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Sunday, February 9, 2020

The Warring Hearts Trilogy by J. Ashburn 💕 Series Tour & Gift Card Giveaway 💕 (M/M Paranormal Romance)

Think fallen angels, demons and the humans caught in the middle.  Features M/M romance and erotica. Can a fallen angel find love? Find out in this new paranormal adventure about one fallen angel’s journey to redemption, renewal and love.

Their love may tear both Heaven and Hell asunder.
Can a fallen angel find true love? Caleb wants nothing more than to repent for all the horrible crimes against humanity he’s committed in purgatory. After many guilt-ridden centuries, he escapes the pit and joins the human race, to live among them, to right the wrongs and find forgiveness.
He never expected to find love among them. He never expected to meet a man like Micah—a man pure of heart, a servant of the people and the one person that can bring Caleb peace.
Not everyone is happy about Caleb’s journey to Earth or his newfound love. Danger is lurking, dark forces are gathering and there will be Hell to pay.


Book 2 of The Warring Hearts Trilogy!
Infernal picks up a few months after the events of Bedeviled. Micah and Caleb believe they have finally found the happiness each has been searching for. Caleb continues to help mankind and repent for the centuries he spent in Hell serving Lucifer. Little do they know that Heaven has sent its best angel warrior to Earth to destroy Caleb. He has been marked "Infernal," something outside of both Heaven and Hell that can upset the balance between good and evil. Micah and Caleb will once again have to go on the run or face oblivion.

Meanwhile, Micah is totally unaware that Nicki, his best friend in the entire world, is in grave danger and only he and Caleb can save her and her immortal soul. Will they be able to stay alive long enough to do so?

Join the adventure, romance, magic and mystery of the second installment of J. Ashburn's gay paranormal romance series--The Warring Hearts Trilogy.


The final book of the Warring Hearts Trilogy!
The story of Caleb and Micah comes to an explosive conclusion in this gay-themed Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance.

A rift has opened between the worlds and the inhabitants of Hell are flooding onto the Earth. Led by Lilith, demon of the night, they plan to overrun the world and find a mate for their new leader so she may populate the world with her brood.

It’s a race against time for the fallen angel Caleb and his human lover Micah as they are joined by their friends and the heavenly angel Nehemiah to find a way to stop Lilith and close the rift before it destroys the universe.

Don’t miss the exciting finale of the Warring Hearts— filled with action and adventure, passionate love and blossoming romance, Scorched brings the entire series full circle.


from Scorched

Micah took Caleb’s hand as they finished their hike to the top of Porcupine Hill. Not that there were any porcupines in Blackstone. It was named after all of the thistle plants and thorny patches that covered most of the hill, save for the trails.

“I know a secret place,” Caleb whispered to Micah. “It leads to a clearing.”

“Hey, I thought you said you’d never hiked this hill before?”

“I haven’t. I’ve flown over it many times and spotted it. I don’t think anyone around here knows about it.”

“Well, then, let us be the first ones.”

Caleb led Micah off the trail, past a rock-encrusted ridge, and to a hidden trail blocked with a nest of thorns.

“Okay,” Micah said. “Now what?”

“Come here.” Caleb put out his arms and Micah stepped into them. Next thing Micah knew, Caleb was sweeping him off his feet.

Caleb’s black-feathered wings unfurled from his back and he soared straight up into the air. A moment later, he cleared the thorns and landed safely in the center of the clearing.

Micah smiled. His chest filled with warmth. He gave Caleb a kiss before collecting himself and sliding the pack off his shoulders. He fetched a blanket out of his pack and unrolled it on the ground. After a little more rummaging, Micah pulled some plastic containers out of his pack and set them down on the blanket. “Let’s eat!” He called to Caleb.

The two of sat down on the blanket and Micah picked some strawberries out of one of the containers. “Here, let me,” he said and eased one of the strawberries to Caleb’s lips.

“I have never tasted strawberries before,” Caleb said.

“Really? You’re kidding? In all of your trips to the Earth before, you never even tried one?”

“No, not a one.”

“That’s just a crime.” Micah moved the strawberry around Caleb’s lips, circling it before easing it inside of his mouth. He watched Caleb gently take it, savoring the flavor, practically suckling on it as the juice stained his lips red and ran down his chin.

Micah couldn’t stop staring at him. Caleb’s mouth was wet, and it glistened in the warm sunlight. He smiled shyly. It was so adorable. He leaned over and kissed Caleb, tasting the strawberry juice and running his tongue over Caleb’s lips, darting it in and out of his mouth. Caleb suddenly put his arms around Micah and the two of them tumbled onto the blanket, scattering the food.

J. Ashburn is your source for exciting, sensual gay paranormal fiction featuring unique stories, magical characters and wild settings. Werewolves, witches, polymorphs, psychic warriors, phantoms, creatures of the night and more dominate the worlds of J. Ashburn. Follow the paths of romance and the supernatural entwined with hearts and minds of men who love men.

You won't want to miss a single moment of the secret lives of handsome, smoldering characters and the writer who weaves their tales. Pull back the veil and gaze upon the men of J. Ashburn!


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  1. This sounds awesome! I'm excited to try a new author.

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