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Friday, August 16, 2019

The Year I Left by Christine Brae 💕 Book Blitz & Gift Card Giveaway 💕 (Contemporary Romance)

“A thousand half loves must be forsaken to take one whole heart home.”

Carin Frost doesn’t understand what’s happening to her. A confident businesswoman, wife, and mother, she begins to resent everything about her life. Nothing makes sense. Nothing makes her feel. Maybe it’s the recent loss of her mother in a tragic accident. Or maybe she’s just losing her mind.

Enter Matias Torres. As their new business partnership thrives, so does their friendship—and his interest in her. Carin is determined to keep her distance, until a work assignment sends them to Southeast Asia where a storm is brewing on the island. In the midst of the chaos, Matias asks her to do something unimaginable, exhilarating, BOLD. Carin knows the consequences could be dire, but it may be the only way to save herself.

An honest look at love and marriage and the frailties of the human heart, this is a story of a woman’s loss of self and purpose and the journey she takes to find her way back.

The sounds of summer were all around us despite it being early fall. The birds still chirped; the warm breeze and the oscillating leaves of the willow trees made it a perfect day to be outdoors.
There we were in the early afternoon sun, drinking wine and eating peanuts. We laughed when Brutus began to snore. Vivian slowly fell in love with Edward and I … well, I forgot that just hours ago, I’d been sad.
“Matias,” I began, maybe as a way of cutting through the stickiness of the on-screen kissing scene. “I’m sorry about the other night. I guess I was really just so tired.”
“Don’t apologize. We all have our things.”
“Our things, yeah.” I laughed. “I’m sorry about my thing.”
You took a sip of your wine before refilling your glass. “You’ll learn that I also have my thing.”
We smiled at each other before slipping back into a comfortable silence.
When she allowed Edward to kiss her, you turned to me.
“So tell me, how many frogs did you have to kiss to get this one?”
“Jack’s a frog now?”
I sat up. Before then, I had been fully relaxed and reclined, my head on the armrest and my legs tucked under my knees. Brutus no longer separated us. For some reason, he’d ended up on your right. I think he moved when I went to get us more snacks. I hadn’t noticed. I was too happy to have company. Happy that the day was going to pass without a smidge of regret or deep thought.
“You know what I mean,” you answered, still looking at me.
“A hundred.”
“Zero,” I squeaked, raising my chin, triumphant. “He was my first.”
“Huh. You didn’t date in college? Were you weird?”
“I was too busy studying and working and trying to take care of my mother. Jack just appeared and swept me off my feet,” I said. “And maybe a little weird. You?”
“Finally settling down,” you said, then downed what was left of your wine. You didn’t look me in the eye as you would normally. Instead, you stared straight at the screen just as Edward climbed the rickety fire escape to rescue Vivian.
We sat in silence until the credits rolled.
“How sweet. She got the fairytale.” I let it slip out and then regretted it.
I stood and crossed over your knees to take Brutus back into my arms. When I leaned down to reach for him, you ran your fingers along my cheek and tucked in a piece of my hair behind my ear.
“Did you get yours, Carin?” You spread your arms in the air. “All this. Is this your fairytale?”
“Yes. Of course. Of course, it is.”


Christine Brae is a senior executive with a full time career, who thought she could write a book about her life and then run away as far as possible from it. She never imagined that her words would touch the hearts of so many women with the same story to tell. Christine has written six books since her first release in 2013. She is the author of The Light in the Wound and His Wounded Light (2013), Insipid (2014), In This Life (2016) and Eight Goodbyes (2018).

Her latest book, The Year I Left is scheduled for release in August, 2019.

When not listening to the voices in her head or spending late nights at the office, Christine can be seen shopping for shoes and purses, running a half marathon or spending time with her husband and three children in Chicago.

Christine is represented by Italia Gandolfo of Gandolfo Helin & Fountain Literary Management.


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A thousand half loves must be forsaken to take one whole heart home.
The Year I Left by Christine Brae
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