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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Fierce Mates: Corona Pride by Liza Street πŸ’• Reviews, 99¢ Sale & EXCLUSIVE eBook Bundle Giveaway πŸ’• (Shifter Romance)

πŸ’• 99¢ πŸ’•
πŸ’• 99¢ πŸ’•

When a one-night stand feels like so much more…

Mountain lion shifter Laura Vidal has been given two choices: leave the territory to find a mate, or become a guardian of the pride. Unwilling to leave the only home she’s ever known, Laura chooses the rigorous and bruising guardian training. Honestly, she’s glad for the training because it keeps her too busy to see Dristan, the guy who rocked her world during an amazing one-night stand.

Dristan Rhees can’t forget the girl who stole his heart after a single night of unbridled passion, despite the fact that she now won’t give him the time of day. But when vampires invade their territory, he and Laura are forced to work together. In order to defend their pride, they must confront the desire that still threatens to consume them.

Content Warning: This shapeshifter novella stands alone and has an HEA. It contains liberal usage of naughty language and sexytimes. It is intended for adults.
I couldn't put it down!

I FLEW through this book. Liza's writing flows so smoothly, the editing is meticulous and the suspense was sprinkled in juuuuuuuust the right places to keep me eagerly turning the pages.

Oh, and smoking HOTNESS was sprinkled in just the right places too ;)

While I wasn't sure how the element of vampires would mesh with this story as the synopsis outlined, it was a unique and interesting spin on vamps that I haven't read before.

In a lot of ways, Laura was the hero and the heroine of this story. No shrinking violets here! She had enough self-doubt to make her relatable, but she persevered in a major kick-butt way.

Don't get me wrong, Dristan was no pushover. In spite of surrounding circumstances, he knew what he wanted, and that was Laura. He battled his own self-doubt, but he didn't stop until he got what he wanted.

I met a lot of engaging characters in this book and hope they each get their own stories in this series. I even got a few good chuckles, and I love Liza's sense of humor and how she wove it into this book.

I can't wait to read Rafe's story in book 2, and holy cow, the tension in that one is going to be outstanding, I just know it because the heroine is SO not who I thought it would be!!!

BIG FAN of Liza Street!!!
πŸ’• 99¢ πŸ’•
πŸ’• 99¢ πŸ’•

Resisting desire is futile in the Corona Mountains.

Elementary school principal Brigitte Mayfair has worked hard to keep herself cool, professional, and detached after the scandal she left behind in Michigan. But when she’s abducted from campus and released three days later with no memory of her captivity, she feels anything but cool and professional. Especially when a drop-dead gorgeous rescuer begins to rekindle her buried passions.

Mountain lion shapeshifter Rafe Corona hasn’t been serious about a woman…ever. He’s purposefully kept his distance from all potential mates, believing that he doesn’t deserve happiness. Something about Brigitte calls to him, though. He must overcome the danger that threatens to keep them apart and find the passion hidden within them both, or risk losing her forever.

Content Warning: This shapeshifter novella stands alone and has an HEA. It contains liberal usage of naughty language and sexytimes. It is intended for adults.
Didn't see THAT coming!

I was SHOCKED with the beginning of this book! With the synopsis, really. After reading the previous book in the series, I thought for sure I knew what was going to happen, but nope! Not even close! (No spoilers in my review)

These are standalone books, but, of course, you'll get the "full picture" if you read the previous book first.

True to the title, both Brigitte and Rafe were dealing with respective losses that gave them a unique common ground that they didn't even realize. Which was helpful, because they are about as different from each other as they could get!

Liza, once again, did an excellent job of making this a book that I just couldn't put down. I especially enjoy the "alpha" she writes into her male characters, Rafe included. And I love the little twists she throws in!

And HEAT. Lotsa very steamy moments in Liza's books, that's for sure!

I liked catching up with Dristan and Laura from book 1, and I can't wait to revisit Brigitte and Rafe! I am on pins and needles for book 3!!!

(I received a copy of this book in consideration of an honest review)

Seeking sanctuary amidst a ragtag clan of shifters has never been so dangerous…or so fun.
Famous in the book-blogging world for her honestly hilarious romance reviews, mountain lion shapeshifter Nina Vidal detests the irony of her life—she makes a living off of analyzing happily-ever-afters, but her own HEA is sadly out of reach. To escape the heartache of staying in her pride and watching all her friends pair up, she seeks refuge in another clan of shifters, not caring that the grumpy alphahole, Jameson, doesn’t want her there.

Grizzly shifter Jameson Cooper has enough on his mind without worrying about the sexy lion girl who’s taking over his clan. He’s alpha of the Rock Creek Clan, and he’s still mourning the loss of his mate. But there’s something about Nina—she’s the one person who won’t tolerate his bossiness or his angst, and he finds himself drawn to her again and again. When it turns out that vampire trouble has followed her from the Corona Pride and Jameson’s clan wants to turn Nina away, Jameson must fight to keep her safe and close by his side.

Content Warning: Although it is part of a series and best read in order, this shapeshifter novella stands alone and contains liberal usage of naughty language and sexytimes. It is intended for adults.
This book is so hot and yet so cool!

This book was so entertaining! I read page 1 and before I knew it, I was 86% finished. Love it!

I met Nina in previous books in the series (not necessary to have read them before this one, but I feel you'll enjoy the series more if you read it from book 1). She suffered massive heartbreak in book 2, so I was VERY excited to read her story and find out how she gets her HEA.

Similarly, Jameson had experienced what I would argue as one of the worst kinds of heartbreak ever. As a result, he closed himself off from everyone, but found he was forced open by just the presence of Nina.

Nina is a romance novel blogger by trade. Being egocentric, I found this absolutely delightful and I was intrigued. The REALLY COOL thing is that Liza made an actual, working, on-the-web blog authored by Nina, and the book is full of hyperlinks that go to various blog posts!

Liza gave me several laugh-out-loud moment, including her use of "alphahole" and "pants feelings." Her brand of humor isn't slapstick or overly goofy, just something I could imagine myself saying, should I ever find myself as a mountain lion shifter with a grizzly bear mate :)

The ongoing battle with the vampires experienced an interesting development, and I can't wait to see how that pans out!

All in all, a VERY spicy addition to this heartfelt series, and I'm definitely hooked!!

(I received a copy of this book in consideration of an honest review)

Revenge doesn’t have to taste like blood.

One of the younger vampires in the Corona Mountains, Gracie Jane Moseley has still had over a hundred years to thirst after revenge for her lover’s murder by the local sheriff, Cormac Rhees. When she learns one of his descendants is living right here in Belnedge, Montana, she can’t wait to sink her fangs into him and sate her rage…and her thirst.

Mountain lion shifter Frasier Rhees has been wishing for a mate for years because no woman yet has been able to handle his fierce appetites. But Gracie Jane captivates him, body and soul. Determined to overcome his pride’s loathing of the vampires, Frasier’s willing to do whatever it takes to keep Gracie Jane close, even if it puts him in danger.

Content Warning: Although it is part of a series and best read in order, this shapeshifter novella stands alone and contains liberal usage of naughty language and sexytimes. It is intended for adults.
This series keeps getting better and better!!!

First of all, the books in this series can be read as stand-alones. But I really think you'd get the best experience if you read each book, in order, in the series.

Unlike any book/series I've read, the vampires in this series are not really given any human or relatable qualities. In other words, they were, to me, portrayed as the faceless bad guy just begging to be despised.

Enter Gracie Jane, a member of said despised vampire persuasion She has a backstory, and it's truly heartbreaking. I really enjoyed seeing things from the vampires' point of view, and it really gave me that "I wonder what Liza's gonna write next!!!" feeling.

I'm so happy that Fraze finally found the mate he was looking for. His devotion and protection of Grace were just so endearing!

My only real criticism of this one was that Grace and Fraze went from mortal enemies to lovers in literally two glances across a crowded room. Maybe a little more interaction would have built them up naturally, but once they got there, it was nothin' but smoking hot fireworks!

I LOVED how this book ended, and I can't wait to see where the story goes from here!!!

(I received a copy of this book in consideration of an honest review)

Hired to protect her, he can’t ignore the desires of his body…and his heart.

Mountain lion shifter Viviana Corona, one of the youngest in the pride, has been coddled her entire twenty-two years and groomed to take over the alpha position once her mother steps down. When her rebellious streak nearly lands her in the hands of hostile vampires, her mother hires a bodyguard. There’s just one problem—he’s human.

Seth Hudson was raised in a pack—his stepdad was a wolf shifter. When his widowed mother accrues astronomical gambling debts, Seth will take any good-paying job he can find to work off her debts and help her get well again. He didn’t count on falling in love with the sexy little mountain lion shifter he’s hired to protect, but when he faces the prospect of losing her to a crazed vampire, he realizes he’ll risk anything to get her back.

If you swoon over hot alphas and the strong women who captivate them, you'll love the Fierce Mates world. One-click your way to a steamy, adventurous romance today!
An excellent addition to the series!

Liza has created such an intricate society of shifters in this series. Yes, each book can be read alone, but I think you would enjoy it best to read from book 1.

Each book, this one included, has just the right amount of everything; mystery, suspense, action, humor, and, of course, sexy times :)

The dynamic between Viviana and Hudson was very interesting...I won't spoil the "why" about it, but each book in this series has a unique pairing of the hero and heroine. Believe me, when you've read as many shifter romances as I have, this uniqueness is incredibly refreshing.

I can't wait to see what happens to the pride next!!!

(I received a copy of this book in consideration of an honest review)

Take a peek into Ben Channing's life before the start of Savage Redemption!

Ben and his twin, Doug, are navigating their days after the loss of their older brother. Each twin has vastly different ways of coping, and Ben can sense something changing between them. When a job transporting a wedding gift to the Rock Creek territory takes them far from home, Ben realizes just how tough it will be to get them out of danger with their brotherhood intact.

This is a short story of about 3,800 words.
A PERFECT beginning!

First things first: THIS BOOK IS THE PREQUEL FOR THE NEXT BOOK! But it sets it up SO beautifully!

This provided an excellent setup for Savage Redemption; just the right amount of backstory and explanation of little "here's and there's" I encountered in Savage Redemption that weren't necessarily integral to the story, but still nice to know (like what happened to Doug, etc.)

The amount of story that was concisely packed into these pages is, yet again, a testament to Liza's talents as an author.

I love love LOVE Liza's books!!!

He's only ever been a bad guy, but a human woman's love could help transform him into a hero...and a father.

Down-on-her-luck Delilah is struggling to make ends meet so she can provide for her infant daughter. She wonders if she should try once more to contact her estranged baby daddy.

Mountain lion shifter Ben knows he’s been the villain in other peoples’ stories. He doesn’t deserve forgiveness and he sure as hell doesn’t deserve love. But Delilah’s bright personality shines into his heart and he finds himself wanting nothing more than to claim her as his mate and call her baby his own. With a dangerous rogue wolf stalking his new family, Ben is ready to risk everything to become not the villain, but the hero.

Savage Redemption is a standalone, steamy shifter romance that you don’t want to miss! If you love hot, suspenseful books, one-click your way to a happily-ever-after with this sexy shifter today!
I LOVED this villain!

Okay, okay, a misnomer. While Ben was a bad guy in a previous book (not necessary to read that book in order to enjoy this one), he certainly changed since then!

I liked how Liza wrote him; outwardly, he was the strong, silent type and didn't have much dialogue. But it was reading what went on inside of his head that made him so endearing. He was trying really really hard to be a good guy, and I just loved reading him.

Delilah was also fun to read. I liked her upbeat personality, even as she was faced with truly dire circumstances. And I really liked how she was eventually okay with Ben trying to protect her. So many romances out there try to portray strength in women by them adamantly and sometimes aggressively refusing help from men, and I hate that. It's probably a famous quote somewhere, but the greatest showing of strength is knowing when to ask for help. In my opinion. But I digress.

Liza also included an intense fight scene that had me on the edge of my seat! Be warned that it's a bit graphic, but it was SO well-written.

Bottom line: If you like shifter books, Liza is DEFINITELY an author to have in your library!!!

(I was given a copy of this book in consideration of my honest thoughts)


USA Today Bestselling Author Liza got her start in romance by sneak-reading her grandma’s paperbacks. Years later, she tried her own hand as a ghostwriter of romance. It wasn’t long before she started developing her own series. Now she divides her time between freelance editing, ghostwriting, and mountain lion shifters with fierce and savage hearts.


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The prequel story to Fierce Heartbreaker

After Jude Fournier broke her heart six years ago, it took Ava Stricket a long time to get on with her life. Now she’s back to help out her newly-widowed mother, and Jude’s presence is just as distracting as ever. Her overprotective brothers and uncle don’t need to worry, though—Ava’s had a lot of time to harden her heart to Jude’s charms, not only to protect herself, but her daughter as well.

But Jude isn’t going to give up so easily. Despite the hostility from her family and a new imbalance in his pride, he slowly works to win Ava back. His mountain lion chose Ava as his mate years ago, and he’ll do whatever it takes to prove to Ava that he loves her and wants her back in his life—and this time, he’ll never let her go.

Content warning: This sexy shapeshifter novelette includes a happily-ever-after as well as explicit love scenes and naughty language. It is intended for adults.

19,000 words, 75 pages.

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