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Thursday, June 6, 2019

The Perfect Lap by Sedona Hutton 💕 Guest Post, Book Tour & Gift Card Giveaway 💕 (Contemporary Romance)

His job is to drive fast. Hers is to put the brakes on him. When sparks fly, will love cross the finish line?

AJ Ryan is a publicity nightmare. After a questionable photo surfaces and his biggest sponsor threatens to pull out, the NASCAR champion admits it might be time to hit the brakes. Thankfully, his new no-nonsense image consultant knows just where to start… too bad she revs his engine so loudly he can barely think straight.

Ella Fisher’s career is a welcome distraction from her poor taste in men. Fresh off another easily avoidable heartbreak, rehabbing AJ’s career is just the diversion she needs. But when the pulse-pounding client actually listens to her advice, Ella wonders if there’s more to the man behind the hot mess.

When Ella is granted guardianship of three boisterous children under the misconception that she and AJ are a couple, AJ surprises her by going along with the charade. Before long they find themselves in a make-shift family that feels more real than pretend.

As their professional relationship takes a hard turn for the personal, a single overheard conversation could make it all go up in flames. Will Ella and AJ’s romance hit the wall, or will love take the checkered flag?

The Perfect Lap is the second standalone novel in the Racing Hearts of Serenity romance series. If you like bad boys with a heart of gold, strong women, and love stories with a new age twist, then you’ll adore Sedona Hutton’s fun, sexy tale.

8 Spiritual Themes in The Perfect Lap

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
As an author it’s my desire to write stories that entertain and inspire. To this end, I’m blending traditional romance and women’s fiction with new age spirituality. My novels include plenty of romance, conflict, and family drama, along with new age concepts like the Law of Attraction and Focusing on the Now.
There are many thought-provoking themes included in my newly released contemporary romance, The Perfect Lap. A list of 8 follows:

  • Non-judgment
  • Everyone is doing the best they can from where they are
  • Giving from a place of love
  • Prioritizing joy
  • Living in the now
  • The difference of one
  • Gratitude
  • No such thing as perfection
Below I’ve included select questions from The Perfect Lap’s Reading Group Guide related to these themes to prompt further discussion.

1. Non-judgment: Ella has a preconceived notion about the Piper kids’ mother before she meets Clare. After she gets to know Clare, she finds someone entirely different than what she had envisioned. Have you ever experienced this? What did you learn?

2. Everyone is doing the best they can from where they are: AJ’s grandfather taught him this concept. What do you think this means? Do you agree or disagree with this philosophy, and what supports your position?

3. Giving from a place of love: Cruz tells AJ that he needs to give from a place of love. Do you think the reason for giving makes a difference, or is it just the gift that matters? Please explain your position.

4. Prioritizing joy: AJ suggests that Ella make an important job decision based on what makes her happy. What do you think about this advice and why?

5. Living in the now: AJ’s granddad used to tell him to “stop fretting and live his life.” What do you think he meant by this?

6. The difference of one: Ella’s aunt taught her that one person can make a difference. Do you agree? Why or why not?

7. Gratitude: In the New Age Parenting class that Ella and AJ attend, they learn that giving gratitude shifts your energy from negative to positive. Do you believe this? If so, how does this work?

8. No such thing as Perfection
     a) AJ’s grandfather taught him that there’s no such thing as perfection; in racing this translated to no such thing as a perfect lap. What are your thoughts on perfection?
     b) AJ taught Ella and the kids that you don’t need to be perfect to be successful, you need to consistently do your best. Do you agree? Why or why not?

A full list of Reading Group Guide questions can be found at the end of The Perfect Lap and on my website at:
This blog was written by Sedona Hutton, author of romance and women’s fiction novels with new age, spiritual twists.
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“You’re too hard on yourself, darlin’,” he said. “You’re the most focused, persistent woman I’ve ever met.” He lifted her chin and gazed into her eyes. His eyes were a deep, soulful blue and as he intimately held her gaze, it reminded her of their first meeting and their instant, almost spiritual connection. “You’re kind, compassionate, caring.” His voice was so low that it was more like a whisper fluttering against her cheek. “The kids need that.”

She’d barely processed his sweet words when he leaned in.

He was going to kiss her! Holding her breath, she told herself to step back. It wasn’t appropriate—they were working together, he wasn’t her type, she was on a man-ban. The reasons to stop him were endless.

But as he continued to move toward her, she couldn’t. He grazed his lips overs hers in a tortoise-like motion as if testing the waters. His lips were warm and moist and her body pulsed and sparked as they generated heat hotter than hell and half of Georgia.

He drew back and held her gaze, presumably giving her one last chance to move away.

But she couldn’t. His consoling words had comforted her, his embraced had warmed her, and his kiss had left her wanting so much more.

As she acquiesced, the world around them transformed into a magical wonderland. The moon’s light softened and the stars appeared so close that she could reach out and touch them. Light glittered across the dark water like pixie dust and her belly fluttered as if it had been brushed by fairy wings.



She trusts animals more than men. He runs through women like tires. Will an orphaned child force them to change gears?

With her sister’s death, Nora’s life changed in an instant. Forced to raise her orphaned nephew, the animal rescuer doesn’t expect to be dumped and fired by her kid-hating boyfriend/boss. After her own close call and a message from beyond, Nora introduces the little boy to his handsome, fast-living absentee father.

Davey Johnson is a hot-shot NASCAR driver who never wanted to be slowed down by fatherhood. But when he finds out he has a nine-year-old son, he vows to be a better father than his old man. When his first efforts fail in a big way, he enlists Nora’s parenting help. But what starts as a chore transforms into something way hotter than a final lap.

When Davey’s sponsors clash with Nora’s vegan ways, he’s forced to choose between his passion for racing and his love of Nora. Will they be able to blend their lives or will their romance run right off the track?


Author Sedona Hutton finds inspiration in the beautiful Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, where she lives with her husband and curly-coated retriever. In addition to writing, she’s a Reiki Master and a certified Chopra Center Meditation instructor. She enjoys reading, yoga, gardening, and experiencing the great outdoors on boats, motorcycles, and Jeeps. Sedona pens a “Peace, Love, & Joy” blog on her website. Visit her at, Twitter @SedonaHutton, Facebook @SedonaHuttonAuthor, and Instagram @SedonaHutton.

Sedona’s debut novel, Cloud Whispers, was a Finalist in the 2018 Readers’ Favorite Contest, an Official Selection in the 2018 Summer eBook Awards for New Apple Literary, and Shortlisted for the Books Go Social Best Book of 2018.


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  1. Thanks so much for hosting this tour! Sedona

  2. While The Perfect Lap is a traditional contemporary romance, there are many new age/spiritual themes incorporated within the story. One of the themes is non-judgment.

    In The Perfect Lap, Clare appears to be a bad mother. She smokes, drinks, and leaves her young children home alone for days on end. Like everyone, Clare has a story. After AJ and Ella get to know her and learn her story, they realize she’s made the best choices she could based on the options available to her.

    Have you ever had a preconceived notion about someone? If so what was your experience?

    I'd love to answer any questions or discuss this (or any of the themes outlined in my guest post above) in more detail. I hope everyone is having a fabulous week! - Sedona

  3. I appreciate you taking the time to give us a great book description and giveaway as well. Thank you so much!

  4. Thanks James, and a big thanks to Romance Novel Giveaways for hosting this tour and giveaway. Hope you're having a wonderful week - Sedona

  5. Definitely my kind of book, thanks for sharing :)

  6. Thanks, Victoria. I hope you enjoy it if you pick it up. Have a wonderful day - Sedona

  7. Intrigued on how this one will play out. Sounds like a great storyline.

  8. Sounds good can't wait to read this book.

  9. Love this cover, sound like good read! ♥

    1. Thanks, Coline. I'm fond of the cover too. Lorelei Przybranowski of Hell Yes Design created it, and she did an amazing job. Thanks again - Sedona

  10. I love the romantic covers, they make me want to read the books.

    1. Thank you, Judy. Hell Yes Design ( created the cover for The Perfect Lap as well as my last two books (Nora's Promise & Cloud Whispers.) I think they do an amazing job. Thanks for your comment, and I hope you're having an amazing week - Sedona

  11. I loved learning about you, and the book sounds amazing!!!

    1. Mya, Thanks for stopping by and reading my bio and the book description...and I truly appreciate the compliment. I hope you enjoy The Perfect Lap if you read it. :) Sedona

  12. I love the sound of this book! I'm excited to read it.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by, and for the compliment. I hope you love The Perfect Lap as much as I loved writing it. Enjoy - :) Sedona

  13. Thanks for the giveaway; I like the excerpt. :)

    1. Hi Cali - Thanks for stopping by this tour. I appreciate your compliment regarding the excerpt. Hope you have a great evening! Sedona

  14. Hi Sedona and All,

    Actually, I have experienced something similar to what Ella experiences in having preconceived notions about Clare, the mother in The Perfect Lap who leaves her children unattended for several days leaving Ella and AJ to shuffle things around in their own lives in order to step in and help the kids.

    Years ago I volunteered to be a court appointed advocate for abused and neglected kids. I entered it with a lot of preconceived ideas about who the kids would be and who the abusive/neglectful parents would be. I expected disobedient, bratty kids and evil, abusive, mean adults who would hate me...because after all, I was working within the system that had taken their children away.

    The people I worked with definitely did have their share of problems but they were not the evil people that I started out expecting that they would be.

    Instead they were people who were ill-prepared for adulthood, who'd had multiple children early in life, who lacked the financial means to adequately support the kids. To a large degree the problems were financial and educational. There were issues with impulse control.

    The children were not at all disobedient and bratty. Instead they were VERY polite. They did the things normal kids do

    I'd expected the parents of the kids I worked with to hate me...after all...I was working within a system that had taken their kids away. That is not what I found. Instead I found someone who appreciated the help I offered her and her kids. We've maintained contact over the years since her kids were returned. Every time we talk she thanks me for helping her kids.

    Sometimes I think that our preconceived notions about people keep us from reaching out when we could help...and when helping would enrich us too.

    I suppose if it gets down to it, that would be another preconceived notion. That I would be helping abused kids...that it would be a gift of me to them. I'm sure it was that...but it was also way more enriching to me and my family than I would have expected. After the kids' case closed we stayed in touch and they enriched my life in many ways that were unforeseen at the time.

  15. The book sounds like a great read.

  16. Hello – Thank you for stopping by the tour and sharing your personal experiences to weigh in on the topic of preconceived notions. What you described is a great example of how things aren’t always as they seem. It also offers a parallel to the story line in The Perfect Lap.

    I recently wrote a blog on non-judgment. We all judge…it’s human nature. For me, being aware that things aren’t always as they seem helps me withhold quick judgments. The old adage, “Don’t judge someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes” is so true. We all too often make judgments based on what we perceive on the surface. A piece of wisdom I learned while studying at The Chopra Center is that “everyone has a story.” Without knowing a person’s background, experiences and choices…without “walking a mile in their shoes,” it’s impossible to truly understand their story.

    I won’t give away a spoiler in The Perfect Lap, however, I will note that Ella and AJ learn Clare’s story and compassion arises from this understanding.

    This quote from Oscar Wilde is one of my favorites: “Everyone may not be good, but there’s always something good in everyone. Never judge anyone shortly because every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.”

    Thanks again for sharing your experiences as a court appointed volunteer advocate for abused and neglected kids. I imagine it was often challenging, but at the same time, highly rewarding. What an amazing way to positively impact the lives of children who without help would have likely gone down a very different path. I love that you’ve stayed in touch with the kids and their parents; this suggests the incredible impact you've made in their lives.

    Thanks again for stopping by. Wishing you a beautiful weekend – Sedona

  17. Would you ever like to see your book turned into a movie or television show?

    1. Hi Bernie - Thanks for your question. I would love to see both The Perfect Lap and Nora's Promise made into movies. Both are standalone novels in my Racing Hearts in Serenity series. I think they would make great movies because they have a traditional romance plot and of course a HEA, but they also include other feel good themes like focusing in the now, gratitude, and understanding that everyone's doing the best they can. These themes make my stories unique and I believe would be marketable in a movie or TV show. Thanks for your question. Happy Friday! Sedona

  18. Sounds like a great read! New author to me.

    1. Thanks for the compliment, Leonie. I hope you enjoy The Perfect Lap if you pick it up. Wishing you a wonderful weekend - Sedona

  19. thanks this sounds like an amazing book

  20. Love the cover. Adding this to my TBR list.

  21. Sounds like a great read. Love the cover.

  22. Just love the cover.. so romantic.. Best of luck and thank you.....

  23. Sounds like a story full of emotions.

  24. I enjoyed the excerpt and guest post! Sounds great!

  25. sounds like a fun one

  26. The books sound really good and I love the covers! Look forward to reading them soon.

  27. "Do you think the reason for giving makes a difference, or is it just the gift that matters? Please explain your position."
    If the gift is beneficial to the receiver, then the gift matters, regardless of the reason. For example, a company does something for a good cause...yes, it makes the company look better, and one could say they only care about that, but at least they are doing that AND it is helping others in need. But sometimes, you also would like the the giver to give out of love, instead of selfish, manipulative, conditional reasons.

  28. I liked both the synopsis, and the gorgeous book cover.


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