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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Wicked Night by Evi Rhodes 💕 Behind the Scenes, Book Tour & Gift Card Giveaway 💕(Vampire Romance)

Follow the journey of a strong, independent, yet caring woman as she navigates the supernatural world she is thrust into. Gwen steps out of a dysfunctional family life and into a world filled with danger she never realized lives at every turn, fiery passion, and a love that is ever binding. How will she handle her strange new surroundings as well as the man with the intense and overbearing personality who threatens to destroy the emotional barriers around her heart?

Wicked, the next in line to become the vampire king, is caught off guard when he grudgingly agrees to take on a charge, something he never wanted to do. He is unsure how to handle the fierce and vibrant woman with the unsettling green eyes. It doesn't take long for them to clash, but will it end passionately or burn down around them?

First I would like to take a moment to thank you for having my book on your site and as part of your blog.
Let’s begin by taking you behind the scenes of how I write. Unfortunately, I cannot read anyone else’s books while I’m writing, I find it very confusing immersing myself in another author’s story at the same time I’m trying to remain in the heads and hearts of my own characters. Next I need a good hot cup of coffee and a comfy place to work; preferably someplace with a great view and my dog. After that it’s simple, just write. I don’t hold myself to a strict format for my writing; or tie myself down with a moment-by-moment plot. Many authors do this so well while I find myself becoming too rigid in my writing, leaving my characters feeling fake. So like all things there are pros and cons to this style of writing, the big con for me is that I have notes everywhere, it seriously looks like my house was taken over by bright pink sticky notes and coil binders, none of which are in any sort of order. Everything from character outlines, plots, scenes, sketches, quotes and even things I want my characters to say is written all over the place. Given the opportunity I would turn every available space into a sticky note for when inspiration hits, this is much to my family’s dismay. I don’t have a set amount of time that I sit and write, it could be five minutes or five hours, but the key for me is to do something every day.
A fact that most people don’t know about my writing is that all my characters at some level are based on people I’ve met throughout my life, an acquaintance, a friend or even a family member. Yes, even the characters we love to hate are based off those I’ve come into contact with over the course of my life, of course all names have been changed to protect the innocent (and not so innocent).
I still have a lot of the world that I have created to explore. Unusual Night the second book in the series is already out while there are plans for at least five other books. I’m also looking forward to breakout stories about some of the secondary characters such as Orion, Kayden, Craze and Hauk.
My hope as an author is that as a reader starts with Wicked Night and then moves onward with the series, they find themselves feeling what my characters feel. So if they are angry with a character then great; if they are laughing at a stupid joke or a silly scene then fantastic, if they cry at a tender moment then fabulous and if they fall in love with a character no matter who it is and are genuinely rooting for them… then I’ve done my job.
I always love to hear from my readers and they can contact me at

His big body started to shake and he gave in and did something he hadn’t done in a very long time: he cried. He was hanging on to her for dear life as the sobs racked his body and still she just kept repeating how much she loved him, and she was there for him. As small as she was, physically, in comparison to him, in this moment she was the strong one; she was his rock. He needed her, he needed to wipe away what happened tonight; he needed to bury himself into her warmth and have her wash away the darkness with the strength of who she was who they were to each other.

He looked up into her eyes and he saw only love. There was no pity. There was no sadness or disgust at how weak he was being, there was only love for him and a strength of character that spoke of her virtuous nature. He took her face in his hands and crushed his lips to hers and she moaned in response, allowing him to completely dominate her as he ran his hands up her body and explored her mouth with his tongue. He broke away from the kiss only long enough to make sure the door was locked.


Gwen finally has it all, engaged to the most incredible man, a great home, and amazing friends; but just as she's getting comfortable in her new life she realizes the road to a wonderful marriage with the man of her dreams may not be as smooth as it first seemed. Strange abilities, an angered council and a jealous ex-girlfriend all threaten the comfortable bubble she has surrounded herself with. And as if that isn't enough what if the fates have more in mind than a simple life for the girl who thinks she is nothing special, what if she's destined to solidify the fragile peace treaty between two sworn enemies in a way that no one could have foreseen coming. Alpha Thorne of the Midnight pack is the most feared and ruthless Alpha around; he has worked hard to put together his billion dollar, underworld empire by killing any and all that oppose him, all the while maintaining his perfect philanthropist image. So what happens when in a chance encounter he meets his destined mate who happens to already be engaged to a man that is supposed to be his sworn enemy? Will Wicked be able to keep his anger and jealousy in check or will he ultimately push Gwen away? How will Gwen handle the wild new twists and turns in her already complicated life, will she crumble under the pressure or rise to the challenge?


Evi Rhodes has always had a passion for writing and likes to spend as much time as possible hanging out with the array of rescue animals on her farm in Ontario, sipping on a cup of coffee and typing on her laptop.

In addition to getting her degree in business as well as competing in her favourite equestrian sport, dressage, she is an entrepreneur, and has coached many of a riding enthusiast, but she has always found herself coming back to wanting to write full-time.

“I just want to be me and to be authentic. To tell a story that others can immerse themselves in and enjoy is what I have always wanted.”


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It doesn't take long for them to clash, but will it end passionately or burn down around them?
Wicked Night by Evi Rhodes
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    Evi Rhodes

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