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Thursday, November 21, 2019

Prez by Rae B. Lake 💕 New Release Spotlight & Gift Card Giveaway 💕 (Motorcycle Club Romance)

He thought he had lost his world...
She was there to pick up the pieces…

I was the president of a small motorcycle club, Wings of Diablo. My word was law and I had a crew that would put their very lives on the line if I asked. I did, and I was wrong. I was blinded by my own pride. I couldn't see that I was in over my head and that hubris was enough to cost me everything. My club. My brother. My Laura...gone.


I killed him. I didn't mean to, he was behind me and I was so scared. I thought he was one of Vilanuevas goons and I was not going back to the hell that I had just escaped from. Never. I almost left him right there in that alley when I realized he was not dead, but something about his voice and the name that he called out softly on his way to death's gate stopped me short. I had to help him. I had to bring this beautiful haunted, soulless man back to life.

***This story will rip at your heart and have you wanting so much more. If you're looking for the perfect mash up between a flawed alpha bad boy and a strong heroine this is for you! ***

When did you first consider yourself a writer?

I supposed the first time I really considered myself an author or writer was the first time I considered myself a story teller or better yet a master liar. I am a great liar, I mean the level I can get to on a lie is amazing. I try not to lie, but its not because I am not good at it or because I get caught. It really is more of a moral thing. I know it is wrong and I have always thought of myself as someone who would chose the right thing even when the wrong thing is so much easier.
Most of my stories start off like the beginnings of a true story then I lie myself into a whole novel. At first I almost felt bad at how easy and quickly the stories just popped into my head but then I figured if my brain was wired to create these stories why don’t I do something with the gift I was given, even if no one likes it. I mean you know the old saying, sharing is caring!

What is something unique/quirky about you?

Well I am just a quirky individual, I am usually the one who always sees the good to everything, no matter how messed up a situation is. I will say one of my most unique qualities when it comes to books is the fact that I can read up to 1000 words per minute and my all time high is reading 8 full novels in a day. Of course I did nothing else but read, eat and go to the bathroom. I swear if someone paid me to read novels I would be a rich chic!

What do you do to unwind and relax?

I love nature, LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I like to just go outside and sit in the wind, listen to the air as it passes by my ears. Watch the little animals run about their merry way. I would love to live in the country or wilderness somewhere where I would have to chop my own logs for fire. One of the main reason mountain man romances appeal to me so much :-)!

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💕 Click here to learn more 💕

I am the pain manager at the Wings of Diablo MC Club. What’s that mean? It means that if my brothers need information they call on me to get it out of you. You should see the art I can create with a blow torch or a serrated blade or my favorite, barbed wire. I have been known to have a cold fearless heart. To stand in the middle of a gun fight without a care in the world, tear flesh from bodies and not even blink when my mark would scream and cry. Nothing reached me, I was numb to the world. Chaos was my meditation. That was until I met Keeley. Now one small piece of false information, one wrong victim and one war later she is completely under my skin.

He just showed up in my backyard pointing a gun in my face and bleeding profusely. If I would have known at that precise moment my world would turn on its head I would have never let him in. I left my home to get away from the violence and the wars yet here I am back in a world I don’t want to be in. I would run but no one excites me like Dillon does, no one protects me like Dillon does, and no one makes me scream in pleasure like him either. As hard as his life is and even with my own life in danger there is no where I would rather be than in his arms, I am his.
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I am the master marksman at the Wings of Diablo MC Club. Any target my brothers need me to take down, I will. I am a magician with a fire arm no matter the class, from the small and simple Glock 36 to the powerful .44 Magnum, the big bad shotgun to the sleek and sexy M2010. I have been known to be stoic and calculated. To lay above the rest and smile as each bullet sailed through my target. Once you were in my sights, you go down for the long nap. I used to believe that my fate was sealed by the bullet and my gun, come to find out my life would be turned on its head by Daria. A woman in the wrong place at the wrong time. A woman who is seared into my soul.

My whole life I stayed to myself, never wanted to get anyone upset or be a burden to those around me. So when my roommates strong arm me into going to a party at the Rolling Cobras MC Club house I try to stay as far away from the action as possible. Not that it did me any good, my favorite shirt was ruined, I got hit on by a man missing his two front teeth, oh and I got shot in the chest. Talk about a party. There was one good thing that came from that horrible experience, the hospital set up a trauma counselor, Archer. There is something about his haunted eyes that makes me believe that I can trust again. No one makes my pulse race like he does, makes my body surrender like he does. Even with secrets all around him I have no choice but to submit to him.
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I am the Information Officer at the Wings of Diablo MC Club. It wasn’t a job that I necessarily wanted. In fact, if it were up to me, I would party all day, and hook up with the club bunnies all night. Unfortunately with Alejandro Vilanuevas, one of the leaders of the Bolivian Drug Cartel, issuing threats, good information was vital to my club. My club was on the verge of war, a war everyone was sure we wouldn’t win. It didn’t matter to me, I would remain loyal until my very last breath. So when my brothers say they need information, I go get that information. It was on one of these information runs that I ran into a woman, a badass woman with red and black hair, the body of an Amazon, and a dagger for a tongue. It was Maven who would make me question my loyalty to my brothers and my club.
I have been around bikers and gangsters my whole life but once I had my twins, I vowed to never get mixed up with one again. Then some inconsiderate turd shows up next door and throws all my self-made promises in the trash. Barry is selfish, he’s immature, in fact his whole life is a mess, but I have never seen someone who was so loyal. Too loyal. Even with all my connections in the MC world, they will never win against a monster like Vilanueva. I just hope I can convince Barry to talk them out of going to war before the Wings of Diablo MC club is no more.


I am a Club Bunny.

Scratch that!

I am THE Club Bunny.

My parents named me Charity but the boys know me as Cherry. I spent my entire adolescent life thinking that I was wrong for loving ecstasy. Believing that I was a heathen for making men and women whimper with need. I wandered around for a long while until I found the men at the Wings of Diablo MC Club. Here is where I found my home.

It's true that I will never be Ol'lady material but I will never regret the pleasure, the mind-shattering passion, the muscle clenching, nerve scorching euphoria that each and every patched member left me in. I am a club bunny and I love every second of it.

*A novella filled with steamy nights with your favorite Wings of Diablo Members.*


Rae is a daydreamer, nurse, bookworm, nature enthusiast, wife, momma, animal activist and an optimist. She has lived her entire life in NYC and loves to travel with her family. She believes that sweets should have a larger piece of the nutritional pyramid and that Buffy the Vampire Slayer was one of the best TV shows ever invented. When she is not working as a nurse in her community, she can either be found reading, writing, or taking a walk while listening to music. She has been writing books in her mind for as long as she can remember but decided that maybe there were others out in the world that would find joy in the words she would put down on the page.


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He thought he had lost his world...
She was there to pick up the pieces.
Prez by Rae B. Lake

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