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Friday, June 21, 2019

The True and the Crown by May Dawson 💕 Series Tour & Gift Card Giveaway 💕 (Reverse Harem Fantasy Romance)

There’s no place like Avalon, land of mists and magic. Exiled to your world for my father’s sins, I longed for home. But Avalon is no place for the dark lord’s daughter.
Until I’m invited home to attend the academy of magic. I’m no fool. I know there are strings attached.
Those strings may have something to do with three handsome, alluring men who befriend me.
I can’t trust them, but I can’t resist the pull I feel for them, either. It’s been a long time since I had friends.
I don’t know how long I’ll last at the academy. My father’s henchmen, the True, want me to restore his wicked glory. The Crown wants to use me to destroy the True.
And in the midst of all this swirling intrigue, I’m getting abysmal grades in both Calculus *and* Casting.
These men seem determined to tutor me, fix me and most of all, protect me.
But my deep, dark secret is that the dread magician’s daughter…doesn’t have her magic anymore.
When they realize how useless I am, will they still stand by my side?
Welcome to a world where redemption is possible, where friendship and adventure and magic abound, and where love means never having to choose.
One Kind of Wicked is the first in a five book university-age academy reverse harem series

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The True want me. The Crown wants to use me. But what do I want?
The academy of magic doesn’t have frat parties; it has balls with tuxedos and flowing champagne and chocolate fountains. Oh, and masked debauchery. Lots of that.
Unfortunately, instead of enjoying the debauchery with the three alluring magicians I’m falling for, I’m there to draw out the True henchmen. I’m nothing but bait in a ball gown.
To serve my country—and to stay in Avalon—I need to play the part of a villain. The True need to think I can be persuaded stand alongside them as they destroy Avalon.
At least these three men see me as I really am: a woman who just wants a second chance.
Unfortunately, they’re hiding secrets of their own…
And some of those secrets will be revealed, even before the masks come off.


The university of magic is no place for the dark lord’s daughter…and the Crown Prince’s birthday ball is no place for her either.
But it’s not the kind of invitation that a girl can reject. So, my men and I pack up our fancy clothes and off we go to the prince’s castle. We have a mission along the way. The secrets that have kept me safe until now are crumbling. I need my magic back, now.
Without my magic, without being useful to the Crown, I can look forward to a one-way ticket back to your world.
Or a one-way ticket to dead.
But while my men and I hunt the man who stole my magic and destroyed part of my soul…
…he’s hunting me too.
By the time our battle is over, every truth will be revealed. Every lie will be destroyed.
Will Avalon ever be the same?
Will my heart?



from One Kind of Wicked

“Let me ask the question everyone is dying to know, Ms. Donovan.” The warm humor in Professor Radner’s voice doesn’t change the way my stomach tightens as everyone twists in their seats. “Do you have any evil plans to raise an army and take over Avalon?”
Everyone is staring at me. I stare back at her, my mind reeling. It should be an easy question to answer, damn it, but tears rise to my eyes in my panic.
Radner seems frozen up there, a smirk written across her lips. The people with their heads turned over their shoulders to me seem stopped in that pose too, their lips twisted in mockery or open in surprise.
Wait. The room is really frozen. I blink, but Radner doesn’t; the boy in front of me is frozen with his elbow hovering in mid-air, in the act of turning in his chair.
It takes powerful magic to freeze time. I rise from my chair, my legs shaking and wobbly. Something terrible must be coming.
“Sit,” Mycroft barks, settling into the chair beside me.
I stare at him, and he says impatiently, “Yes, I did this. Radley is going to be pissed, though, and it won’t hold long. And I’m going to blame you.”
“You’re going to blame me?” I demand.
“There it is.” He nods as if he’s pleased by the heat in my voice. His deep brown eyes are intent on mine. “Be angry, Tera. Anger’s not a great emotion to live with, but it’s a better one to show these people than your fear.”
“Why did you do this?” I ask, sweeping my hand to take in the classroom.
“Because you can’t get all weepy in this room,” he says bluntly. “You need to get strong in a hurry, and if you can’t be strong, you need to fake it.”
“But why? Why do you care?”
He stares at me, and I think he isn’t going to answer. Then he leans in slightly, close enough that I breathe in the scent of his aftershave. He smells good, a warm, dark spiciness, and I feel the sudden rise of an emotion that distracts me from my dread. He’s certainly not afraid of me. “Just for the record, the magical world has as many bastards as the mundane one. It’s a point of pride to me to never let the bastards win.”

May Dawson writes reverse harem romance about magic, strong women, and the men who love them. A native New Yorker, she's settled in Virginia, where she is raising two red-headed troublemakers and a passel of cats.


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