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Monday, February 10, 2020

Lingerie Wars by Janet Elizabeth Henderson πŸ’• Guest Post, Book Blitz & Gift Card Giveaway πŸ’• (Contemporary Romance)

Englishman Lake Benson loaned his life savings to his dippy sister so that she could buy a shop. It was a big mistake. His sister has been steadily flushing his money down the drain – and now he wants it back. Years in the special forces taught Lake that if you want a job done, do it yourself. So he steps in to make the shop profitable, sell it and get his money back. The only problem is, the business is an underwear shop. And all Lake knows about underwear can be summed up in how fast he can unsnap a bra. To make matters worse, the tiny highland town already has a lingerie shop. A successful one, run by an ex-lingerie model. A very gorgeous ex-lingerie model, who’s distracting him from his mission more than he’d like to admit. If Lake wants to get his savings back, and get out of Scotland, he only has one option – wipe out the competition.

Kirsty Campbell has spent years rebuilding her life after she woke up in hospital in Spain to find her body scarred, and her ex-fiance had run off with all her money. The last thing she needs is a cocky, English soldier-boy trying to ruin all she has left. Her home town is only too happy to help her fight the latest English invasion, although Lake is beginning to sway them with his sex appeal and cut price knickers. With the help of her mother, and the retired ladies of Knit or Die, Kirsty sets about making sure that her shop is the last one standing in Invertary.

It’s Scotland versus England as you’ve never seen it before. It’s lingerie war.

Invertary Series:
1. Lingerie Wars
2. Goody Two Shoes
3. Magenta Mine
4. Calamity Jena
5. Bad Boy
6. Here Comes the Rain Again
7. Caught

Kirsty jumped as the man stepped into view. There were men, and then there was this man. He was the kind of man that made the rest of the male population seem feminine. It was everything about him—his broad shoulders, his square jaw, the tiny dimple in his left cheek, the intense look in his blue eyes. Everything screamed man with a capital M.
“What exactly do you know about the underwear business?” she demanded.
He took a step towards her. Kirsty took a tiny step backwards. He noticed, and his eyes crinkled slightly at the corners.
“I know that women buy the stuff for men, and I’m a man. That gives me the advantage. They’ll be queuing up to get my advice.”
Rainne jerked to attention. “You’re staying? You plan to run the business.”
“You got a problem with that, little sister?” he asked, but his eyes never left Kirsty.
“You know what I think?” Kirsty said, saving Rainne from having to answer.
“I’m not sure I care what you think, but go ahead anyway.”
Kirsty hands fell to her side and balled into fists. It had been a long time since she’d felt the urge to thump someone.
“I think you’re in over your head,” she said. “You obviously don’t have a clue about running a shop or selling lingerie, and you’ve just insulted the only expert in town who was willing to help you.”
His lips twitched slightly, giving the impression that he was going to smile, but nothing happened. His face was still impassive.
“Do you know what I think?” he said. “I think you’re scared of a little competition.”
Kirsty barked out a laugh that surprised her more than him. “You’re not competition. This”—she pointed to Betty’s handmade sign—”is not competition. There’s no way you could be a threat to me, or to my business.”
“We’ll see. Prepare to shut up shop.”
Kirsty pursed her lips as she felt her cheeks burn. “That is incredibly arrogant of you.” 
“Or honest. It’s obvious there’s only room in this town for one lingerie shop. I’d rather it was mine.”
“If you think I’m going to let you run me out of town then you’re deluded. This is my home. You’re the foreigner here.”
He rocked back on his heels as he thrust his hands into the pockets of his jeans. Although there was nothing in his manner to give him away, she got the distinct impression he was enjoying himself.
“Ah, that old chestnut. We hate the English. The English are the root of all our problems. Blah, blah, blah. Scotland needs to get over itself. You lost. We won. We own you now. There’s no point being bitter.”
Kirsty reeled before blustering nonsense.
His eyes sparkled at her. “That’s right. The English are here to stay.”
“That’s it,” she said at last. “You’ve crossed the line.” She turned to Rainne with a tight smile. “I’m sorry, honey, but I can’t help you now. You’re stuck with him.” She hooked her thumb towards the brother. “You have no idea how much I feel for you.”
“I get that a lot,” Rainne mumbled.
“As for you,” she told the English imbecile, “bring it on. You don’t stand a chance.”
“So, last shop standing?”
“It’ll be mine.”
“I like a healthy imagination in a woman.”
“You’re going to regret annoying me this much.”
At last he grinned. Kirsty felt her world shift as something unseen pulled her towards him.
“It’s on, then?” he said with delight.
“It’s on.” She stepped back, feeling slightly disorientated.
“Great.” He nodded. “War. This I do know.”

“Ah, but you don’t know lingerie war,” Kirsty said. “Sit back and watch, soldier boy. You’re about to have your backside handed to you.”


Take one American singer who doesn’t believe in falling in love…

Josh McInnes’ biological clock is ticking and he wants to get married—now. After 20 years singing soppy love songs, he knows that there is no such thing as romantic love. There’s only hormones and lust. At thirty-five, he’s tired of his playboy lifestyle. He wants a wife who isn’t interested in fame, money, or romance. A sensible wife, who values commitment. He wants a partnership, a friendship, and none of the craziness that goes with falling in love. As far as he can see, there’s only one way to get exactly what he wants—he needs an arranged marriage.

…add a Scottish librarian who has given up on ever falling in love…

Caroline Patterson terrifies men. With her no-nonsense attitude, and ice queen demeanour, she’s in control of everything—and everyone—around her. Her sensible shoes and grey skirt suits act like a force field, repelling male attention. At thirty-one, she can’t remember the last time she went on a date and is beginning to think she’ll never have a family of her own. When an American stranger approaches Caroline with a marriage proposal that resembles a business contract, she quickly accepts. She doesn’t expect romance. But she does expect to control each and every detail of their lives together. Because as life has taught her—if you aren’t in control, bad things happen.

…and you get romance Invertary style!

Josh and Caroline learn the hard way that falling in love isn’t something you can avoid. And it definitely isn’t something you can control. Their well laid plans are about to degenerate into chaos, as they fall in love the Scottish way.


Harry Boyle’s genius IQ has failed him. The alpha geek stupidly followed relationship advice from Invertary’s resident evil mastermind—eighty-seven year old Betty. That’s how he ended up trapped in an abandoned mine waiting to be rescued by his high school crush. The same crush he still loves. The one he’s come back to town to claim.

Magenta Fraser doesn’t want to be claimed—what is this? The Stone Age? The sarcastic Goth with a fondness for hitting first and asking questions later has been avoiding Harry. He’s her Kryptonite. Around him she loses her badass powers and becomes a pathetic giggling girl. As the local caving expert, she has no choice but to rescue the man. But that doesn’t mean she has to talk to him. Or touch him. Or do any of the other X-rated things that keep popping into her mind. All she has to do is resist him, rescue him and then run from him—before he uncovers her secret.


Jena Morgan, Atlantic City’s favorite go-go dancer, may have overreacted when she found her boyfriend balls deep in a stripper called Candy. Instead of washing her eyeballs with bleach, she drank a bottle of tequila and bought a house off the internet. A house far away from her cheating, criminal of an ex-boyfriend. A house in Scotland. As soon as she turns up to claim her new home, Jena finds out exactly why you shouldn't 'one-click' houses while falling-down drunk. It was a dump. With no money, and no skills outside of shaking her booty, Jena does the only thing she can do—she throws herself into the biggest DIY project the Highlands have ever seen.

Since Jena’s arrival in town, Officer Matt Donaldson’s workload has tripled. The woman is a menace, gorgeous yes, but definitely a few sandwiches short of a picnic. Her only discernible skill seems to be causing chaos wherever she goes. She attracts trouble like honey attracts bears. Which is why Matt isn't surprised when her ex-boyfriend turns out to be a member of the New Jersey mob. Although Jena’s ex has come to Scotland to win her back, she wants nothing to do with him—a reaction the mobster does not take well. Overnight, Matt’s job morphs from hunting missing cats and breaking up fights at the old folk’s home, to chasing down the mob and keeping Jena alive. And he's trying to do it all while remaining professional enough to keep his hands off his sexy, but crazy, American charge.

This is book 4 in the Invertary, Scottish Highlands, series, but can be read as a standalone novel.


A Bad Boy trying to be good, a Good Girl driven to be bad and a five year old who wants to rule the world…

When an injury ends Flynn Boyle’s professional soccer career, he doesn’t know what to do with himself or the rest of his life. According to the tabloid press, all he’s good for is partying hard, womanising and making an ass of himself. The sad thing is—they aren’t far wrong. With no other plans, Flynn heads back to his Highland hometown to regroup—unfortunately, his wild lifestyle and reputation follow him there.

Abby McKenzie is a widow with a five year old. She’s trying to keep her business going, and keep her head above water, while she raises her child and gets over the death of her husband. When Flynn Boyle buys the plot of land next to Abby’s and sets up home in a luxury RV, Abby fears the worst. The last thing she needs is to be swept up into the drama of an immature playboy. All Abby wants is a quiet life and Flynn wouldn’t recognise quiet if it bit him on the backside.

When Flynn’s wild life overflows into Abby’s nice contained one, the next thing she knows she’s featuring in the tabloid press. Flynn doesn’t see the big deal, but then, he doesn’t have a stuck-up mother who would like nothing more than to take Abby’s child from her and raise her “properly”. The bad publicity gives Abby’s mother the ammunition she needs to sue for custody of five year old Katy. Abby has one week to prove that she’s giving her child a staid, sensible and nurturing environment, or she could lose her baby. Even though her business is failing and Abby is barely holding it together, she knows she can show the courts exactly what they need to see in order for her to keep her child. The only problem is, Flynn. He’s right next door. He’s dragged her into his mess of a life. And he’s going to make Abby lose her child. Unless…

Unless, she can get the bad boy of soccer to turn over a new leaf. If he could just behave himself for one week, she’d be home free. All she needs is for Flynn Boyle to be a good guy. A quiet, respectful, chaos free good guy, for one whole week. Seriously, how hard could that be?


Kirsty has planned the perfect Leap Day wedding.
And it’s all falling apart...
The Scottish Highlands are in the middle of the worst snow storm in decades. Cell towers are down, electricity is out and roads are closed.
In true Invertary style the town’s folk have decided to ignore the weather and carry on with the party. Kirsty is at the castle, in the middle of her hen-night and having second thoughts about the wedding. Lake is enduring his stag-do at the town’s only pub, helpfully organised by his 'best man' eighty-nine year old Betty. Rainne, Lake’s sister, has come back to town after three years away to not only attend the wedding, but to see if Alastair will give her a second chance to love him. Oh yeah, and a whole bunch of men with guns have surrounded the castle!

The castle is under siege. The town is under snow. The men are stuck at the pub and the women are on their own. With emotions running high, snow falling hard and lives on the line, the residents of Invertary are about to stage the wedding of the century.


He wants forever. She just wants his body. Neither of them want to give in.

Mitch Harris has it all. As a successful music manager, who isn’t hard to look at, he has women falling at his feet. And that’s just the way he likes it. For years he’s laughed as, one by one, his buddies have found their women and settled down. He vowed it would never happen to him. Until he sets eyes on the owner of the town’s new spa. Jodie Miller is everything Mitch didn’t think he wanted, but now desperately needs. She’s tough, wicked, smart and so damn sexy it hurts to look at her. Mitch isn’t sure if it’s love at first sight, or just plain lust. All he knows is that Jodie is the woman for him and he’ll do anything, and everything, to make her see that they are meant to be together.

Jodie Miller was inoculated against relationships when she divorced her ex. She learned the hard way that men might say they like strong, independent women, but in reality they’d rather tie themselves to someone who couldn’t kick their ass. As a martial arts expert, spa owner and proud feminist (she’s got the T-shirt to prove it), Jodie plans to pour her energy into her business instead of another relationship. She’s happy to let Mitch play the part of her sex toy—after all, she isn’t dead and he’s hot as hell—but there’s no way she’s giving him her heart. No matter how dirty he plays to get it.

***** This book comes with a bonus short story - Invertary, the finale. *****


Tell us a little about the Invertary series? What’s it about? Where’s it set?

This is a romcom series, set in a small fictitious town in the Scottish Highlands called Invertary. Each book is a complete story, but the same characters pop up right through the series.

An ex-soldier running a lingerie shop has got to be a cool character – and I love the name ‘Lake’. Can you tell us a bit about him? What makes him a great romance hero?

I love Lake as a character. One of the things I like best about him is that he isn’t angst driven. Sure, he’s had difficulties in his life—he grew up in a hippy commune for one—but when we meet him, he’s pretty sorted and complete as a person. I like that he’s capable and in control, but not arrogant and intimidating. Plus, his patience and kindness really shine through—especially with 86-year-old Evil Betty! Add to that some serious muscle and a great sense of humor, and I think he’s my perfect man! ☺

Kirsty, the story’s heroine, is also an interesting character, and seems like a woman easy to relate to. What are her strengths and weaknesses at the beginning of the book? How does meeting Lake affect her?

Kirsty has been through a major traumatic event. She was once a high-profile model, but a car crash left her terribly scarred. To add insult to injury, while she was recovering her fiancΓ© ran off with all of her money. When we meet her, she is hiding from the world, afraid to take any chances in case she loses the little she has left. She still hasn’t come to terms with her scarred body and her self-image is in tatters. Lake sees through Kirsty’s fears. He doesn’t pander to them, or treat her with pity, instead he prods and provokes her until she stands up for herself and finds the courage she lost. He makes her become a better person—sometimes against her will!

‘Lingerie Wars’ is set in Scotland, in the town of Invertary. Is this a real or fictional place? Is it based on where you grew up?

It’s based on a little town in Scotland called Inverary. Inverary is one of my all-time favorite places. It’s steeped in Scottish history, has stunning scenery and is full of quirky characters. I’m not the only one who loves the town—Downton Abbey used Inverary castle as a setting in one of their Christmas shows. So I’m in good company!

What’s your favorite scene in Lingerie Wars?

I love the scene where Lake sees Kirsty’s scars for the first time and reassures her about them. It’s sexy, it’s moving and you can really see his love and admiration for her throughout the scene.

There are seven books in the Invertary series. Do you have a favorite?

Calamity Jena! The fourth book in the series is definitely my favorite. Jena is so clueless and accident prone, but incredibly kind hearted. She can’t say no to a first date with anyone who asks her, because she doesn’t want to hurt their feelings, but she ends up hurting them physically because she’s so accident prone. The town even have a pool going on what injury will befall her dates next! Jena was a go-go dancer in Atlantic City before she discovered her boyfriend was cheating on her. She consoled herself with a bottle of tequila, got very drunk and bought a house off the internet—in Scotland! The house is a run-down mess and Jena is totally accident prone, but determined to fix it up herself. When her ex-boyfriend, a low-level mobster, turns up in town to take her home, the local cop steps in to protect her. Matt and Jenna are explosive together. And his twin sisters’ experiences throughout the book are hilarious. There’s a secondary romance between one of his sisters and one of the mobster’s henchmen that is a favorite with my readers. So look out for Claire and Grunt when you read the book—especially the scene where the twins run him over with their car!

This series is complete at 7 books, but do you plan to write more based in Invertary?

Yes! There’s a new series coming out this year called Invertary Too. It revolves around a whole new bunch of characters, and some old ones thrown in too.

One last question, does this series need to be read in order?

No! Each book is standalone—with one exception. You’d probably get a lot more out of Here Comes The Rainne Again if you’ve already read Lingerie Wars. HCTRA finishes a storyline that started in Lingerie Wars. It’s also about the wedding of the main couple from that book. But every other book in the series can be read on its own.

Janet is a Scot who moved to New Zealand fifteen years ago. Among other things, she’s been an artist, a teacher, a security guard at a castle, a magazine editor, and a cleaner in a drop in center for drug addicts (NOT the best job!). She now writes full-time and is working on her 19th book. Her books have won several awards, including the Daphne du Maurier award for excellence in mystery and suspense. When she isn’t living in her head, she raises two kids, one husband, and several random animals. She survives on chocolate and caffeine.


Enjoy these Fun Facts about Janet!

  1. I once set a classroom on fire while trying to teach kids to cook
  2. I’m an art history addict and have a fascination with mummies that borders on obsession!
  3. I have two pet sheep who kick my back door and baa through the cat flap when they want a sandwich
  4. I’ve been sat on by a donkey, chased by an elephant and bitten by a monkey
  5. I would leave my husband for Stephen Amell (the Arrow). Just kidding. (mostly…)
  6. I taught clay work in a hut in the Amazon jungle and spent my nights sleeping beside a friendly gecko
  7. I was arrested for spying in Ethiopia – I was innocent!!! πŸ™‚
  8. I went to art college where I made bad sculpture in the photography department
  9. I’m married to a Dutchman who is too afraid to read my books
  10. I am currently addicted to watching this video:

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