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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

The Shifters of Africa Series by Leigh Anderson & Alice Wilde 💕 Series Tour & Gift Card Giveaway 💕 (Historical Reverse Harem Shifter Romance)

A murdered pharaoh. An evil sorceress. And three lion shifter kings.

Sanura would do whatever it took to be the next queen of Egypt – even if it meant marrying her younger half-brother and waging war on all of Africa. But when the pharaoh is murdered and Sanura blamed for the crime, she barely escapes the city with her life.

With nothing and no one to help her, Sanura finds herself at the mercy of a lion shifter African king. One of Egypt’s sworn enemies. A man who would be better off with her dead.

And he’s not the only lion king she needs to worry about.

THE LIONESS OF EGYPT is the first full-length reverse harem historical fantasy book in the SHIFTERS OF AFRICA trilogy.


An ancient prophecy. A blood feud. And a heart-wrenching betrayal.

Sanrua will do whatever she must to return to Egypt, save her brother, and become queen. But three lion shifter kings stand in her way. She can only succeed with an army at her back – but the men she needs can’t stand the sight of one another.

One by one, Sanura must convince the lion kings to help her. And she just might lose her heart in the process…


A blood pact. A heart torn. And an army of mummies.

Sanura and her lion kings are bound for Egypt to help her retake what she has lost. But old feuds run deep. Sanura must find a way to balance the delicate bond she has with each king before she loses all of them – and the kingdom she would die for.

In Sanura’s absence, the power of the sorceress Keket has only grown. As has her control over all the people of Egypt – those both above and below the sand.

An epic battle awaits – one Sanura is not sure she can win…


“Get her!” Keket ordered. “She killed the pharaoh!”
The guards hesitated.
“Stop!” I said. “It was an accident. The pharaoh, he attacked me and killed Habibah. He—”
“She speaks wicked lies to confuse you!” Keket said. “Capture her before she gets away.”
“Why are you doing this?” I asked Keket. I didn’t know what was going on, but she was clearly trying to turn my brother and the guards against me. “I…I saved your life.”
“You didn’t even ask my name!” Keket yelled. 
“What?” I asked. What did that have to do with anything? But I didn’t have a chance to find out. 
Keket stepped forward and read from the scroll, raising one hand high. I didn’t understand the words, but I recognized them as Persian. As Keket spoke, her hand began to glow. A strong wind filled the room. There was thunder and lightning. Everyone fell to the ground except Keket, who kept speaking the strange words. Sand filled the room and was whipped up by the wind, encircling me. I looked through the sandstorm and saw my brother cowering at Keket’s feet. I reached toward him. 
“Ramses!” I called. 
“Sanura!” he replied, stretching his hand toward me. But he was too far away. 
There was a sudden burst of lightning right in front of me and I screamed. Surely, this was the end. The wind stopped. It was quiet and dark. The only sound I heard was my own breathing. My breathing. I was alive! I opened my eyes and looked around. The only light came from the moon and stars. As far as I could see, there was only sand. I was in the middle of a desert. And I was completely alone.


Leigh Anderson

Leigh Anderson loves all things Gothic and paranormal. She wrote her master’s thesis on vampire imagery in Gothic novels and met her husband while assuming the role of a vampire online. She currently teaches writing at several universities and has a rather impressive collection of tiny hats. She lives in a small town in the mountains where she raises bearded dragons and gives them wings for Halloween. She is currently working on too many writing projects, and yet not enough.


Alice Wilde

Alice Wilde grew up with a love of reading and spent her teens writing and submitting her essays as fantasy stories, much to the annoyance, but often high marks, of her teachers. Now, she spends much of her days writing historical fantasy paranormal romances (filled with gorgeous men and, of course, magic) that she hopes will spark a flame in readers as much as they do in herself.

Alice is currently living with her cat in a bustling city she never sees much of, as she's too busy dreaming up, writing down, and living in her next paranormal RH romance, though she generally finds enough time for a real-life date or two... We all need a bit of inspiration now and again, right?


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