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Saturday, March 2, 2019

Queen’s Blood Claim by Nicki Ruth πŸ’• Book Blitz & Book Bundle Giveaway πŸ’• (Vampire Romance)

She was born to rule, but her heart seeks to rule her

Blood, scheming, murder— it’s all vampires know and do so well. But Davina is their new Queen. She’ll be damned if her reign is defined by how many are killed. The only thing is, her biggest champion and love, Alexios, is still as ruthless as ever. When past guilt leads her to make an impulsive decision that unleashes vengeance and fury on her, she wonders if she’s cut out to rule these bloodthirsty vampires. And most importantly, whether her burgeoning relationship with Alexios will survive?

If protecting her means getting blood on his hands, then so be it

There’s not a day that goes by that Alexios doesn’t burn to have Davina all to himself. But her royal court schemes against her, and a band of humans plot vampire genocide. He’s eager to snap some necks, but Davina rebukes his methods. He’ll fight not only for her throne but for her love. But with the royal divide between them pulling her further away from his grasp, can he finally win his heart’s desire?

“I remember the first time I saw you.”
Davina chuckled. “I’m sure I was screeching in the halls of the palace in Zhar. My mother hated that I’d been so wild.”
A rumble from Alexios’ chest vibrated against her ear, and she found comfort in the sound.
“No. The first time I laid eyes on you, you were scurrying in the woods, tripping over yourself carrying food, which I’m sure you’d stolen from the kitchens. You were heading to a baby foal you’d discovered under some bramble.”
Davina took a moment to enjoy his face. Lines fanned the corners of his eyes while his dark lashes stretched away from them. He smiled, and his lone dimple made its tiny dent. Her mouth parted. It had been a long time since she’d seen him smile like this. His joy spread through her.
“I remember the foal. I named him Laeb,” she chuckled. “I knew someone was there! I’d stopped to look, but I couldn’t see anyone. It was you?”
“Yes. I was in the woods taking some time to myself. The barracks were loud, and I still struggled with my transition. It was my first time seeing the Queen’s daughter, but I knew instantly who you were.” He buried his hand into her hair at her nape, his thumb lightly caressing her scalp.
“I saw you and knew then that this world was not so bleak. That there is light and beauty capable of vanquishing any darkness. And that a beautiful, rambunctious, young girl who sneaked food for an injured foal, would always have a piece of my heart.”



He was just a ruthless vampire out for vengeance. Until her.

Alone, asleep, and adrift. That’s how Alexios finds the woman he takes aboard his ship. But she’s not all she seems. Her face is a reminder of a past he’d long tried to forget. A reminder of his failure to save those he’d sworn to protect. But he’s on a mission to find and kill his sire for years of torment. He can’t allow the beautiful creature to distract him from his centuries-long vendetta. Even though her teasing smiles and taste of her blood lights his body afire.

She hungers for blood, and him.

Davina, if that’s even her name, wakes up having no clue of who she is. All she knows is that dreams of fire, blood, and destruction stalk her waking moments. Something sinister churns within but she refuses to succumb to its dark desires. Only Alexios, the handsome vampire Captain, calms the roiling waves of her urges and kindles her passion.

The answers are closer than they think.

When Davina loses control, it becomes imperative Alexios help her control the darkness within. But ancient forces plot to destroy them both and time is running out. Will they solve the mystery of who she truly is and stop her from becoming the monster she fears? Or will the world be ruled by her dark blooded desires?

First in the Bonds of Damurios Series, debut author Nicki Ruth, weaves an action-packed vampire thriller that mixes blood, magic, and sizzling romance set in a new futuristic fantasy world.


Jason, the youngest sireling of a powerful vampire family, is suffering a peculiar predicament. He’s transforming into some kind of monster! To make things worse he ends up kidnapped and shipped to a place he never dared dream of. Jason is trying to conquer the beast clawing its way out of him, so why does he feel an irresistible pull to the scoundrel who absconded with him? The dangerous, scaled man who breathes golden fire.

Cade fears he's the last of his kind. But when his sensor lights up, he quickly makes his way to the vampire homeland to retrieve his lost kin. But the man Cade finds is not what he expects and has no idea what he's becoming.

When Cade and Jason’s undeniable attraction blossoms into much more, how will Cade convince Jason that he's not willing to let him go? Things become more complicated when they must combat magical forces lusting after the divine powers only they possess.

Can they fight it, or will a devastating betrayal destroy them both?

This m/m romance is book two of the thrilling new Bonds of Damurios Vampire Romance Series.

Be sure to get the holiday spin-off, 7 Steps For A Vampire Christmas, a Christmas short story set right after Jason's Dilemma.


These vampires are vicious and bloodthirsty, so it won't be a surprise they're on the naughty list. But is there hope they can get into the Christmas spirit?

Young brothers, Albus and Valere, are divine beings who once lived a life of service to the gods as sacred weapons. Now, to their surprise, they’re living new lives on the vampire realm, Damurios. But Valere keeps butting heads with their vampire master, and Albus would rather spend his time building his book collection than dealing with his brother's drama.

But they remember times of old. Specifically, the human festival of Christmas, which holds many special memories for them—like twinkling Christmas trees with gifts wrapped in shiny paper. And cookies. Oh, the delicious cookies!

Armed with their master plan, they set out to spread cheer to their new, ruthless vampire family. Their first targets: the powerful vampire Queen and their boyish new master.

But this is Christmas, they don't expect to have to run for their lives or getting mugged. Will this plan work?

This cozy holiday short story can be read as a stand-alone but the events occur after book 2, Jason's Dilemma, in the Bonds of Damurios vampire series.


Nicki Ruth is a romantic at heart who loves a bit of history, a splash of adventure, and all things paranormal, especially vampires, shifters, fae, and all others. An avid reader, Nicki's debut novel, Dark Blooded Desires, began as a dream of a dark-haired, brooding stranger gazing into the deep recesses of space. This became chapter one.
She loves good food, good wine, and good friends, and writes from her balcony overlooking a parking lot.


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A valiant hero, a kidnapped heroine. But who's saving who? It's the vampire fairytale that starts it all.

Captain Jodhan is given a mission. Rescue the daughter of a prominent vampire lord. But the mission is fraught with obstacles. The first being the vampire noblewoman, with eyes of ice that pierce his heart, has no intention of being rescued.

Laia has stolen away with a precious bundle. A human child—one she's vowed to protect from greedy forces that seek the child's mysterious power. But the handsome and determined Captain arrives to take them back, and that's not an option for her. Besides, she's no damsel in distress.

Sparks fly between the Captain and his reluctant target, and soon the mission becomes one of the heart. They flee, but the enemy is close at their heels. What lengths would Jodhan go to protect Laia and her charge when she's already stolen his heart?

Win a book bundle of books 1-3 of the Bonds of Damurios series (print or eBook)!

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