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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

The Matchmaker's Surrender by Tammy L. Bailey 💕 Book Tour & Gift Card Giveaway 💕 (Historical Romance)

Surrendering her heart could be the scariest thing of all...

Miss Jane Dalton, one of London’s most successful matchmakers, believes it's much safer bringing couples together than falling in love herself. In fact, she could not think of anything more frightening than to have loved and lost.

Fate, however, disrupts her plans to remain a single matchmaker when Mr. Nicholas Waverley, her brother’s best friend, is forced to kidnap her after she becomes entangled in an assassin’s web.

Forced together under dangerous circumstances, Jane realizes her true feelings for Nicholas. In the end, however, is her love for him worth the fall?

The Matchmaker's Surrender is a Regency romance novella and the second book in The Matchmaker's Series.

For years, Jane had been so busy encouraging other people to dance, she hadn’t bothered perfecting the art herself. While she didn’t wish to impress Mr. Waverley, she didn’t want to crush his toes either.
“Oh, Mr. Waverley. Have you come all this way to ask my daughter for a turn around the room?”
“Mama!” Jane scolded, wanting the floor to open up and swallow her whole.
“She’s an exquisite partner, sir. I taught her myself.”
“Aunt!” Jane admonished, shaking her head. Her Aunt Sophia was a petite lady with a round face and ample hips whose sole purpose in life was to spoil and embarrass her niece and nephew equally. Jane was enormously grateful for her.
“I’m afraid my talents have been exaggerated,” she said to Mr. Waverley. “You don’t understand the perils or the pain you face with such an invitation.”
A wicked grin spread across his handsome face. “I do appreciate a little danger, Miss Dalton.”
He extended his hand, and she accepted. His touch, his smile, his undivided attention made her feel light and invincible. They danced, the breadth of his shoulder and the sensual curve of his mouth diverting her from noticing anyone but him, even as the dance separated them.
“You look beautiful,” he whispered when they came back together.
Jane faltered. His words strummed a wondrous tune inside her. Oh, why did she care so much of what he thought about her? Had she tried extra hard to fix her hair and pick out a dress so he would notice? Well, of course she had.
“Thank you. You look…very handsome, as well.”
He chuckled and then cleared his throat. “You don’t sound certain.”
Their gazes locked, and the dimple on his cheek disappeared. Her heart, already racing from his nearness and the exercise, thundered inside her chest. For a moment, the music hushed, and they were the only ones in the room.
“Miss Dalton?”
His deep and perplexed tone pulled her out of her trance.
“Yes, well, you must know you’re one of the most handsome gentlemen here, Mr. Waverley.” She paused to glance around at the young ladies waiting their turn with him. “Do you not see how they stare at you?”
He didn’t once shift his attention away from her. “I don’t care how they stare at me.”

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Just shy of fifteen years old, and during a fake an impromptu wedding ceremony, Lily Scott married her best friend's brother, Henry Dalton. It seemed harmless enough until he leaned in and whispered to her his true feelings, amorous words she has been unable to forget: Now you're mine, forever and always.

Unfortunately, growing up places obstacles in their path, pulling them apart and turning Henry into a pompous rake. Can a mischievous matchmaker, a mysterious letter, and a scandalous house party be enough to reunite these two misguided hearts and give them a second chance at true love?

*Mine, Forever and Always is a novella and the first book in The Matchmaker Series. The second book, The Matchmaker's Surrender, is due out May 2019.

“Please, Lily! You are much more romantic than I am, and so you must write the letter to Mr. Waverley for me! With this, he is sure to know my affections are real, and he will ask my parents for my hand in marriage.”
Lily blinked at Jane, both surprised to hear about this Mr. Waverley and amused that Jane Dalton, the most prolific matchmaker of their generation, thought Lily more romantic.

“Otherwise, I will be forced to marry a man who is fifteen years my senior with more hair popping out of his ears and nose than is growing on the top of his round head.”

Lily sighed, the conversation reminding her of her own unfortunate circumstances regarding marrying well at one and twenty. Although the man her parents had in mind for her was handsome, there was something about his character that set her on edge.

“I’m truly sorry, Jane, but I don’t write love letters. I write plays. Besides, how can I pour my heart out to a complete stranger? It wouldn’t be genuine.”

Her friend scoffed and turned toward the casement window, her bottom lip protruding over her upper lip. Jane’s lithe profile was that of a woman who surely had no want of attention. Striking with a fair complexion, cornflower-blue eyes, and soft light brown curls, she was the envy of every woman between sixteen and sixty. Her appearance contrasted with Lily’s forest green eyes, olive skin, and dark mahogany hair. Lily had often wondered whether she would be more memorable if she possessed softer features like Jane’s.

“When have I ever asked a favor of you?” Jane sniffed, a handkerchief lifted to her pert nose for dramatic effect.
Lily narrowed her gaze, recalling the day when Jane, bored out of her romantic mind, decided Henry needed to take a wife. Lily, two years younger and infatuated with the heir to Hadley, had agreed to play his young bride in the spirited ceremony.

What she’d thought was a sweet diversion changed her life, and not for the better. Unrehearsed, Henry said his impromptu vows before shifting a peck on the cheek to a firm kiss on her lips. What he uttered next changed her entire world. Now you’re mine, forever and always.

“Pompous,” Lily mumbled. Not only had her “husband” turned out to be an infamous libertine in the seven years since their wedding, but he’d also forgotten his words and, along with it, her name, introducing her to one of his lady friends as “Miss Prescott” last summer. Oh, Lily supposed, children had succumbed to sillier pastimes through the centuries. She only wished she’d known to guard her heart before engaging in one of them.

“Please, Lily.” Jane rotated around to blink her wispy lashes. “You are my dearest and closest friend. Mr. Waverley must know how I feel. I cannot risk him falling in love with someone else.”

Jane’s words and her ardent pleading struck a deep chord in Lily’s soul. What right did Lily have to deny her friend a chance at happiness? “Very well, but how am I supposed to slip a letter to Mr. Waverley without him believing I was the person who wrote it?”

A LEO wife, mother, and military veteran, Tammy began writing when the shows and movies she watched didn't end the way she wanted them to end. Whether it's historical or contemporary, for her, there must always be a happy ending.

When she's not writing, she's spending time with her husband and two boys near Cleveland, Ohio. Without their sacrifice and understanding, she believes she would have never been able to pursue her passion of writing or her accomplishment of becoming a published author.


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    1. Thank you! Great question! I woke up one morning with this phrase in my head: "Do not move. Do not breathe. Do not blink." So, I ran up to my laptop and started typing out the scene from there. The rest is Matchmaker history. :-)

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