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Sunday, March 22, 2020

His True Love by Lynn Chantale πŸ’• Q and A, Book Tour & Gift Card Giveaway πŸ’• (Menage Romantic Mystery)

In a small town, in a popular bar, beautiful women disappear. This could just be a coincidence, but private investigators, Carson, Matt and Nathalie don’t believe in them. So they go undercover.
However, when one of the missing women turns up dead, the trio is disturbed to learn the woman bore a striking resemblance to Nathalie; they increase their efforts. When Nathalie disappears from the same bar, Carson and Matt will do anything to find her.
*Contains explicit descriptions of sex, strong language, and descriptions of violence.*

What are your top 10 favorite books/authors?

Top Ten books/authors, Jonathan Maberry, Dahlia DeWinters, Emma Lai, The Giving Tree, The Great Gatsby, F.Paul Wilson, Donald Goines, The Oregon Files, and there’s room for more.

What book do you think everyone should read?
Besides the Bible, How to talk to strangers and what we should know by Malcom Gladwell. It spoke of how societal prejudices effect daily life and if we can break them and see people as individuals we just might have a chance at better lives.

How long have you been writing?
I’ve been writing all my life, but have been published since 2010. Whispers, now out of business, was my first publisher. They accepted Seducing His Wife. That was the happiest day of my writing career.

Do the characters all come to you at the same time or do some of them come to you as you write?
Many of them come to me as I write. With His True Love, I actually had to go back and add the character in because she made herself known at the last minute. IF she hadn’t the other women wouldn’t have been found.

What kind of research do you do before you begin writing a book?
It depends on the book.. IF I have a working knowledge of the subject, I’ll carry on, but if it’s something more in depth, like technology, history, or even when I’m writing about someone who is a VIP (visually impaired person) I’ll get more in-depth research so the character and/or situation can be as authentic as possible.

Do you see writing as a career?
Absolutely. Even in the traditional workforce, I continued writing. I’m hoping to expand into screenplays. Small screen or big screen is fine with me.

Do you read yourself and if so what is your favorite genre?
My favorite genre has always been mystery/suspense/thrillers. If there’s a little romance thrown in, great. If not that’s good too. I truly enjoy the tension and solving a good puzzle.

Do you prefer to write in silence or with noise? Why?
Sometimes it depends on the scene. Often I’m in semi-silence. My computer talks as I type so there is never real silence in my office. When I do listen to music it’s often the same song or soundtrack on repeat. Have you heard ‘HAmilton’ lately? Great soundtrack.

Do you write one book at a time or do you have several going at a time?
Right now I’m working on two stories. There are times when I only write one at a time, but I’m being adventurous.

Pen or type writer or computer?
I miss writing longhand. For many years, this was my preferred method of writing and then I would type it up. Now that I can no longer see what I’m writing, I use a computer and my computer talks as I type.

What made you want to become an author and do you feel it was the right decision?

There are two constants in my life, love of baking and writing. Both of those I pursued as careers. Definitely made the right decision in becoming an author. This is what I love. It’s not about the money, but about creating and building a world where others come to visit and lose themselves.

Advice they would give new authors?
Keep learning your craft. No matter how much you think you know, you can always know more. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help. There’s a wealth of information out there and good people to help. Thank you, Personalized Marketing, Inc., Dahlia DeWinters, and Star Williams.

What makes a good story?
Well developed characters, a great plot, and snappy dialogue.

What are they currently reading?
Currently, I’m working my way through Heather Graham’s Krewe of Hunters series. After that maybe a little Stephen King. He’s good for keeping me up at night. lol/

What is your writing process? For instance do you do an outline first? Do you do the chapters first?
I don’t do any of that. At the heart, I’m a panstser. Usually I have a blurb or synopsis that I work from, I know the characters, well as much as they’ll let me know, and I may even have a glimpse of how the story will end, but I don’t outline or go do bullet points for what happens in each chapter. However, I try to end the chapter on a high note so the reader will want to keep going.

What are common traps for aspiring writers
One common trap would be getting stuck in the planning phase. Yes, it’s great to plan, outline and such, but if you never get beyond that point you’re not writing. Another one is fear. Fear of the words not being good enough, or not using the right word.?

What is your writing Kryptonite?
My writing kryptonite would have to be interruptions or Earth, Wind and Fire. Those are the only two things that bring my writing to a screeching halt.

Do you try more to be original or to deliver to readers what they want?
As the saying goes, “There’s nothing new under the sun.” For me, it’s a bit of both. I try to incorporate the tried and true tropes, with an original idea. Throw a secret baby in with a polyamorous relationship, or best friends decide on a menage, or whatever else may tickle my fancy.

If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?
I would tell my younger self to have a better publishing plan. As in, space out new releases better than what I did so that there would’ve been a consistent schedule of books coming even, even when there were no new ones.

What’s the most difficult thing about writing characters from the opposite sex?
This was and is the sensations, the way something feels to a man. I quizzed my brothers, and children on certain things. I remember having a conversation with a trusted male friend about how a bj feels or how kissing a man vs a woman. Very helpful conversations.

Do you believe in writer’s block?
Whether I believe in it or not, it happens. It’s that moment when creativity stops flowing. Some people never experience this. For me, it happens when my life is out of balance, or anything traumatic happens.

Weeping, the kind which does its best to go unnoticed, filled the ominous silence. The constant whimper invaded the consciousness of the woman sprawled half on half off the bed. With effort the woman forced her heavy lids open and blinked in the frail darkness. She shifted, then toppled to the hard-packed earth with a grunt.
Gripping her pounding head, she sat cross legged on the floor and rested her back against the wall. She rolled spit around her mouth in an effort to loosen her swollen tongue from the roof of her mouth. What the heck happened?
“Sean?” she croaked. Her voice was low and rusty from disuse. Had she passed out? They, she and her fiancΓ© Sean, hadn’t even had that much to drink.
“No Sean here,” came a shaky singsong voice.
Had she passed out somewhere else? She shifted, moaning when her stomach shifted and slid like old grease on water. “This isn’t funny, Sean.” Finally, she looked upward.
Not home. Nowhere near home.
Weak sunlight filtered through the dingy mullioned glass block windows. From somewhere, a woman wept as if trying to do it in secret. The dirt floor was hard, and sported a colorful rug, a camped with a stingy mattress and rolled sleeping bag sat in one corner. While a toilet and shower, well more like a hose with a nozzle occupied the other corner. At least that section of the room had an actual floor. The faint stench of sewage gave her an idea of what was supposed to go on there.
Definitely not at home.
Rough gray cinder blocks formed the walls and thick wood and bars made up the front of the cell. A soft, soothing alto sang an old Cyndi Lauper song, something about girls having fun.
She was not having fun. She wanted to go home. She didn’t want to be in this dirty, filthy, hovel waiting for God knew what or even worse for whoever had grabbed her to come back and do what? Her heart pounded at the question.

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Lynn Chantale resides in Southwest Florida and she is determined to enjoy all that life has to offer. She has a mad affinity for milk chocolate, preferably Dove chocolate truffles or the caramel-filled squares (Godiva is acceptable), and plays the bass guitar when the Muse begs for a bit of distraction.
She’s a multi-published author in ebooks and has recently stepped into the self-publishing world. So far both experiences have been rewarding.


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When Nathalie disappears from the same bar, Carson and Matt will do anything to find her.
His True Love by Lynn Chantale
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