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Monday, April 22, 2019

The Scream Behind Her Smile by Athena Daniels 💕 Book Blitz & Gift Card Giveaway 💕 (Romantic Thriller)

It’s one thing to discover your husband is not who you believe him to be.
It’s another thing entirely to prove it.
The only question now, is how far he will go to protect his secrets.

From the #1 INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLING AUTHOR of the award-winning Beyond the Grave paranormal romance series.

“Athena Daniels has spun a spell-binding story that is sure to seduce fans of suspense… Her compelling writing style coupled with elements of high drama and disturbing characters makes for an emotionally intense read. Athena Daniels has a new fan in me!” Readers Favorite, 5 Stars

“…a contemporary psychological thriller with a solid plot line which had me reading late into the night. I thoroughly enjoyed every word.” 5 Stars, Readers Favorite


One lie is enough to question all truths.

As I lie here in my front hallway, in the place where it all began, I wonder what would have happened if I’d never opened the door that afternoon?

Would she have gone somewhere else? Would she have swept off in another direction, an alternative reality where our lives would never have crossed paths?

And now I’m lying here, blood pooling beneath my body, deep crimson smears on cold white tiles, remembering every sordid moment in vivid detail.

There’s a shadow standing over me.

“I want you to die here, slowly and alone.” Her voice is cold, emotionless. “And I want you to use the time to think about what you did. And when you take your last breath, I want you to realize it’s all your fault. All of it!”

I drift in and out of consciousness and wonder if I had my chance to do it over again, if I had the choice, would I choose not to open the door that day?

Even after everything, I know that I would.

I’d go through it all again, and then some, if it meant the chance to be with Zach just one more time…

“Bunny boiler?” Like the crazy mistress in Fatal Attraction? “I can’t be the bunny boiler. I’m the wife!”
“All I mean is that you’re being irrational where Jazzy is concerned. When she’s around, you turn into a jealous fishwife. It’s embarrassing. And it has to stop.” Derek’s gaze hardens. “The Claire I used to know would never treat someone like this. The way you’ve been acting lately is… It’s ugly.”
“If I’m acting ugly, it’s because you’re making me this way. You dismiss anything I have to say about her—”
“That’s because you’re irrational!” he snaps, uncharacteristically raising his voice.
“You did it again. Irrational or not, it’s how I feel,” I say, crossing my arms. “And you should care about how I feel. And why aren’t you even concerned that I had to ask if you were sleeping with her?”
“I just file it away with all the other crazy things you say.” He slides into bed, turns his back. “I’m going to sleep now, Claire. Take your pills. They’ll help you calm down. A good night’s sleep will do you good.”
The pills are no longer in the drawer, but I wouldn’t take them anyway. I’m not tired, and the thought of getting in bed next to him churns my stomach.
“Take your damn pills, Claire,” he repeats wearily. “I put a new box in there. You should have told me you’d run out.”
His cool dismissal makes me furious. I want to shout at him, throw some more things around the room. I want to scream and pound his chest until he has no choice but to listen to me.
But I know that it won’t make any difference.
I could throw his whole wardrobe out the window, and he’d just look at me with those accusatory eyes: case in point. He’d say, Claire, take a good look at yourself. You’ve really lost your mind now. He’d be so convincing he’d make me believe it myself. I’d look in the mirror and see my reflection, wild and emotional. And I’d think because he was so calm that he was the one who had it all worked out.
That I was being overemotional. Overemotional!
I’m so sick of being called that. Why is that even an insult? Derek is under-emotional!
Why is the way I feel always wrong?
The regular sound of his breathing fills the room. How can he do that? Go to sleep so quickly? How can he just fall asleep when I’m so torn up inside?
Because he doesn’t care, Claire. Not in the way you need him to.
I look at him in our bed on the pristine white sheets. His head on the crisp white pillow. I listen to his regular breathing turn into a light snore.
I try to feel something for him.
I stare, long and hard.
Me. Claire Marie Hardt. What is it that I feel for my husband?
I try to find love but only find it in memories. When Katie died, she took all of the happiness with her. But I have to pick up the pieces of whatever is left of my life. I have to find a way to move forward.
The only question now is whether Derek is going to be one of the pieces I take. Or leave behind.

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Athena Daniels is the #1 international bestselling author of the award-winning Beyond the Grave paranormal romance series and the romantic thrillers Desperate and The Scream Behind Her Smile. In 2016, Athena was nominated for Author of the Year and Best New Author in AusRom Today's Reader's Choice Awards.


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