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Friday, October 25, 2019

Here and Then After by D.M. Porters 💕 FREE eBook Spotlight & Behind the Scenes 💕 (Historical Romance)

Retired tax accountant, Elizabeth Edwards, is devastated when she finds out her husband of 41 years has been unfaithful most of their married life. What’s worse, she learns of this after he passes away, and deep, punishing secrets are revealed. She is left to struggle with the cruel deception and the realization that her life, as she knew it, has been a lie. 

Broken and alone, Beth decides to leave her past behind and do the things she always wanted to, but never could. With a keen eye for antiques and a yearning for travel, Beth embarks on a journey to the English countryside, a trip that would change everything for her - even time.

While exploring England’s grand estates, she discovers a hidden gem - Taylor Manor. In a twist of fate, Beth would face with her own sudden death but is given a second chance to live, this time in the body of a beautiful young woman living her own hell 200 years in the past.

To save her from the clutches of a monstrous father, Beth is sent to Taylor Manor, of all places, where she meets a brooding Lord Samuel Taylor, who has lived through his own pain and suffering.

Can Beth start over and learn to live in this dangerous, new world while resisting her growing attraction to handsome Lord Taylor? Can he allow himself to love while battling his own demons?

Love truly has no boundaries, not even time.

When I started on this journey a few years ago, the thought that I could publish a book, let alone three, was a dream at best. Despite the challenges, I started to write and the words just flowed. I had a story to tell, and couldn’t wait to share it.

Fast-forward two years and here I am, looking at my three-book series published on Amazon. I am nowhere near done learning, and that excites me.

As I look to retirement in the next few months, I’m giddy like a child, knowing I’ll be able to spend even more time, improving my writing and further developing my style. I can’t wait to see where my next stories will take me.

In celebration of this newest release, I am gearing up for a Free Promotional Event where, starting on Friday, October 25th, you will be able to download my first book in the series, Here and Then After, as a gift.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it.


D.M. Porters

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No one can hear a heart breaking…

Alexandra Wright waited, prayed in fact, for handsome William Taylor to one day turn his eyes her way. They were thrown together at a young age given their parents’ business association, but nothing ever came of it. William would grow to become a most sought-after bachelor, but had little time working on his father’s estate to notice any woman, let alone Alexa. To him, she would always be the annoying little girl his sister had befriended.

Alexa would herself, develop into a beautiful, strong woman, alas, one with little time to focus on her own happiness. With her home filled with turmoil and upheaval, Alexa spent most of her days protecting her beloved mother from her selfish and uncaring father.

An opportune meeting with William in London changes everything. He quickly discovered she is not the little girl he once knew.

Despite fighting his attraction to her, William cannot stop thinking of Alexa. When he relents and allows his heart to be opened to her, deep painful losses and cruel deceptions tear them apart. Alexa is thrown into unfathomable misery; a nightmare from which, she cannot wake. With her world torn to pieces, she distances herself from William, and is forced to marry another man.

Can Alexa and William find their way back to each other and to the happiness they so deserve? Can Alexa allow herself to love and live the life she was meant to, knowing hearts can only break so much, before they crumble?


You may take my body, but you will never take my soul.

At twenty-two years of age, beautiful Gabriella Taylor felt as if life was passing her by. She feared, in the end, she would be forced to settle for a man she did not love. Would such a man understand her adventurous nature and allowed her the freedom she so needed? Highly unlikely.

An unexpected voyage to the French Coast would change everything.

Lord Gilbert Ramsay rarely paid attention to the many women who would look his way. Eager to follow in his father’s political footsteps, Gil’s focus was on understanding the plight of the common man hoping to one day representing them. He would trade his London fineries and join the crew of a merchant ship, his identity hidden from the others, of course. Never did he expect to meet the likes of Gabriella Taylor.

Knowing it was wrong, Gabriella was drawn to the handsome but irritating crewman. He was like no man she had ever met. Gil, although initially annoyed with the spirited girl, could not help but be intrigued.
What began as an exciting journey of emotional awakenings for Gabriella, would turn into a harrowing ordeal. Taken by ruthless pirates, she would face the challenge of her life, wondering if she would ever see her family or Gil again. It would seem her wish for adventure had become painfully true.

Oceans from home, she would need all her courage and that of a gorgeous sailor to help her make it back to the life she so wants.


Although I love my work as a successful CPA and corporate executive, I’ve always wanted to write. At first, I enjoyed writing to free my mind of numbers and equations, but when others told me I should take this further, I wondered and dreamt….

This is the culmination of this dream.


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Love truly has no boundaries, not even time.
Here and Then After by D.M. Porters

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