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Saturday, November 30, 2019

Holiday Pay by M.D. Dalrymple 💕 Flash FREE eBook 💕 (Holiday Romance)

Ready for some hot holiday action and handcuffs?

Christmas should be the loveliest time of year, but the drunken antics of the local Councilman are causing trouble for the boys in blue.

Officer Jaden Sinacore had already arrested the Councilman several times, but the man knew enough powerful people to walk every time. So when he pulls duty for the Holiday Festival, Officer Sinacore dreaded another encounter with the man.

Instead, he has a chance meeting with a stunning red-headed city worker handing him a hot coffee. He spends the rest of his duty keeping the peace and keeping up with Jena.

Jena’s excitement over dating a sexy cop takes over her whole holiday. They are giddy with each other until the night of the city holiday party, when the drunk Councilman’s actions could lead to catastrophe.

Try Holiday Pay and the Men in Uniform series today!

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A page-turning police romance where the heat on the streets is almost too hot for the boys in blue!
Officer Matthew Danes has one focus in his life: the brotherhood in blue. His life is consumed with the night shift on the police force. He realizes he needs to make a change -- when on an afternoon jog, he runs into an exotic beauty and her faithful companion.

Rosemarie intrigues him like no one before, and they begin a whirlwind romance. Matthew falls for Rosemarie too quickly and doesn't want to stop himself. But Officer Danes’ job is dangerous, and one night that danger hits too close to his heart.

Based on the real-life events of local police. Start this tantalizing cop romance today.


An Officer.

His Wife.

And the blonde bombshell who wants to be his girlfriend.

What could possibly go wrong?

Officer Ramon Garza seems to have it all – a beautiful wife, three kids, a great job on the police force. But when a woman comes onto him after a routine call, Ramon must make a decision about the direction of his life. Only he doesn't know what this woman will do to have him.

Find out in this steamy police romance!


When the stalking victim becomes his lover . . .

Officer Tyrell Blaser is everything a good cop should be: tall, strong, proud to be a cop, and willing to work overtime.
Known as “Blaser the player,” Tyrell finds he wants more than a string of one-night stands. When he tries to help the beautiful Vivienne after a traffic stop goes wrong, his heart takes control.

One night, on a typical traffic stop, Vivienne’s ex tries to run her off the road. She is scared and alone, and Tyrell offers her a shoulder to lean on and his business card. As her case progresses, so does Tyrell’s interest in Vivienne, leading to a steamy and passionate relationship.

But her ex has eluded the police and is not willing to let go. As the ex evades capture, Tyrell’s desire for Vivienne grows. Can Officer Blaser keep Vivienne safe?


Michelle Deerwester-Dalrymple is a writer and a college writing professor. Graduating from University of California, Riverside with a Master's Degree in English and Literature, she has worked with students of all age levels - from elementary to graduate school - through her college teaching, tutoring, and charter school courses.

She started reading when she was 3 years old, writing when she was 4, and published her first poem at age 16. Her interest in logic and rhetoric began when she was 4 years old, and her mother bought her first logic puzzle book. She then read those puzzle books, Encyclopedia Brown books, and Two-Minute Mysteries regularly.

Michelle has always been an avid reader on all subjects, but has a special love for both horror and romance literature. Her two favorite authors are Stephen King and Diana Gabaldon.

She is currently working on other writing curricula texts and several novels of different genres.


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Holiday Pay by M.D. Dalrymple

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