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Saturday, February 1, 2020

Black Ties Duet by Brynn Ford 💕 Series Blitz & Gift Card Giveaway 💕 (Erotic Romance)

“Whatever your dark tastes may be, this is where you transition from your tattered and stained and mundane life into Black Ties, our underground world of pain and pleasure, dominance and submission.”

Desi is no stranger to pain. Her young, newlywed life had been blissfully perfect before tragedy turned it into daily emotional hell. When she meets a kind stranger outside a mysterious members only club, she’s drawn into a secret world that promises to show her how to turn her pain into pleasure.

Vaughn would do anything to protect his wife and save his marriage. When he discovers unexplainable bruises and marks on her body after solo outings late at night, he resolves to discover the secrets she’s been keeping and fight for their marriage at all costs.

Will Desi’s secrets destroy her?
Can Vaughn fulfill his wife’s darkest desires?

With hope, Desi and Vaughn attempt to find the beauty of letting go while fighting the demons of their past that threaten to destroy them for good.

CONTENT WARNING: This book contains sexually explicit scenes and mature themes. Desi’s story features a sexual journey that involves kink, bondage, multiple partners, a sex club, and questionable fidelity (with a purpose). It is not a standalone and the books must be read in order. This is book 1 of 2.

I glanced over to see him rummaging around, pulling ingredients from the cabinets and refrigerator and turning on the stove.
Is he cooking for me? 
What do I do, just sit here?
He spoke to me without looking away from what he was doing, “Normally, if you were mine, truly and fully mine, I would tell you to take off your clothes, climb on the table, and get on all fours for my viewing pleasure while I make you something to eat. But I’m guessing you haven’t changed your mind about the underwear rule?” I could see his sly smile from the corner of his lips.
My mouth twisted at the side, threatening to form a flattered smile that he’d want to see me that way, “No, Sir.”
He glanced over at me, “No matter. You can do the same in your underwear. Clothes off. Up on the table on all fours, facing me.”
“Excuse me?”
He stopped dead in his tracks and smiled, a real shit-eating grin. He looked at me for a beat, then went back to what he was doing, cooking as he enlightened me.
“You know, I always get asked why I enjoy breaking in a new submissive so much. This is why, right here. New subs, like you, Blue, don’t understand their place. They don’t know how to play by the rules. I really enjoy teaching those hard lessons. You would be getting the hard lesson right now if I wasn't easing you into this.”
I had no idea how to respond to that, so I didn’t.
“Where are your manners, Blue?” he asked me intently.
“I don’t know what you mean.”
He slammed a glass lid onto the skillet he was cooking from and checked his wrist watch, pressing a button on the side. He strode over to me with confidence and grace and raw masculinity. He stood at my side, towering over me where I sat.
“I asked you a question, Blue. It wouldn’t be wise to break another rule. Where are your manners?”
“I don’t know, Sir.”
“You don’t know? You don't know where your manners are? Or you don’t know what rule you broke?”
I swallowed silently, my skin prickled with a rush of adrenaline I hadn’t felt in months. I hadn’t realized how much I longed for that feeling again until that very moment.
“Get up,” Law ordered. 
I only hesitated for a second before pushing my chair back and rising to my feet. He glanced at his wrist watch.
“In four minutes, this timer goes off and if I’m still dealing with your disobedience then, your dinner will burn,” he pointed to the table top, “So get on the table. Now.” 
My brow furrowed. My strong-willed tendencies battled internally with my need to let go, my need to ride the high of this unexplored craving for orders and rules and pain and punishment. It grew in its resolve with every passing moment as I watched Law’s patience fade. The urge to summon his inner demons intensified.
I wanted to push back. I wanted to test his limits. I wanted to know what he would do to me if I disobeyed.
“What happens if I don't do as told? Sir.”

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"Falling in love with a friend is terrifying. Especially if you’ve fallen in love before only to lose it in the most tragic way possible. It’s that much harder when you know the pain that could be waiting right around the corner."



The man I had built a life with tried to kill me, shattering my existence as I knew it.

I was broken and lonely when my dominant friend-slash-ex came to my rescue, promising to guide me back to empowerment. But I wanted more from him than he was capable of giving.

I tried to be okay with our uneven balance of power, and it worked for a while, but eventually my heart spoke out against it.

It told me I couldn't lose myself in submission to him.

It told me to demand he get down on his knees for me when I wanted to switch.

It told me he could never change for me.

It told me not to fall in love.

“I never stopped missing the way Law could bring me to my knees with a flick of his eyes, the way he could make my legs tremble with a simple soft whisper.”

CONTENT WARNING: This book contains sexually explicit scenes and mature themes. Ris' story features sexual healing that involves kink, dominance & submission, multiple partners (including same sex), and a sex club. It is not a standalone and the books must be read in order. This is book 2 of 2.


Brynn Ford is an independent author of romance in all of its beautiful and sensually taboo forms. She is a lover of the dark, twisted, and playful and strives to bring the unmentionable aspects of passionate romance into her stories.

Brynn resides in the Midwest with her husband and sons, whom she expects will someday be embarrassed by their mom's books. When she isn't obsessively writing, you may find her binge watching favorite shows while eating far too much junk food or fanatically reading, always seeking to lose herself in the emotional roller coaster of a damn good story.

She is quite the idealist, despite her fascination with the wicked and warped aspects of humanity. Some of her stories may run out of words before a happily ever after, but she's a firm believer that her characters continue to live on outside the pages in the minds of her readers. Stories don't end just because there aren't anymore pages to turn.


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Black Ties Duet by Brynn Ford
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