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Monday, August 5, 2019

Rebel by Addison Carmichael πŸ’• Book Tour & Gift Card Giveaway πŸ’•(Shifter Romance)

To avoid a forced, loveless marriage to a man she detests, were-Cougar princess Jade Lamarche escapes to the neutral territory of Santa Barbara, California to finally live life on her own terms. But she discovers this is dangerous country where female Cats are rare and highly sought after by dozens of vicious rogues, and Jade finds herself needing the help and protection of a lone Wolf outcast from his own Pack.

A Wolf Pack in a blood feud with her own family’s Cougar Pride.

After failing to prevent his friend’s suicide over an unspeakable crime, were-Wolf prince Luke Bryant breaks from the unjust and restrictive laws and constraints of his Pack and disappears into neutral territory. At last he is free from the suffocating expectations of his people and the forced control of his High Alpha father.

What Luke didn’t count on was befriending a lone female Cougar who requires his help at every turn in this deadly, untamed Wild West. Or the fact that against every natural law known to were-kind, he’s impossibly developing feelings for her.

Deep, taboo feelings.

Because one thing is always certain—A Wolf never falls in love with a Cat.


“Dammit, Shea, pick up!” 
Luke Bryant gripped his cellphone in his right hand, his left clenching the steering wheel of his red and black Camaro. He wasn’t one to break the law by phoning and driving at the same time, but he had a bad feeling about this. A really bad feeling. 
“This is Shea Donovan. I’m unable to take your call right now, but if you would—” 
Cursing, Luke clicked off and tossed the phone aside. Then he punched the gas, weaving in and out of traffic like a bat out of hell 
“Trace Lamarche, I swear by all the powers if you’re sniffing around her again…” 
Luke didn’t finish his threat, just kept his focus on making it to his cousin’s apartment before more trouble ensued. 
Shea had been his best friend since the cradle, their mothers close cousins and throwing them together often. She was the one person who always seemed to get him, and that included his own family and peers. If it hadn’t been for her, he would’ve jumped ship, or more accurately jumped Pack, years ago. She had always had a way of talking him down off the cliff from renouncing their were-Wolf Pack and going his own way. 
Now she needed his help after that mangy Cougar heir seduced her into sleeping with him when he was in their territory during diplomat negotiations with their High Alpha fathers. 
Luke blamed himself for introducing them that first night Trace Lamarche arrived at the Great Lodge in the Timber Ridge community and Shea just happened to be with him. 
He should have seen it, sensed it, somehow. He saw the intense interest widening Trace’s green feline eyes, but ignored it. Something he shouldn’t have done since the Cat was rumored to be a major player amongst his own kind, even venturing out of his were-Cougar world into the human realm to satisfy his overactive libido. His dark looks, high position and wealth didn’t hurt any either. 
But who would have thought Lamarche would try and sleep with another were-kind species? 
Who would’ve imagined that Shea as a Bryant Wolf would even fall for whatever lies he spun to get her into bed? 
Besides, sex between Cat and Wolf was too disgusting to even consider. It was against all the natural and written were-laws, an unthinkable abomination right up there with cannibalism and necrophilia. 
A hard shudder iced up Luke’s spine at the sick thought of it. And the reminder that his innocent cousin Shea had done such a repulsive thing. 
Trace Lamarche, yes. He was a lowlife, perverted alley cat that was capable of satisfying his jollies in such twisted ways. But not Shea. Never Shea. 
Hell, she refused to have sex with her college boyfriend of two years because they weren’t married. Which eventually drove him off anyhow, and good riddance. 
No doubt Trace would have seen her refusal as a challenge he needed to conquer, and he wouldn’t give up until he had nailed her but good. 
They were caught in his hotel room his last night there in Seattle, Washington. Worse, they were going at it hot and heavy when their Bryant enforcers barged in after some anonymous tip that Trace was being attacked. 
Both were immediately arrested and brought up before the North American Were High Council based in neutral Wyoming. Being the direct heir to the Lamarche Cougar Pride, Trace’s Royal Father, Maximillian Lamarche, was able to get him off, their high priced attorneys claiming his son hadn’t initially known what species Shea Donovan was. A flat out lie, since all were-species could scent the others. 
The Lamarche lawyers claimed Shea had orchestrated the whole thing. Out of his own territory and element, Trace had been innocently seduced by an ambitious female Wolf who sought to financially blackmail him. A camera with timed photos snapping every few minutes had been discovered on the counter. A receipt for the recently purchased camera had been found in Shea’s purse, and the store owner recognized her as the one who bought it, a thing she fervently denied. 
Luke was the only person who believed her denial and tried to get his own High Alpha father, Rob Bryant, to advocate for her, but there was little he could do. The evidence was too strong, the crime too abhorrent for him to get fully involved. 
Their lawyers negotiated probation for Lamarche to stifle the news and clear his reputation around the were-world. 
So Shea caught the brunt of it. Four years in prison for premeditated cross-species sex and eight more for extortion. Her reputation, her entire family’s name, was dragged through the mud. The elders forced his father to expel her from the Pack and exile her once she was released from prison. Already she was becoming a whispered byword. 
She was being allowed one last weekend with her family under monitored house arrest before the High Were Council soldiers would take her to serve her sentence at an undisclosed location. 
And that’s where Luke thought she had been all Sunday morning. Until he drove over to her family’s house in Edmonds to say his own goodbye and she wasn’t there, hadn’t been there all night by the undisturbed bed in her own room. Along with the unlocked and deactivated ankle monitor that had been affixed right after her sentencing. 
He had to get to her. 
Now, before she got herself into even bigger trouble. 
The Camaro squealed to a stop along the city street curb in the no-parking zone in front of Shea’s apartment building. Luke jumped out and dashed up the stairs, not waiting for the slow-moving elevator. Eight flights up, he then raced down the hallway at lightning speed to the end apartment and banged on the door with his fist. 
“Shea! Shea, open up, it’s Luke!” 
He tried the knob. Locked. 
He banged again. “Shea!” 
With a shove, the bolted door broke open, and Luke burst inside. 
“Shea! Sh—” 
It was the sharp, salty, familiar smell that he caught first. Blood
“Oh God, Shea! Where are you?” he called, searching the immediate living area, the kitchen nook, then jaunted to the only other room. 
He pushed open the half-closed door, then halted at the horrific sight of his gentle cousin, his best friend, laying face up across the bed, eyes open, glassy and unblinking, thick blood gushing from the gaping wound across her neck and down her blouse. Multiple bloody stab wounds in her lower belly. 
Luke ran over to press his hands against the drenched, gory neck wound. If he was in time, her were-skin would close quickly… 
He saw it then, smelled the metal—the bloody, silver knife on the floor directly under her outstretched red soaked right hand. “Oh, no, Shea, no. God, no.” 
Because silver was the one natural element lethal to all werewolves. One they could never come back from. 

Not ever. 



A tale as old as time--with a Paranormal twist!

Rebecca Hartford hates Valentine's Day. That is, until the mysterious, attractive Erik Leonid bursts into the cafΓ© where she sits eating alone that afternoon. Then her entire world, and all of her preconceptions, turns upside-down and will never be the same. That means learning to love someone from the inside-out regardless of her fears and those seeking to harm them both for their forbidden relationship.
She only hopes it will be enough.

Alexia Raine has a major problem.
She’s being stalked by very dangerous men for some unknown reason, but one that will turn her entire world on its axis.
Neil Duran has five major problems.
Just when he’s closing in on a vicious werewolf hunter that is kidnapping, torturing and killing their people, he’s pulled from the case by his High Alpha, Rob Bryant, to locate and return the daughter of their most valuable and gifted shifter. If he doesn’t, their entire Wolf Pack in the Pacific Northwest might collapse and lose all hard-won territory, shifting the balance of powers and throwing the entire were-kind species into a world war.
Problem one—Alexia Raine never knew her real father.
Problem two—She doesn’t even know that shifters or were-kind exist.
Problem three—Their rival Pack wants her and will stop at nothing to acquire her for several unspeakable reasons.
Problem four—She’s the most aggravating, infuriating, intoxicating woman he’s had the displeasure to rescue. And he may very well be falling in love with her.
Problem five—A wolf always finds and protects his mate.


Knocked unconscious in a storm along the Rio Grande River, werewolf Sophie Gabrielle wakes up to find that she had crossed over from neutral Colorado into New Mexico, were-Coyote territory. Worse, she was rescued by Tomas Duarte from the notorious Juarez Coyote Pack itself. And in spite of his dangerously charming Latin faΓ§ade, Sophie has no idea what he plans to do with her. Or if he knows why she’s really there in forbidden territory in the first place.


It’s bad enough Nicole Gabrielle is a low-ranking Sigma Wolf—she also harbors a taboo secret that would expel her from the Bryant Wolf pack there in the Pacific Northwest.

Nicki is half were-Coyote born from the notorious Juarez Coyote Pack.

But Nicki has bigger problems. Were-Bear gangsters blackmailed her family, and the only way to pay them off is to doctor her Pack records and disguise herself in order to hire on at the exclusive Timber Ridge community. No matter how hard she tries to fly under everyone’s radar, however, the hot and charming Jake Bryant pursues her with a royal vengeance, risking exposure to her deadly secret.

As the High Alpha’s heir apparent, Jake Bryant must abide by one specific Wolf lawhe can never marry anyone below his Alpha rank. Unfortunately, his forced-upon fiancΓ©e Eva LeBlanc only loves his half-brother Neil.

If only he could locate his mystery “Sheila” who rescued him from Arcan Hunters one night twelve years ago. She is the only person who has been able to help him make sense of his chaotic life, and the only woman he’s ever truly desired.

With the exception of this intriguing new employee in the Pack organization…who seems strangely familiar.


Every night Prism Lamarche wakes from a reoccurring nightmare of being trapped and burned alive, at the last minute saved by a dark, attractive man she dubs her imaginary guardian angel. Then during her forced upon engagement party, Damien Vincente miraculously shows up in all his seductive flesh, challenging her to remember him and the love they once shared.

But Prism questions that if she was repressing any such memory, was there good reason? More importantly, does she dare allow Damien to help her uncover the truth about her night terrors that may reveal a much darker secret kept from her all these years?


Randolyn Summers keeps a sharp eye and her photo lens on werewolf Zachary King. She intends to set the stage to befriend him and earn his trust in order to discover the location and human identity of his alpha creator. Then she’ll destroy him, his alpha, and his entire monstrous kind for good.

What Randi didn’t count on is discovering the truth about were-creatures, and the unspeakable thought of falling in love with one

Anthropologist Dr. Scarlet Lupis sets out to prove that many of the ancient myths of humanlike creatures are in fact true and returns to Washington State where she spotted one 15 years ago.

After a failed mission hunting Arcans, were-Wolf Adam Bryant is pulled from active duty in their Pack military in order to get his head back in the game. Knowing the real issue, however, Adam returns to the place of his worst failure, determined to solve a dangerous problem that has plagued him for over a decade.

But uncovering old ghosts proves lethal for both of them when they cross the same monsters that have haunted both their lives. When Scarlet Lupis is deathly wounded her only hope for survival is Adam’s own healing Wolf blood.

Now she exhibits signs that she is turning into a werewolf herself. Impossible, since she is human, all human.

And one thing all were-kind know for a solid fact— a Wolf cannot create a human shifter.

Addison Carmichael has been a storyteller since she was a young girl. Even then every tale she imagined had a romantic element that grabbed front and center. She is absolutely in love with love—giving it, receiving it, then sending it back out into the world. She believes there is something miraculous and supernatural about true love in every form, and incorporates this magical element into all of her stories.
Besides reading and writing (blissful addictions), Addison loves the mountains and ocean, and enjoys hiking, camping, horseback riding and star gazing. She also bakes, knits and sews, which she never has enough time for. She attempted mastering several musical instruments, singing, painting, photography, dancing and archery, but always returned to writing and storytelling as the “one true love” of her life.
Addison was born and raised in Southern California and has lived and traveled all over the west coast (and the world), now living happily-ever-after with her family in the Pacific Northwest in Snohomish, Washington.


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A Wolf never falls in love with a Cat.
Rebel by Addison Carmichael
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