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Friday, March 15, 2019

Ruthless Outlaw by Liza Street 💕 Review, New Release Spotlight & EXCLUSIVE Gift Card Giveaway 💕 (Shifter Romance)

He has the power to enter the dreams of others.
She isn't afraid to act on his darkest desires.

Fox shifter Margot is content running her bakery, For Fox Sake Cupcakes, even if no one gives her a second thought--not her clan, not her parents. But when a sexy voice starts haunting her dreams, she starts craving more from her life, and more of the mysterious stranger.

When grizzly shifter Bryce arrives to help the Rock Creek Clan, his estranged brother's harsh reception is no surprise, but the presence of a gorgeous blond fox shifter is. Unfortunately, she seems pretty close to his brother, which makes her off-limits. When the clan needs to contact a mysterious witch living in South America, Bryce jumps at the chance to help out and escape Margot’s sexy smiles.

So, of course, the person accompanying him to South America is Margot...and she's posing as his wife.

Ruthless Outlaw is the second standalone novel in the Fierce Mates: Rock Creek Clan series. If you like shifter romances with naughty language, strong men, and smart heroines, you’ll love this steamy, action-packed read.

One heck of a sexy adventure!

I'm not a newbie when it comes to Liza's books, and the reason is that each one of her stories makes me want to read the next one, regardless of if it's in the same series, she's starting a new one, etc. She masterfully combines love, action, mystery, emotions and even some humor into her books.

Can I just say, I'm a TOTAL sucker for fated mates. That moment when a shifter is like BAM! smacked with the intense feeling that he has found his one and only. For me, the trope never gets old and I love reading all of the different ways Liza works that into her books.

One of the things I loved the most about this story was the "adventure" aspect of the story. Margot and Bryce were on a quest, and the magic and riddles they encountered along the way kept me glued to the pages!

Another thing I really loved was how Margot was; she was relatable in that she had self-doubt and insecurities, like we all do, but she was also strong and self-sufficient, like we all are. She knew when she could fight, but she also knew when she was outmatched and when to accept help. I wasn't bashed over the head with "I am woman, I don't need a man or anyone else ever!" like I have been in SO many other books.

Liza truly invents these amazing worlds in her series, and I am SO excited to see where this clan goes next!

(I was given this book in consideration of my honest thoughts)

As Margot slept in her flannel fox-print sheets, a low voice spoke to her, directing her dreams away from baking and cupcake recipes and over to fantasies of fevered skin, of taut muscles surrounding her, a set of sharp teeth grazing her shoulder, and hands caressing her breasts, squeezing her hips, guiding her toward release...
She woke and stared around her darkened bedroom, her pussy throbbing with want. She was so aroused, she could barely stand it. This voice had been visiting her for weeks. He sounded familiar, but she couldn't place him.
As she sent her hand down the waistband of her pajama pants, she fell back into her dream and heard the voice again, telling her how beautiful she was, telling her she was loved, and telling her just how to touch herself. When the voice commanded her to come, she came—hard.


“I just read through The Rose King and LOVED it! Totally recommend it!” –Keira Blackwood, author of The Sawtooth Peaks Series

He will have to fight for the woman he loved and lost.

Rex has known since he was a teenager that his neighbor, Gemma, is the one for him. But as a wolf shifter, he’s been told that his life is too violent to bind himself to a fragile human. For the past eight years, he’s been fighting in cage matches and trying to forget the woman who holds his heart.

Now that Gemma has found her long-lost best friend, she can’t believe he’s the Rose King, a violent fighter. When cruel men want to control Rex, Gemma must confront the reason he left her, all those years ago. If she knows the truth about him, can their love endure?

Content Warning: This shapeshifter novella stands alone and has a happily-ever-after. It contains liberal usage of naughty language and sexytimes and is intended for adults.

It is 18,500 words, approximately 80 pages.

I am a TOTAL sucker for "long lost loves"

I am a total sucker for "long lost loves," "the one that got away," "you are my mate and I'll never let you go," etc.

I was completely sucked in by this story, and at 25%-ish in, I couldn't turn the pages fast enough to see how Rex and Gemma reconnected.

Liza, as usual, did an EXCELLENT job of writing the emotions these two felt for each other. I actually met this couple in a subsequent standalone book, but it was SO nice to learn their history.

I LOVE Liza's books!!!

One kiss. One lie. One dangerously sinful affair.

After making one bad decision after another, fox shifter Erena is back at the Rock Creek Clan with her tail between her legs. Her past mistakes seem to be forgiven, but her position feels tenuous—and more tenuous still, with the arrival of a sexy misfit who gets under her skin.

Matt, a mountain lion shifter, returns home to the RCC with a giant secret only to meet the woman of his dreams. Too bad Erena has a chip on her shoulder. How the hell is he supposed to prove himself to a woman who has trust issues? He’ll have to figure something out, because between his smooth talking and his ulterior motives, he’s in danger of losing his mate before he ever gets a chance with her.

Ruthless Misfit is the first standalone novel in the Fierce Mates: Rock Creek Clan series. If you like shifter romances with naughty language, sexy men who go after what they want, and real heroines with real flaws, you’ll love this steamy, action-packed read.

So many "awww!" moments!

What I liked the most about this book were all of those little moments; the stolen moments with Erena and Matt and the things he would say to many feels!

I'm such a sucker for this trope, the "fated mates" or soul mates or whatever you want to call it. When they just KNOW they are meant to be together. Love it.

Matt was so endearing because he wasn't exactly what he seemed in the beginning, but once he found his mate, he did his darndest to be a better man. Lion. Oh, you know what I mean.

But I especially liked Erena. I liked that she wasn't the typical happy, bubbly, outgoing heroine, but rather she was all "don't even talk to me, and while you're at it, get away from me" with everyone. She was jaded for sure, but starting with that darkness around her only made her transformation into who she became that much more satisfying. Not because she became outwardly happier, but because she was inwardly content. If that makes sense.

I just love these clans that Liza has created, and I can't wait for more books!!!

(I was given this book in consideration of my honest thoughts)

Liza got her start in romance by sneak-reading her grandma’s paperbacks. Years later, she tried her own hand as a ghostwriter of romance. It wasn’t long before she started developing her own series. Now she divides her time between freelance editing, ghostwriting, and mountain lion shifters with fierce and savage hearts.


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The prequel story to Fierce Heartbreaker

After Jude Fournier broke her heart six years ago, it took Ava Stricket a long time to get on with her life. Now she’s back to help out her newly-widowed mother, and Jude’s presence is just as distracting as ever. Her overprotective brothers and uncle don’t need to worry, though—Ava’s had a lot of time to harden her heart to Jude’s charms, not only to protect herself, but her daughter as well.

But Jude isn’t going to give up so easily. Despite the hostility from her family and a new imbalance in his pride, he slowly works to win Ava back. His mountain lion chose Ava as his mate years ago, and he’ll do whatever it takes to prove to Ava that he loves her and wants her back in his life—and this time, he’ll never let her go.

Content warning: This sexy shapeshifter novelette includes a happily-ever-after as well as explicit love scenes and naughty language. It is intended for adults.

19,000 words, 75 pages.

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