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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Watch Them by M. Blackburne 💕 Book Blitz & Gift Card Giveaway 💕 (Erotic Romance)

Olivia has now met the attractive couple who has been virtually teasing her, and they want more of her. Now she has to figure out if she does too, and who exactly she is getting into bed with.

There’s a kiss on my forehead that brings me back to life. It’s Charlie standing over me.
“It’s time to wake up, Olivia. Dinner is ready for you,” he announces as he props me up in bed. “We have something special waiting for you. Do you need anything before I go back downstairs?”
He is staring at me so directly that it almost hurts to breathe, but I manage to let out, “No, I’ll just wash up a bit and be down.”
Abruptly, he leaves, again. Sitting up in bed, I look around and take in my space. My trembling has stopped and I’m breathing rhythmically now. I can already feel myself being excited with my nipples humming and warmth covering my whole body. I resolve to get up and make my way to that beloved bathroom. I quickly splash my face with water and add some lavender oil to my wrists and temples. I try to fix my hair, face, and anything else I can think of for them as fast as possible. I want to be flawless for them, but I also don’t want to keep them waiting, or myself. In a final act of awaited pleasure, I grab another silk slip from the closet, this time light blue with black lace.
Once I feel amply sexy, I descend the stairs and stop at the large wedding picture at the top. Without even thinking, I lean forward and kiss the small space between the two in the picture. It’s time.
Walking into the dining room, I am stunned. They have set up the most beautiful dinner for me. There are three place settings: two on one side and one on the other. The room is lined with candles with only one small candle on the table. They have even brought in the large bouquet of flowers they sent me earlier in the day. Champagne is poured into slim flutes with gold- trimmed plates and blood-red napkins accompanying them on the table with rose petals framing everything. I let out an audible gasp when I see this while Hannah is fixing some of the candles.
Upon turning around, she cries, “Hello, sleepyhead! I hope you like steak.” Hannah says it so casually that I’m immediately put at ease.
Charlie promptly enters the room with a plate of steaks in hand. “Damn” is all he expresses when he sees me. I feel his eyes on me his whole walk to set down the meat on the dining room table.
Hannah slowly walks over to me. It’s as if in one fluid motion she reaches out and lightly touches the base of my neck “You do look gorgeous.” I can feel her breath on me again. As if it were a reflex, I close my eyes and feel myself instantly getting wet. I blurt it out without even thinking about anything: “May I kiss you?”
Without response, she leans in and kisses me from the corner of my mouth to the middle before pressing her tongue between my lips. Charlie walks up behind me and places his hands

on both my breasts and starts massaging them in a circular motion. Again, I start purring as if I have no control of my own voice anymore.
I toss my hair back to expose my neck and Charlie immediately bows down to take several bites of it. I move to take off Hannah’s flowy, short dress. She instinctively lifts her arms so I can pull the billowing cloth off to expose an entirely naked body. This takes me back. I wasn’t expecting this to move this fast and it makes my flower flush. I hold out my arms to pull her body close to me. I want to feel her on me, but she shakes her head no and drops to her knees. Charlie growls into my ear, “Put your arms up.”
I do as I am instructed. Charlie reaches down to the lace hem of my slip and goes to pull it off me but drags his knuckles along my skin the entire way up. This action has me in chills. The moment the slip leaves my fingertips, Hannah runs hers up my thighs. This time when Hannah kisses me, it’s my other set of lips. I can feel her tongue pushing its way to my clit just as Charlie pinches both of my hard nipples. I let out a moan that shakes my core.
Hearing this Charlie can’t take anymore. He walks over to the table and pushes everything off. Hannah is furiously licking me and moving her fingers to my inner thigh, which only makes me spread my legs even further apart. Before I can reach down to caress Hannah’s hair, Charlie grabs her and throws her back down on the table. Breathing heavily, he scoops me up and places me on top of her, facing her, on all fours, but shoves my ass down far enough that my nipples are basically grazing Hannah’s. I instantly start kissing her. She smells like me and it only turns me on more. Then, I feel him enter me. I let out a cry as he starts to pound away at me. I haven’t felt fucked this strongly before; his member is hitting all the right spots inside me that I can feel my wetness all over my ass and inner thighs. Hannah starts rubbing my clit and one of my nipples. Within seconds, everything tightens into an explosion. I lose all strength and go to collapse before Charlie grabs me and places me on the couch in the neighboring room. I’m in a haze – I’ve never had an orgasm like this. From my periphery, I can see Charlie and Hannah going at it on the table in the missionary position until he goes in a primal groan. It’s when I start to fall asleep from my spent energy that I see him start to go down on Hannah and her bowing her back in ecstasy, which is exactly how I feel right now.


Olivia takes another dog-sitting job per usual, except this time she notices something – a functioning pet camera. Soon she learns that her every move is being watched by the attractive pet-owning couple who hired her. Before Olivia knows it, she is face-to-face with her surprising desire for being observed and the prospect of who this couple really is.

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Olivia and Hannah are now alone. Olivia is both excited and nervous to experience a relationship with a woman for the first time. But, she can’t help to wonder what will happen when Hannah’s husband comes home.

💕 To be released May 20, 2019 💕


M Blackburne is a Midwestern writer now living in New York City.


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