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Sunday, October 13, 2019

Propositioning the Playboy by J.M. Stewart 💕 Book Tour & Gift Card Giveaway 💕 (Contemporary Romance)

Rule #1: Don't fall in love. Rule #2...see rule #1...

Grace Williams doesn't need a hero. She can take care of herself, thank you very much. Surviving foster care and becoming a respected scientist certainly taught her how. Now, she's finally ready to do something for herself and have a baby. All she'll need is a genetically blessed donor who won't get any ideas in his head about sticking around after the job's done. And she has the perfect gorgeous, commitment-phobic donor in mind.

Liam McNamara doesn't want a relationship. Being abandoned by his mother at a young age and his failed marriage cured him of any romantic notions he might've had. But when his best friend's sexy older sister asks him for a favor, he can't say no. And if he manages to give her a few--or a few hundred--orgasms in the process? All the better. It's a winning proposition all the way around.

It's not long before their best laid plans are blown out of the water by the last thing either of them expected to get out of the deal--genuine feelings. Maybe love isn't such a losing proposition after all...

Easily read as a standalone!

He grunted his agreement. “I’ll do it.”

Her mind whirled as she attempted to process his news. Elation fluttered in her chest, warring with a shell-shocked sort of surprise. Hadn’t he told her only yesterday he’d never bring a child into the world unless he was ready to be a dad? “What changed your mind?”

He cut another wedge of pancake, this time stuffing the bite into his mouth. “I got to thinking about what you said yesterday. I understand about family and being alone. I’m okay on my own, but you never really have been. Even Jake says so.”

She took a moment to grab the second mug from the tray and sipped at the warm tea. “What’s with him and you, anyway? With the guys I date, I expect his over-protective routine. They’re strangers. But you’ve been one of his best friends since you were kids. It’s kind of awful that he lumps you in with everyone else.”

“Jake knows you really want a family, that you’re looking for permanent. He also knows I’m not. Like I said yesterday, he wants that for you.” He stabbed a bite of melon and shrugged. As if it were no big deal. “He’s protective of it.”

Okay, now he had her attention. Never in all the time she’d known him had Liam ever even hinted his life wasn’t exactly the way he wanted it. Family was a subject he simply didn’t discuss.

She took a moment to take another bite of pancake, using the task of chewing and swallowing to think carefully about how to phrase her question. If she was too direct, he’d shut down, the way he always did when the subject came up. “You don’t want a family someday?”

“No. But you do. Which is why I decided to do it. I have a request, though.”

Her heart hammered. The impassiveness of his expression made it impossible to tell if his request was good or bad. She nodded. “Okay…”

He turned his head, pinning her with a direct stare. “I want to do this the old-fashioned way. No doctors, no masturbating into a cup. Draw up a contract if it makes you feel better, but I want you. In my bed.”


When her ex leaves her with a wounded ego, curvy tech writer Jenna Mancini sets out to prove to herself that she’s just as sexy as any size six. With an invitation to Seattle’s hottest new club, a place that promises no risk, no commitment, no holds barred, she sets her sights on the one man who can help her test her theory—the only man at a sex club who doesn’t participate.

Billionaire Hunter Thane has a secret only a select few know: a fear of being touched. A rough childhood has left him scarred, inside and out, and he’s resigned himself to a life alone. So while he can’t deny he finds Jenna incredibly sexy, he’s determined to save her from the disappointment of an encounter with him.

Jenna is every bit as determined to push all his hot buttons and see if she can crush his iron-clad will…

“Because you don’t participate.” Her gaze searched his face. After a moment, she moved farther into the room, stepping up to the pool table in the center. As she walked around it, she reached into the pockets, tossing the balls onto the table. “May I ask why you don’t?”

His shoulders slumped. He couldn’t keep side stepping around this, but he had no desire to watch her expression when he told her the truth. “Encounters with me are…complicated. Most ladies come here looking for fun. That’s the whole idea of this. Something carefree and frivolous. Our motto is ‘no risk, no commitment, no holds barred.’ I’m not any of that.”

“It’s not a bad thing to be the serious sort, you know.” All the balls now atop the table, she leaned over, stretching to reach the triangle. “Why host a party like this then? Why stay?”

“Because I want things I can’t have.” Damn. He shouldn’t have told her that, either, but the feeling nudged him. The desire. The need. To finally let it all go. Hell, even his therapist encouraged him to step out of his comfort zone.

“Such as?”

“Nothing. I shouldn’t have mentioned it.” Heart hammering in his throat, he crossed to the rack hanging on the wall opposite the table and pulled down a couple of cue sticks.

Jenna remained silent, and a sick sensation twisted in his stomach. Any second now she’d voice the question in her eyes. Some part of him said he ought to be honest with her and let the chips fall where they may. Except he knew how this would end. He’d tell her his long list of rules, then have to watch her leave when she decided she no longer desired an evening with him.

He’d tried once before, at Liam’s insistence. The woman had gotten so frustrated with him she’d stormed out in a huff. And who the hell could blame her?

When he turned, cue sticks in hand, Jenna smiled at him. It was an awkward smile, one filled with tension, with all those things they weren’t saying, but a smile nonetheless.

She nodded in the direction of the pool table beside her. “You any good?”

Relief flooded his chest. God bless her for not pushing. “Spent a lot of time in here in high school. I should warn you. I’m pretty decent.”

“Then you have yourself a game, cowboy, because so am I.” She winked and moved around the table, studying it. “I grew up with one of these. Mom thought it would keep us kids out of trouble.” She glanced at him, brows raised. “Tell me. Do you want to participate?”

Damn. Her and her questions.

“I’m only the host.” He waved a hand in the air. “My house and all that.”

She returned to the head of the table and leaned over it, lining up her shot. A quick flick of her wrist sent the multicolored balls flying in all directions. Three balls sank in various pockets, and she straightened. “I’ve got solids. And you said that before. Now tell me the real reason you’re here.”


JM Stewart writes heartfelt contemporary romance. Whether the heat level is sizzling or sweet, her stories are always deeply emotional. Her heroes are strong but sensitive (no alpha jerks here!), and her heroines are more Cinderella than Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Recently transplanted, she now lives in a small town in Texas along with her husband, two sons and two very spoiled dogs. When not writing, she enjoys reading, cooking and playing computer games. As a sensitive soul with a romantic heart, she believes in angels and hopes everyone finds their happily ever after.


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Rule #1: Don't fall in love. Rule #2...see rule #1...
Propositioning the Playboy by J.M. Stewart
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