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Friday, October 4, 2019

The Saints of San Diego by Suzanne Jenkins 💕 Series Tour & Gift Card Giveaway 💕 (Contemporary Romance)

Devon Lyon has the perfect life. With childhood friend Mike Saint, they follow a long line of Saints into the fire academy, including Mike’s uncle who is the battalion chief. After graduation, Mike meets the love of his life, nursing student, Aisling Murphy. The last thing she has time for is marriage, so she talks Mike into living together. Then, right before fire season, she finally agrees to marry Mike, and the worst wildland fire in California history changes life for Devon and his best friends, the Saints.


When firefighter Tony Saint laid eyes on EMT Bridget Clark, it was love at first sight.
Not for her so much, but almost.
She was the mother of an infant from a one-night stand, but he didn’t care, and that melted her reluctant heart. The Saints embraced her too, doing everything they were able to welcome her into the family.
Then a surprise would put their love to the test. When the unexpected happened, that love would carry them through any trial.
>>>Bestselling romance author, Suzanne Jenkins, brings you another unforgettable love story!


Roberta and Big Mike Saint’s fourth son, Leonardo, or Leon, is a player. Following in the footsteps of his namesake grandfather, father, uncle and brothers he graduates from the fire academy and is hired at Station #34 where he begins his career as a firefighter.

But during his first week on the job, a surprise visitor, someone he barely remembers from a one-night stand, shows up on his parents’ doorstep with demands he’s not prepared to make, including the possibility that he could jeopardize his position at the firehouse.

Then Ava, a beautiful neighbor with a reputation comes to the rescue. Will Roberta and Big Mike’s animosity toward Ava be enough to discourage Leon from succumbing to her charms? Or will his need for her force him to grow up, once and for all?


The Saint family joke was that his brothers got the brains and the height, but Charlie got the abs.

Fire Station #34 Battalion Chief Charlie Saint had lived alone for the last year after his ex’s life took a different course than his. He’d given up trying to find companionship again in spite of plenty of admirers.
Lila Connor, fifteen years his junior, was available and looking for a new one night stand. Charlie’s body and head of silver hair belied his age, but she still didn’t know about dating someone that old. They were compatible on the first date, but there was something haunting her in the past that just wouldn’t let her make a commitment to Charlie, and he was ready to commit.

Then a bad judgment call almost cost Charlie his life. Lila made a decision to stick by his side. But in order to go forward, she had to confront that issue from her past.


Finding Mrs. Right took Joey Saint longer than it took any of the other men in his firefighter family. When he finally decided to let Candy Jones into his life, their picture perfect romance turned out to be the envy of everyone in their circle.
One thing was missing however, and it would take a miracle to fulfill that dream.

Seven USA Today bestselling and award winning authors come together to give you Holiday Hunks, the next in the Hot Hunks Steamy Romance Collection

A helicopter pilot with a decision to make, a cowboy working on his best roundup yet, a dancer faced with a dilemma, a hockey player's surprise, a roping rodeo star's ultimatum, a fireman's miracle, and a billionaire's wish. What do these seven hunks all have in common? They are spending the holidays with family and friends where each and every one has a life-changing event. Read along and watch these seven hotties meet their match, fall in love, and have a very Merry Christmas!

Holiday Hunks

Natalie Ann- Jake's Christmas Decision
Angela Stevens- Miles' Christmas Roundup
Alicia Street -Finn's Christmas Dilemma
Katie O'Sullivan- Brendan's Christmas Surprise
Stephanie Morris- Dalton's Christmas Ultimatum
Suzanne Jenkins- Joey's Christmas Miracle
Tamara Ferugson- Nick's Christmas Wish

Meet the Authors:

Natalie Ann is a USA Today bestselling author who writes steamy contemporary romance, romantic suspense, and light paranormal.

Angela Stevens writes steamy contemporary romance, contemporary urban fantasy, paranormal, Native American themes, and children’s books.

Suzanne Jenkins is a USA Today bestselling author who writes women’s fiction, steamy contemporary romance, mystery, and suspense.

Alicia Street is a USA Today bestselling author and Daphne du Maurier award-winner. She writes both sweet and steamy contemporary romance, romantic suspense, and paranormal.

Katie O’Sullivan is an award winning author who writes steamy contemporary romance and young adult paranormal.

Stephanie Morris is a USA Today bestselling author who writes steamy contemporary romance, romantic suspense, and paranormal.

Tamara Ferguson is a USA Today bestselling author and multi- award winning author including Reader’s Favorite Bronze, Silver, and Gold medals in Military Fiction who writes both sweet and steamy contemporary romance and romantic suspense.

Check out the After Hurricane Nina, the first in the collection

Natalie Ann- Reed’s Resolution
Angela Stevens- Nolan’s Resolution
Suzanne Jenkins- Jason’s Resolution
Alicia Street- Kip’s Resolution
Katie O’Sullivan- Quinn’s Resolution
Stephanie Morris- Leland’s Resolution
Tamara Ferguson- Rand’s Resolution


from Special Delivery

First Day at Work

Nerves didn’t hit until she left her apartment. It was still cool, the marine layer of fog heavy, as usual for an early summer morning. Commuting to the station was easy for her; her apartment complex was on the same main road, due east ten miles. Driving slowly due to the fog ticked off the drivers behind her, and by the time she arrived at the station, she was shaking. Pulling into the parking lot, she happened to glance over and saw the truck that had tailgated her for the last ten minutes right behind her.
The driver glared at her, but when she got out of her car and he saw her uniform, he was immediately contrite.
“Oh jeez, forgive me for that. How embarrassing.” He held out his hand to her, ashamed for being a jerk because one look at her and he was smitten. “Anthony Saint, but everyone calls me Tony.”
“I couldn’t see to drive,” she said, reluctantly taking his hand. “Bridget Clark. You scared me to death.”
“I’m so sorry. I can be a jerk when I’m late for work,” Tony replied, stammering. “I’m sure we must have met.”
It was a lesson about being kind on the road, especially when his heart started thumping.
“We did, but I was nine months pregnant,” she replied, laughing.
Later, she’d tell Caitlin that his face literally fell. “Oh, gotcha, now I remember,” he said. “You were…” He rolled his hands over his belly to indicate a beach ball.
“I was,” she answered, laughing. “Flynn is two months old.”
“What’s your husband do?” he asked, crestfallen.
“I’m not married,” she answered, and he brightened right up, and she could see he was trying to reel it in.
Biting her lip so she didn’t laugh in his face, she finally asked him, “And what does your wife do?”
“I’m not married either,” he said, a big grin on his face.
She melted, the possibilities zooming through her mind. He was interested. And then she came to her senses. His interest was the last thing she needed. “Well, now that we have that cleared up, I’d better get in there before I get fired.”
“After you,” he said, holding his hand out to lead the way. “Trust me, it will take a lot more than being late to get fired around here. We’re desperate.”
“Is that right? I promise not to take advantage of it.”
He looked at her with his head cocked to the side, taking in the view. The new EMT was gorgeous. One of the other guys would probably make a move. His own romantic life was so messed up, and a nice new girl with a pretty face might light a fire under him to do what he should have done a year ago to straighten out the mess.
“I’m going to raise the flag. Do you want to join me?”
“They call Tony the flag man here,” someone yelled from the garage.
“I like ceremony, so shoot me,” Tony fired back good-naturedly.
“I like ceremony, too,” she said, looking up into his eyes.
Standing with him out by the flagpole, Bridget happily watched Tony perform his maneuver, unfolding the flag and attaching it to the clips, but the joy was more about his muscles flexing under his T-shirt, his powerful arms grabbing the rope and hoisting the flag to the very top that got her attention.
“There we go,” he said.
“Do you take it down, too?”
“I do. My dad or my brothers take over when I’m not around.”
Once they were back inside the garage, Tony waved the battalion chief over.
“Our new EMT, correct? Charlie Saint,” he said, holding his hand out.
They were soon surrounded by firefighters, mostly men, but she did see a blond ponytail in the sea of faces, and it seemed like at least half of the last names were Saint.
They were all friendly and polite, but one guy did bring up the belly, encircling his own generous gut with his hands. “Weren’t you larger the last time you were here?”
The quizzical expression on his face amused Bridget, and she couldn’t help herself, bursting out laughing. “Yep, he’s two months old now.”
A chorus of, “Congratulations!” rang out.
“Do you want to see your office?” Charlie asked.
“Thanks, Chief Saint,” she answered, eager to leave the curious crowd behind.
“You don’t have to be formal. Charlie is good enough.”
When faced with the inventory of emergency supplies, she giggled nervously. “I guess I’d better reacquaint myself with everything.”
“Get settled first. Mike Saint and Devon Lyon are paramedics, and they’re both here today, so you won’t be alone if anything comes up.”
The words if anything comes up gave her a shot of adrenaline. She took her backpack and set it aside, not wanting to unpack her breast pump in front of the chief.
“Okay, thank you,” she said, wishing he’d walk away.
Once he was out of the room, she went to work, setting up her emergency bag with everything she’d need out in the field.
It wasn’t five minutes before a tone went off. Bridget went out into the garage, where the monitor from dispatch resided, and read the screen; it was an automatic alarm. The automated voice rang out over the speaker system.
“Engine 4, engine 12, wagon 2, ladder 17, squad 4, rescue 1: Respond to an automatic fire alarm, Pasqual Valley Parkway and Canyon Road.”
Seconds later, central dispatch called, “Cancel that call. It’s a first-floor smoke alarm that the homeowner set off cooking.”
The rest of the morning was quiet except for a small brush fire and a call regarding a serious multi-vehicle accident. Going with the team for the accident on her first run made the next hours fly by.
Once back at the station, she did her part helping to put the equipment away but was increasingly aware of a familiar sensation that meant she needed to use the breast pump. The lavatory, she discovered, was not a place she wanted to do the deed and, furthermore, was unisex. She’d have to pump in the supply office during lunch. She went to the chief’s office and tapped on the door.
“I’m going to have lunch in the office,” she said. “But I need to, um, use my breast pump, so I’ll lock the door.”
She later said she had to bite her lip to keep from laughing as the color moved up his face, and it was apparent he was trying to avoid looking at her chest, so he looked at her forehead, then the floor, and finally out the window.
“Okay, good idea,” he said, scratching his face. “We should have a safe place for you to do…that.” He made a swirly motion with his hand over his chest, and she couldn’t help it, barking out a laugh.
“The supply office is fine as long as you don’t mind. I’ll let Mike and Devon know I’m still available.”
“Of course I don’t mind. You don’t need to tell them anything.” He nodded and looked away. “Take a lunch break.”
“Okay, thank you.”
Lowering her head, she quickly took off for the supply office with her bag, afraid she’d start laughing again.


USA Today Bestselling Author Suzanne Jenkins writes page-turning contemporary romance, mystery, and women's fiction with passionately gripping characters that stay with readers long after they turn the last page. The Detroit Detective Stories, beginning with The Greeks of Beaubien Street are truly American with a touch of fantasy. Pam of Babylon books consistently rank in the Top 100 Best Sellers in American Drama with over 500,000 downloads.

A retired operating room nurse, Jenkins lives in Southern California.


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A surprise would put their love to the test.
The Saints of San Diego Series by Suzanne Jenkins
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