have pictures.” I scroll down a long list of Jamiesons but I stop on one photo. I click on the profile and I can’t breathe. I know that I’ve found my dad. This Jamieson is sitting on a Harley, sunglasses on, and a smirk on his face. I have that same smirk. It’s kinda my thing. Lando has Facebook pulled up on his phone and he sees it, too. He saves a picture from Jamieson’s photo album to his camera roll. Weirdo.
“Look at me. I want to see something.” I turn and Lando holds his phone up beside my face.
“Take my phone and go look in the mirror, sugar. This has to be your dad.” I go into our guest bathroom and shut the door and lock it. I have a death grip on Lando’s phone but I can’t look yet. I need a moment. Lando is right outside the bathroom door. He knows I need to do this alone.
“I know you are afraid to look and I would be, too, but it’s now or never.” I take a deep breath, count to ten, and face the mirror. I bring Lando’s phone up to my face and stare at our reflections. There he is, my dad, staring right back at me with the same nose, lips, and smirk. All of these years, I thought my mom and I would look like twins—sisters, at least. My dad, I am the female version of him.
“Lando, call Piper, please. I need her to come over. She’s the one who encouraged me to look for him.” I’m staying right here, locked in the bathroom till she gets here.


Perryen Livingston is a Southern-raised, Sicilian born, self-proclaimed rebel Belle. She is a lover of espresso, great books, all things Chanel, and Great Danes.
Perryen spent two decades traveling the world with her Air Force husband and two sons. In 2016, she finally was able to put down roots in Central Florida— the land of sunshine, beaches, and Disney.
Always one who needed to be creative to thrive, whether it be ballet or fashion design— Perryen knew her next adventure lay between the pages of a novel, her novel.
When she’s not writing, Perryen lives the domestic life wifein’ and momin’: lint-rolling dog hair off her signature-style black leggings, walking around barefoot, and spending time relentlessly loving on her family.
Little Dove is her first book in The Redenzione Series and will have two more books to follow. You can stay up to date on what’s happening next by following her on social media.


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