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Friday, April 12, 2019

Painting Tomorrow by Haylee Thorne 💕 Release Blitz & Gift Card Giveaway 💕 (Contemporary Romance)

River Ray is a genius at everything he does, gets everything he wants…except when it comes to love.He's never had to urge to look beyond a computer screen to even consider the idea of love.Until Now. Now, all he can think about is the woman who’s miles out of his league.Phoenix Kingsley has been dubbed the “Rags to Riches Heiress” by every tabloid.Not only did she discover she had two siblings, she also became an overnight billionaire.Adjusting to her new life is difficult, but nothing could have prepared her for the shocking truth she discovers about herself in her mother’s journals.Through it all, one person still manages to occupy her heart and soul, even if he doesn’t even realize it. When River Ray is hired to help the Kingsley siblings destroy the man responsible for all their suffering, their attraction can’t be denied.Will Phoenix and River find more than a shared quest for revenge? Will they be painting a very different Tomorrow?

“I hope you don’t think that I can move like that, Pk.” He says hoarsely.
The tone of his voice has the heat pooling between my thighs. Is he turned on? I giggle. It’s a weird kind of giggle, one that I don’t recognize as my own.
Great, I sound like a weirdo.
I force myself to look up at him and our eyes lock.
“Are you doubting my skills as a teacher?” I say, tone challenging.
I can see the corners of his mouth start to curl up into a small smile, revealing those sexy dimples. He’s about six feet away from me, and he closes that distance some by taking another step forward.
“Not at all. It is more that I doubt the skills of your…student.”
“Hmmm, now that you’ve presented it like that, it’s a challenge to me. Now I want to teach you even more,” I tell him.
He takes another step towards me and my heart seems to think it is running a damn race, beating fast, out of control.
“Your wish is my command,” he tells me, his eyes still locked onto mine.
He takes another step forward and every nerve ending in my body stirs and tingles.
“That’s a dangerous precedent you’re setting there,” I croak.
“I like to live dangerously,” he replies.
Holy fucking shit. Are we flirting here? Or is it wishful thinking on my part?
“Where do you want me?”
It takes me a second to realize what he asked me. I bite my lip. The air is thick with desire, so thick that I can barely breathe. I swallow hard and hold out my hand. He takes it, no hesitation and I lead him to the middle of the dance floor.
“Wait right here,” I tell him.
He nods. I can feel his eyes burning in my back as I walk away and I swerve my hips just a little more than I would usually. I walk over to the counter where my phone is and scroll through my songs. I smile when my eyes fall on an older but super sexy song by Christina Milian. “Dip it low” is the perfect choice.I think a little smugly to myself. I make my way towards him moving to the beat of the intro as I do. As if I planned it—which let’s be honest here, I kinda did—the beat starts just as I reach him and I place a hand on his shoulder as I drop down and back up with exaggerated movement. I feel a rush of gratification flowing through me as I hear him suck in a breath. I don’t give him a moment to recover, instead, I take his hand and place it on my hip.
“Follow my movements,” I tell him.
I start to move my body to the beat and it isn’t long before he follows. And not just follows, clearly, the man is literally a genius in everything he does. His body mimics my movements as if we were magnets, and he doesn’t have a choice. We maintain eye contact the entire time and it is probably the most intimate moment of my life. I nearly drown in disappointment when the music stops.
“Wow,” he breathes.
“Wow indeed.”
“That was…”
“Yeah, it was.”
“I am going to kiss you now.”
I blink but recover surprisingly fast.
“You did say that my wish was your command.”
His mouth curves into a lopsided smile.
“Yes, I did.”
“Good,” I tell him as I take a step closer. “Because I want you to kiss me.”
“As you wish,” he replies a second before his lips crash down onto mine.

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Tomorrow (Kingsley, #1)

Mika Kingsley is as formidable outside boardroom as he is inside it. A billionaire businessman and notorious playboy, there is nothing -- and no one -- he can’t conquer with his endless charm and iron will.

Raeva Ray is as smart and brash as she is young and beautiful. But despite outward appearances, this capable nurse knows nothing about men, and thanks to her collection of exes, she’s vowed to remain single and chaste for as long as she lives.

When tragedy leaves the self-assured Mika searching for something he can cling to amidst the chaos, it’s the gorgeous, beguiling Raeva who walks into his life. Though he has what it takes to seduce most women, this sexy creature won’t be impressed by his wealth or charisma. While Mika struggles to win her affection, Raeva must choose between what appears to be the truth and what she feels in her heart is real. And if the powerful ladies’ man can’t stay in total control of this deal, he just might lose the one woman who makes him want to live for tomorrow.

After Tomorrow (Kingsley, #2)

Young and beautiful, Raeva Ray was just beginning her nursing career when she made the mistake of falling hard and fast for billionaire playboy Mika Kingsley, the power player who tested her self-control, her judgment, and her ability to forgive. But their unbreakable connection has somehow allowed her to let go of their troubled past.

Rich and influential, Mika Kingsley used to think he had it all. An endless stream of money, women, and power left him sure that his life could never get better. But with Raeva now in both his heart and his bed, Mika finally has everything he could ever want or need. Which means that he also has everything to lose.

The secrets were supposed to end.
The lies were supposed to be uncovered.
The pain was supposed to be behind them.

‘Supposed to’ is never a guarantee.

What will happen After Tomorrow…?

Reclaiming Tomorrow (Kingsley, #3)

On paper, Mikaela has the life every girl dreams of. She is young, beautiful, intelligent, and filthy rich. It all means nothing to her since she pines for the man who will never love her back. But that isn’t the only source of pain. Dark secrets are tangled in the forgotten memories haunting her. Five years is a lot of time to lose…

Eric Hardwick fits the description of tall, dark, and handsome to a T. A successful attorney and loyal best friend to Mika Kingsley, he’s hopelessly devoted to the one woman who has broken his heart. She’s strictly off limits to him…but that doesn’t mean he won’t do anything and everything to protect her from harm.

The unstable Kingsley patriarch, Mason Kingsley, is back, bringing danger and mayhem along with him.

Her lost memories might be the key to their salvation…or their destruction.

Will Mikaela be Reclaiming Tomorrow?

Forever Tomorrow (Kingsley, #4)

Mikaela Kingsley is finally reunited with the love she didn't know she lost and has her precious memories back. But with the light, also comes the dark, and the realization that perhaps ignorance really was bliss…

With his Lady finally by his side, Eric Hardwick truly has everything he ever wanted in life. But, unexpected additions to the Kingsley clan bring more lies, more deceit, and more turmoil than ever before, putting his world at risk.

Eric discovers that once you have everything you want, you also have everything to lose. How far will he go to protect those he holds dear? Will good win over evil? Will love win over hate? Find out if true love reigns in Forever Tomorrow.


Before Haylee Thorne was imported (; D) from Amsterdam (The Netherlands), she was living a nomad kind of life, always traveling, resulting in a whopping 32 countries she has visited. Originating from Europe, the talent of speaking multiple languages comes naturally. Haylee speaks five languages fluently enough to order her trademark mimosa in nearly any language she settled in the United States, and she decided to set down roots starting a career in healthcare. Haylee is a proud RN, adores her job, and lives happily in Kentucky. With the art of writing flowing through her veins, and the appetite for devouring books since she has been very young; Ms. Thorne decided to embark on a writing journey like no other. Haylee is responsible for the Romantic Suspense Series called the "Kingsley series" and stand alone's such as the Romantic Comedy "The Beard".


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