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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Silk: Confessions of an Online Sex Worker by Vicarious Silk 💕 Book Tour & Gift Card Giveaway 💕 (Erotica)

Silk brings fact and fantasy together in one continuous stream of stories and memories of her life as an online sex worker. Working with men seeking normal activities as well as fetish and erotic taboo. Featuring everything from BDSM to naughty one-time encounters, Silk takes you behind the scenes and introduces you to all the men and women in her life. Follow her as she travels from mild-mannered conservative woman to sex Goddess in one passionate year. Discover the secret world of online sex worker’s inner thoughts and workings with this up close and personal look at the men that frequently seek them out. Meet the women that take care of these men one session at a time.

Online Sex and Sexting Confessions

Cybersex in the nineties and early 2000’s prepared me for a life as a sex worker. Who knew I could get paid for what I gave so freely in my younger years. Now I know and love that I have found this occupation.

Old time AOL Chats

Speaking in a message box as a younger woman was always titillating to me and I always seemed to find a willing partner even when I wasn’t looking. I was single, almost. Well practically, my husband and I were breaking up. There was no love at home, no confidence-building sweet nothings being whispered or yelled in those days. So, I found excitement in AOL chat rooms.

Role Play Chats 1999

I loved when I discovered the role play chats on AOL. It freed me to be sexual and creative at the same time. It began innocently enough as playing cops and bad guys in a role-playing chat. Soon I found myself in private chats with young men that wanted to do more than shoot and arrest drug dealers online. I was awkward at first but I soon learned what joy came from these sexual interactions.

Role Play Circa 2019

I find I am reliving that now with the sex work I do every day. Role-playing is only one thing I do of course, but it allows me to write while interacting with another. It is a wonderful writing exercise that also gets me excited and a nice release at the end. Being the secretary to the overworked boss, the soldiers back at home girlfriend, all allow me to play act while stimulating with my words. Many taboo role-playing opportunities rise and I only engage in a few of them. But I do find it fun to just be free to let my wicked imagination run wild.


Good old fashioned sexting is a lucrative event for me and allows me to once again use my words for colorful descriptions of what I am doing to the man while he is doing fun things to me. I can usually out write and keep them more focused on themselves as I find that just as exciting as hearing him pleasure me. There is something so fulfilling about being told how good you are in a sext conversation.

My main thing is oral sex on a man. I love to describe each sucking and licking moment. I love to write that I pull him into the back of my throat. That seems to get them every time. Descriptions of the sucking sound the slurping and lapping tend to get a guy ready for the main event. I just enjoy being free with my words.

The best feeling is when you run into another writer. A man who really knows how to use his words. It becomes a word fest that touches my brain as well as my nether regions. If he can make me lose my train of thought, he is a keeper. I will pine for him to come sext with me again.

Pictures over Text?

Pictures are usually exchanged with the more expensive sexting sessions and those are pictures actually detract from the experience for me. I have such a vivid imagination I don’t need to see in order to enjoy. But I agree if the price is right and share pictures to enhance the connection. So, to answer the above questions, no text over pictures every time. But as in any business you do what it takes to keep the customer happy. Sometimes I am happily able to eat my words when a picture comes through. But for the most part its all about the texting.

More to Come

I’ll be covering the other online sex methods later, but I wanted to cover sexting first as it is one of my favorites. I will talk about how hard it is to talk dirty on camera next time. Trust me it takes some practice.

Learn More

I will cover more online sex topics here on the blog, but if you want to know more than is encapsulated in the blog, you can read Silk: Confessions of an Online Sex Worker. There are chapters on each topic and lots more personal stories for your reading pleasure.

Patrick, my first sugar daddy, was a twenty three year old IT tech who had long minutes between tech calls. He filled those long minutes with pics, texts and general contact with me. “Baby, Daddy needs to see you.” A text would appear and off to the bathroom I would go. Bringing my phone with me. Borrowing a few pieces of lingerie from Bow was a nice way for me to push up my picture taking stock. She had some cute baby doll tops I could squeeze myself into and snap a few alluring pictures. Taking a few lingerie pictures was a sure way to keep him occupied. Patrick loved a strip tease going from lingerie to birthday suit one pic at a time. All in all it was so little to ask. I enjoyed the show as much as he did. My nipples would harden and I would get breathless as he spilled praise and other things for me.

Patrick pushed me to show him myself, not with artsy pictures but with real flabby tummy, dimpled ass, and thick thigh pictures. I had only shown my cleavage up until this point and he took that shyness away one bathroom show after another. He pressed me to be real for him. “Save the artsy pin up posters for someone else.” He would show me his reaction to my pictures and it seems he really liked all my nooks and crannies. ”I’m not an art critic, I want to see you. The real you.” Over and over he told me that and soon I was baring it all for him even the things I tried to hide with my clothing. He would show me how he was reacting there in his cubicle or more often in the restroom. He would slip into the bathroom for a break time visit with his sugar baby and I was really enjoying seeing him react. He had a lovely penis that would spring to life as soon as I sent the first picture of the break. He would show me short videos of him stroking himself to my pictures and that encouraged me to show him more.


Vicarious Silk, best known as Goddess Kiki Silk, makes her writing debut with Silk Confessions of an Online Sex Worker. A middle-aged southern woman that has moved into the lifestyle of an online sex worker.

Writing her memories, experiences, and sexy stories for everyone to enjoy. Finding the humor in the daily work is an added bonus and creeps into her writing both in books, short stories, and her blog. Follow Kiki on her blog to find out more about this GILF.

When not writing she can be found working on various platforms gathering new material.


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