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Saturday, June 8, 2019

Instant Chemistry: Erotic Romance Short Two by Taylor Love 💕 Flash FREE eBook 💕 (Erotica)

An Erotic Romantic Short!
Still adjusting to being someone's wife of three months, Andrea can't wait to hit the town and party for her best friends birthday! She needs a lot of drinks and to de-stress from domesticated life. There's just one issue ...she picked the wrong dress!

When Cam spots what his wife plans to wear out he see's red! Problem is he can't tell if he's mad or crazily aroused. He'll have to make sure she doesn't forget what she has at home. In a way that's so hot, Andrea will only think of one man all night long-him!

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An Erotic Romantic Short!
Camden and Andrea are spending their first New Year's Eve together as a married couple. When way to much to drink leads to a erotic down and dirty happy ending for all! Come see what holiday surprises await Andrea, then run to the kitchen to see what heat level the foreplay is on, before sitting down for a full erotic meal which will make for a terrific start to anyones New Year!


Instant Chemistry Erotic Romance Short Three
8K+ words!

Still considered newlyweds at six months, Robert and Mika are spending what should have been a quiet weekend at home. There's just one problem...stuffy, serious Robert is bored. And idle hands turn into a pleasurable game of wills for these two.

From desks to bets to outside play it's on! When these two heat up heaven help whoever is watching, because they don't care about the when or the where! They only care about satisfying each other!
Please remember these are SHORT COMPLETE STORIES, as posted in the title, the author note and on this page. Thank you!


Taylor Love is a author who calls Michigan her home. An avid reader since she was a young girl, she gained a love of writing as well. She loves to read a variety of genres and hopes over time to expand her writing among several of them. She is a lover of learning a "little bit" about many things. She hopes her imagination brings her readers a few hours of enjoyment!

My goal is to tell interesting contemporary, realistic (to a degree who doesn't love a little "make believe") and modern romance stories for African American's around the world.

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