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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Hung Up on You by Marie Landry 💕 Book Blitz & Gift Card Giveaway 💕(Contemporary Romance)

Julia is single and happy, thank you very much. Try telling that to her happily-coupled bestie, though. She’s so determined to pair Julia off, she brings an extra guy friend along on a weekend getaway, in what’s clearly a set-up attempt. Julia’s interest is immediately piqued by sweet, sexy, nerdy Zack. There’s just one problem: he’s still hung up on his ex. Big time.

Despite knowing that – and despite her attraction to him – it doesn’t stop her friends from throwing them together every other second, insisting they’d make the perfect couple. But Julia is determined to friend zone him. At least until he suggests they pretend to date to get their respective friends off their backs.

At first, their fake “dating” is more friendship than fireworks. But as they get closer, the lines begin to blur between them, and Julia realizes she has to either shut down her developing feelings for Zack or let him in. The question is: can she fully trust him with her heart? Or does his heart still belong to his ex?

Once I’m alone, I go through the groceries we brought. There’s enough food here for at least a week, which means we shouldn’t have to venture into town to shop. I decide on something quick but filling: roasted carrot and sweet potato soup, paired with the loaf of crusty bread one of the guys must have brought. I’m searching for a baking sheet when the tap at the kitchen sink starts running.

I turn to find Zack washing his hands, the sleeves of his blue plaid shirt rolled to his elbows. “W-what are you doing?”

He shuts off the water and grabs the tea towel draped over the oven railing to dry his hands. “I thought I could help you make dinner.”

“Oh.” I’m not used to this. My friends are rarely ever serious when they ask if I need help in the kitchen. Zack sounds like he means it, though. “I’m just whipping up something quick for tonight,” I tell him. “I figured I’d save the bigger meals for when we’ve been outside and have worked up an appetite. No need for you to be on kitchen duty when you could hang out with the others.”

Zack crosses his arms over his chest and leans one hip on the counter. He shoots a glance over his shoulder; Kai and Todd have joined the girls in the living room, and the four of them are talking and laughing. When he turns back and our eyes meet, understanding dawns: he doesn’t want to be the fifth wheel. I’m used to it, and my friends never make me feel left out, but I’m sure it’s different for him. I’ve never really been part of a couple, so I don’t know what I’m missing. For him, being the odd man out with two sets of couples probably feels like salt being rubbed into an open wound.

“Actually, you know what?” I point to the pile of veggies on the counter. “It would go a lot quicker if I had help. Do you mind peeling carrots?”

Relief flashes over Zack’s face. I’ve never seen someone look so happy at the suggestion of peeling carrots. “Not at all.” He rummages through the drawers until he finds a vegetable peeler. I finally find the baking sheets, along with a bottle of olive oil, and I start stabbing holes in the sweet potatoes with a fork before coating them lightly in oil.

We’ve been working for a few minutes in silence when Zack says, “Thank you.” The words are so quiet I almost think I’ve imagined them. When I look in his direction, he’s standing with a carrot in one hand and the peeler in the other, watching me. Those serious, dark-blue eyes do funny things to my insides, which I try hard to ignore. He clears his throat. “Thank you,” he says again a little louder.

“For what?”

“For letting me help you. I’m grateful to Kai and Dee for inviting me along this weekend. I knew it could potentially be awkward being a single guy with two couples, but I figured I could do my own thing as much as possible. I just liked the idea of a break.” He goes back to peeling carrots. His movements are slow and steady, and I watch for a minute, mesmerized by his long fingers.

Get it together, Jules.

“On the way up here I started wishing I had backed out,” he continues. “So when we arrived and I saw you, I was relieved. I mean, I’ve spent enough time with Dee and have heard enough from Kai to smell a setup, but…” He shoots me a quick glance, and that shallow dimple winks in his cheek. “Even if that’s the case, I’m glad I won’t be the fifth wheel all weekend.”

I’m about to say I’m glad too when he sets the peeler down with a thud and looks at me head on. “Unless you have someone joining you later. In which case, it’s probably not too late for me to borrow Kai’s car or find a getaway snowmobile and head back to the city.”

I can’t help the laugh that bursts out of me. Despite his light tone, there’s real concern in his eyes. I can’t blame him; if two couples seem intimidating to a single guy, three would be torture. “You’re safe, it’s just me. Neither of us will have to be the odd one out when Dee inevitably makes us split into teams for games.”

His low chuckle makes me smile. Zack is absolutely adorable. While I’d normally be thrilled at the prospect of a weekend with a cute guy, I kind of want to kill Dee for inviting someone who’s emotionally unavailable.

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Marie Landry's life revolves around books; when she's not writing them, she's reading them, taking pictures of them for bookstagram, or blogging about them. An avid reader from a young age, she loves getting lost in characters' worlds, whether they're of her own making or someone else's. She particularly loves coming-of-age stories with as much of an emphasis on self-discovery as on romance...but don't leave out the romance!

When not doing bookish things, Marie can be found daydreaming (in general, but often about traveling through Europe), marathon-watching shows on Netflix, and taking photographs. She lives in a cozy apartment in Ontario, Canada with the best roommate ever, and only sometimes imagines it's actually a flat in London.


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Can she fully trust him with her heart? Or does his heart still belong to his ex?
Hung Up on You by Marie Landry
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