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Friday, August 30, 2019

A Series of Moments by M.L. Broome πŸ’• Series Tour & Gift Card Giveaway πŸ’• (Contemporary Romance)

Sometimes you’re interested. Sometimes you can’t be bothered. Sometimes love doesn’t give you a choice. In Jacob and Lilly’s case, love isn’t letting either of them go.

Jacob Edmonton has a plan for his life, but it doesn’t include love. He was Hollywood’s quintessential golden boy—until a flash-in-the-pan fling with a high-profile singer upended his world—and his reputation. Now he’s nursing more than a wounded ego and his only goal is to repair the damage.

But his return to superstardom is shot to hell when his sister winds up undergoing emergency surgery. There he meets Lilly Staver, a straight-shooting nurse who’s as brutally honest as she is beautiful. She sees through his suave faΓ§ade and he wants to hate her until he realizes he can’t resist her.

Lilly knows all about men like Jacob Edmonton—if you’ve seen one pretentious, egocentric celebrity—you’ve seen them all. She’s unimpressed with his Hollywood pedigree and his belief that love is reserved solely for maniacs. So why can’t she stop thinking about him? Her mind tells her to run as fast as she can from Jacob…but her heart isn’t listening.

Love as they know it just took a hairpin turn into uncharted territory, but when Jacob’s former girlfriend shows up with an opportunity to salvage his career, will he choose the life he knows or the love he never knew existed?

This is the first of three books in 'A Series of Moments', chronicling the timeless and heart-wrenching love story of Jacob Edmonton & Lilly Staver.

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It was time to go. Enough of this arrogant prick and his mind games. “You are such an asshole.”
Jacob smirked, sipping his whiskey. “Is that your pet name for me, luv? I just want you to be true to your feelings.”
Lilly considered dousing him with her remaining whiskey, glass and all. Anything to remove that smirk from his mouth. His luscious, gorgeous mouth. Or…she could play his game and up the ante.
Turning in her seat, she curled her lips in a smile, running her hand along his jaw. His beard was surprisingly soft under her fingers, but it was the light in his eyes that pushed her forward with the farce. “You’re right darling, we’ve kept our feelings secret long enough.”
“I’m so glad you agree,” Jacob murmured, his hand clasping her thigh.
“I more than agree. I think it’s time to take it to the next level.” Lilly moved closer to that spectacular mouth as her eyes drifted close, starting when their mouths connected.
Lilly’s mind reeled. She hadn’t planned on actually kissing him, her lips weren’t that close to his
mouth…unless…Jacob leaned into the kiss. And that was not the reaction she expected. His lips were soft and warm, and for an instant, she forgot everything beyond that kiss, beyond their physical connection.

“From the Moment We Met”, the first book in the romantic saga, A Series of Moments, introduced us to Jacob Edmonton and Lilly Staver, and a love neither believed possible. But life is all about the choices you carry with you and those you leave behind. Love is no different.

Now, in “Unguarded Moments”, Jacob realizes that his actions have consequences, and his heart is paying the price.

Jacob made a choice. Now, in “Unguarded Moments”, he realizes he’s made the wrong one. The lights of Hollywood do shine, but not nearly as bright as the light of love. He's ready to fight tooth and nail to bring Lilly back into his life but is it too late to undo the damage?

Lilly saw the writing on the wall, but she chose to follow her heart instead. Her foolish, naΓ―ve heart. She's learned her lesson many times over—loving Jacob was a bad idea in every sense of the word. She vows to never make the same mistake again...but can she resist the one man who still holds all the pieces of her shattered soul? She gave him her love, but instead of loving her back—he watched her walk away.

Thousands of kilometers lie between them now, but the distance isn't Jacob's toughest hurdle. It will be far more difficult to convince Lilly that loving him wasn't the gravest mistake she's ever made.

The heart wants what the heart wants—but can Lilly believe in Jacob again, or will her fears end any chance of their reconciliation?

This is the second of three books in 'A Series of Moments', chronicling the timeless and heart-wrenching love story of Jacob Edmonton & Lilly Staver

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“Actually,” Lilly hissed, “it’s simple. You had a choice, and it wasn’t me. What did you expect from this call? Closure? You want to feel better after the way the two of you treated me? I told you when you left that I understood your decision. I didn’t like it, but I understood. I wished you happiness, and I wished you love”—she paused, angrily wiping away the tears filling her eyes—“and I don’t know what you want from me now, or why you even called me.”
Jacob’s eyes were glassy with unshed tears as a muscle twitched in his jaw. Her words had gotten the point across. “Lilly, I told you before I left that I’ll do anything to make this up to you. Just tell me how to fix this situation because you’re breaking my heart.”
Lilly took a deep breath, her body shaking with emotion. “I want you to let me go, Jacob.”
Her statement rammed into him like a fist, and he looked down, breathing hard. “Lilly, don’t say that.”
“Let me go, Jacob,” Lilly reiterated, her voice a strangled whisper.
“Is that really what your heart wants?”
Lilly attempted to bite back her tears, but a few escaped and tumbled down her cheeks. “It’s what my heart needs.”

A Series of Moments follows the journey of Jacob Edmonton, a world-famous actor, and Lilly Staver, the nurse who saved him from himself. “Beautifully Broken Moments” is the stunning conclusion in the trilogy, but after all the upheaval, will Jacob and Lilly ever find their Happily Ever After?

All it takes is a moment—one moment can change the course of your life—and love.

With a single statement during a press conference, Jacob upended his world, destroying his happiness and heart in the process. When his ex-girlfriend Victoria claimed she was not only engaged to the acting legend but also expecting his child, Jacob went along with the charade. But his actions were not to salvage his reputation or career; they were to protect the only thing that mattered—his real fiancΓ©e, Lilly. To save her from the backlash of Victoria’s jealousy and rage, Jacob let go of the only woman he had ever loved.

As the truth behind the events of the last several months shifts into sharp focus, Jacob is left with one final choice—move on without Lilly or fight with everything in his being to reunite with the love of his life. For Jacob, it’s the easiest decision he’s ever made.

Lilly watched her dreams crumble on international television when Jacob claimed she was ‘a brief fling’; too bad her heart never received the memo. Devastated by his most recent betrayal, she plans to flee England and Jacob forever, intent on escaping their tempestuous romance, until she learns the reality behind Jacob’s actions.

Just as their plans start falling back into place, the wheel of life doles out a tragedy that will test them on every level. Is Jacob’s love enough to carry them through or is the trail of heartache too difficult for Lilly to traverse again?

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Jacob felt desperation, he was losing Lilly. “Once I return to London, the whole world is going to know about you.”
“That’s not the point—”
“Let me finish, my angel. Once I return to London, nothing in this bloody world will stop me from being near you, not even you. I know you’re scared but I will bash the hell out of those walls you’ve erected, and I will love you until the day I die. But Lilly, I had to protect you while I was so far away.”
She took a slow inhale, as if considering his statement. “Do you really think I’m in danger?”
“I’m not willing to take that chance. You’re too precious. I’d do anything for you.”
“You think once you return to London I’m just going to fall into your arms, after everything we’ve
“I’m hopeful after showing you every day how much I adore you you’ll either give in because of love or cave because of annoyance.” He joked, but Jacob felt the fear spark in the back of his mind. What if reconciliation wasn’t something Lilly could consider?
Lilly propped her chin on her hand, her full breasts overflowing out of her tank, her sexy smirk playing about her lips. “And what would this daily adoration look like?”
Her questions made him throb. “Anything your heart, mind or body desires, Lilly.”


Life is a series of adventures, waiting to be explored.

That's how I look at life, the greatest adventure we will ever experience. My name is Julie Soper and I write under the pen name M.L. Broome (the M.L. stands for Mezza Luna). The name came to me in a dream, which is how many of my story ideas also appear.

My motto is that I'm a believer in love and a lover of life, even when life isn't being kind or pretty. I've seen the darker side of human suffering through my years as an ICU nurse and nurse educator, but in those dark days, I also witnessed the depths of strength present in everyone. We are extraordinary beings when we allow ourselves the freedom to dream.

I've always created stories, with most remaining locked in the vault of my mind. But the story of Jacob and Lilly wasn't satisfied being relegated to the confines of my head, and their tale of love found and lost was birthed into the world.

I hope you enjoy their love story. I know I do. I love these characters, even when their actions drive me to the brink of madness.

Love, light, and magic.


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A Series of Moments Series by M.L. Broome
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  5. I love this quote from the 1st book in the series, From the Moment We Met: A Modern Day Romance:
    "What if she was so busy looking for fireworks and butterflies, she missed the real and determined love of a good man? Did she have to cling to some impossible dream, or could she finally put both feet back on the ground?"

  6. Sounds like a wonderful romance series.


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