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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Oh, Baby! by Jill Blake 💕 Behind the Scenes, Book Tour & Gift Card Giveaway 💕 (Contemporary Romance)

Lena Shapiro. Successful surgeon. Dutiful daughter. She sacrificed her personal life to build her career and take care of her mother and sister. Now thirty-nine and single, she watches her peers pairing off and having kids, and wonders if she missed out on her own chance at happiness.

Assigned to mentor a visiting colleague, Lena finds herself falling for the man instead. But Adam Sterling is all wrong for her: he’s too young, too arrogant, and too willing to push personal and professional boundaries. And he’s leaving L.A. for a job on the opposite coast.

With the date of Adam’s departure looming ever nearer, will Lena retreat to the safety of her familiar solitary life, or will she take a chance on an uncertain future with the man who might make her dreams come true?

(Please note: This is a steamy contemporary romance that contains mature themes and explicit content, meant for adults 18 and over. It is a stand-alone novel, with no cliff-hangers, and a guaranteed HEA.)

BEHIND THE SCENES, or what sparked the idea for Oh, Baby!
By Jill Blake

Every few months, I get together with an all-female group of fellow physicians. The official purpose of these dinners is to get some CME (continuing medical education). Someone in the group prepares a brief talk on some hot topic in medicine, and we all drink wine and eat and listen politely. Lecture over, we get down to the real purpose of the evening: catching up with each other and whatever gossip we’d missed since that last gathering.

It was at one of these dinners that we realized a funny thing: more than a third of our group had given birth to twins. Yep, twelve sets of twins in all. Coincidence? Not really. Turns out we all went through IVF around the age of 40.

Doctors spend years in school and then in training before becoming full-fledged attending physicians. During this time, we often work 80-120 hours a week. That doesn’t leave much time or energy for other things like sleeping and eating, let alone dating and having children. In some medical fields, this kind of brutal work schedule persists well beyond the training period. Remember, these are the most fertile years of our lives. And what are we doing? Working.

Which is why so many of us end up in the same position as Lena, the heroine of Oh, Baby!

She’s a composite of the women from that dinner. A successful surgeon who sacrificed her personal life to build her career, she suddenly realizes that she’s thirty-nine, single, childless, and facing a very lonely future if she doesn’t do something drastic to change her life. Assigned to mentor a visiting colleague, she finds herself falling for the man instead. But Adam Sterling is all wrong for her: he’s too young, too arrogant, and too willing to push personal and professional boundaries. And he’s leaving town in a few months to pursue a job on the opposite coast.

This is a romance, so Lena and Adam eventually get their happily-ever-after. But how they get there is a whole other story…

Copyright © 2019 by Jill Blake

Adam knocked on her office door. “Can I interest you in a lunch break?”

Lena glanced up from the computer. “I usually work through lunch.”

“How about I grab us something from the cafeteria and bring it here?”

“I’m not hungry.” She turned back to the screen. “Thanks.”

Adam studied her. So much for making progress. Good thing he wasn’t easily discouraged. A quick scan of the room, and bingo!—there it was. Inspiration.

“Is that the latest JACM?” He moved closer and reached for the journal topping a pile of paperwork on the corner of her credenza. “You don’t mind, do you? I’ll just sit and read quietly.”

“Help yourself,” she said drily. “But don’t you have an office or something you can use?”

“Sure.” He shed his white coat and draped it over one of the visitor’s chairs, then sauntered across the room, where he toed off his shoes and proceeded to make himself comfortable. Or as comfortable as he could get, considering the love seat fell far short of his six foot three inches, and Lena was still staring at him, her expression now more irritated than bemused. “But it’s the size of a supply closet, and there are three other fellows sharing the space. So…”

“Do you always get this chummy with your attendings?”

Ooh, now she was pulling rank. He hid a grin. “I wouldn’t call breathing the same air on opposite sides of the room chummy.”

Excerpt Three:

Copyright © 2019 by Jill Blake

Adam folded his arms across his chest, blocking her way. “The world won’t grind to a halt if you cut back your hours or take a day off once in a while.”

“I know that,” Lena said, glancing at the clock. “I’ll make some adjustments. But right now I feel fine, and I still have patients to check on.”

“Are you kidding me? You’re still hooked up to an IV.”

“Which the nurse is about to remove. Dr. Goodman said I’m good to go. He didn’t specify where.”

“Because any reasonable person getting discharged from the ER would go home.”

“I’ll go home after I finish rounding,” she said.

He glared at her, then cursed, pivoted on his heel, and strode out of the room.

Lena stared at the privacy curtain that continued to sway in his wake.

Where was the feeling of triumph at having won the argument? She should be glad that Adam was finally gone. But all she felt was deflated.

“Here we are,” the nurse said, bustling in with a clipboard. “We’ll go over your discharge instructions after I get that IV out.”

Minutes later, Lena was alone again, pulling on her clothes. There was a cursory knock, followed by the squeak of wheels.

“Your carriage, Princess.” Adam pushed the wheelchair toward her.

She blinked against the prickle of tears. Damned hormones. “I can walk.”

“Not to your car,” he said. “Hospital policy.”


“Your patients are all taken care of,” he said. “Your partner will see the post-ops shortly. He said you should go home, and congratulations on the pregnancy.”

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When it comes to burnout, Lily Reid is an expert. Determined to turn her personal tragedy into a cautionary lesson for other physicians, she travels the country, lecturing about life balance and stress management. But her words falls on deaf ears—until she hits on a plan to appeal to a broader audience.

Enter Wolf Knox, aka “Wolfman MD.” He’s gorgeous, charismatic, and his patients love him. So do millions of fans who follow him online, watching the music video parodies he makes in his spare time. Too bad Wolf believes “burnout” is synonymous with weakness. His motto? Suck it up—and if you can't handle the pressure, get the hell out of medicine.

As Lily and Wolf clash over plans for a joint project, their mutual disdain gives way to desire. But when a fellow physician’s suicide forces them to confront their own fears and prejudices, will their fledgling relationship survive?

~ Please note: this is a steamy contemporary romance. It contains adult themes and explicit language, and is meant for adults 18 and over. ~


A native of Philadelphia, Jill Blake now lives in southern California with her husband and three children. During the day, she works as a physician in a busy medical practice. At night, once the charts are all done and the kids are asleep, Jill writes steamy romances with smart heroines, sexy heroes, and guaranteed happy endings.


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