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Friday, February 26, 2021

Cinderellis by Evie Drae 💕 Book Blitz & Prize Pack Giveaway 💕 (M/M Fairy Tale Retelling Ro,amce)

As the son of music industry royalty and a famous rock star in his own right, Henry “Cinder” Cinderford has spent his life on the road. Craving stability, he signs on to do a special limited engagement in Las Vegas and plans to spend the next six months discovering the meaning of home.

After losing his mom at a young age, Ellis Tremaine survived a childhood with an abusive stepfather who took out his anger on the son he never wanted. Nearly two decades later, Ellis continues to struggle against the emotional manipulations of his family, even in his career. But when he meets none other than the Prince of Pop himself, things start to change.

From attraction to friendship to something so much more, Ellis and Cinder become the celebrity ‘ship known as “Cinderellis.” But when reality threatens their storybook romance, all they can do is hope there really is a happily ever after for every once upon a time.


Homophobia; and

A main character is a survivor of childhood physical and emotional abuse.

“I can’t stay long.” Ellis shied away from Henry’s penetrating gaze, instead letting his eyes fall to his lap.

“I know.” Henry’s voice was calm but forceful. In control. Somehow, with two innocent words, he managed to send a shiver of uninhibited desire up Ellis’s spine. “I told you I wouldn’t keep you, and I meant it. The show ended five hours ago, and you’re just now getting off, so clearly, you’ve had a long day. I respect that. But I couldn’t let you disappear again without at least getting an answer to something that’s been eating at me all week.”

When Henry remained silent rather than asking the question he’d hinted at, Ellis risked a glance up and found his gaze on level with Henry’s. He’d pulled his bent knee onto the couch, facing sideways. His elbow rested on the back cushion in a casual lean, his hand dangling dangerously close to Ellis’s bicep. A single brow rose in question, further stoking the desire now simmering in Ellis’s core.

Clearing his throat, Ellis straightened his shoulders and nodded. “Okay.”

Henry took his time. His eyes bore into Ellis’s, locking him in place, as he edged ever-so-slightly closer. Near enough to brush the pad of his thumb over the two-day’s growth of stubble on Ellis’s chin, sending his heartrate through the roof. 

Swallowing, Ellis fought to keep his voice steady when he rasped out, “I thought you had a question.”

A half-smile tugged at the corner of Henry’s lips. “I did, and you just answered it.”

“I did?” Ellis furrowed his brow. Lust clouded his thoughts, but he was still with it enough to know for damn sure Henry hadn’t asked him anything.

Humming to the affirmative, Henry inched even closer. “I wanted to know if you felt the same way I do. I thought you might, but I needed to be sure before I decided how to move forward.” His thumb returned to Ellis’s chin, but this time, he traced upward until the calloused skin that went hand-in-hand with years of plucking a naked guitar string brushed the over-heated and sensitive flesh of Ellis’s lower lip.

Ellis clenched his jaw. He had to be misinterpreting the situation. There’s no way he—

The thought cut abruptly off when Henry replaced the gentle caress of his thumb with the soft sweetness of his lips. A strangled groan escaped Ellis’s throat, and he squeezed his eyes closed, his fingers curling into fists as he fought the urge to reach out and pull Henry against him.

As quickly as it began, it ended. Henry did little more than brush their lips together before pulling back, yet in the space of that single stolen moment, Ellis lost every ounce of his composure.

Fluttering his lids open, he furrowed his brow. “I… You didn’t… I mean, I didn’t think…”

A delighted bubble of laughter filled the air, and Henry’s lips returned—far too briefly—to plant another chaste kiss over Ellis’s. “You didn’t think what? That I was gay? Well, you’re right, I’m not.”

Ellis shook his head, hoping the physical act would clear some of the fog from his brain. If Henry wasn’t gay—if he wasn’t interested in Ellis in that way—then why had he…?

“I can literally hear you overthinking.” Henry huffed out a laugh, then knuckled under Ellis’s chin and drew his gaze up to meet his own. “It’s true, I don’t identify as gay, but only because I’m not solely attracted to men. I’m pansexual. It’s who a person is that gets my engine revving, not what body parts they have. And you, Ellis, are exactly my type.”

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From the dual finalist in the prestigious 2019 Romance Writers of America® Golden Heart® contest and seven-time 1st place Romance Writers of America® award-winning contemporary and erotic romance author comes the much anticipated re-release of her low-angst, high-heat gay romance Beauty and the Beast reimagining.

Champion MMA fighter Adam Littrell is preparing for the biggest fight of his career. If he wins, his record-breaking title reign will remain unbroken. If he loses, he’s on the fast track for retirement. But when nerdy and awkward Beauregard Wilkins stumbles through his front door, staying focused on the task at hand becomes a struggle.

After taking over as his little sister’s legal guardian when their parents passed away, Bo is used to working hard to take care of his family. And now that Lulu is off at the expensive college of her dreams, he can’t afford to lose the generous salary his new position as Adam’s live-in personal assistant offers. However, as chemistry sizzles beneath the guise of an unexpected friendship, Bo discovers his new boss hardly lives up to his beastly reputation.

At the end of the day, Adam always thought the most significant fight of his life would be a physical one. But when things take an unexpected turn, he realizes his greatest prize can’t be won in the octagon.


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Evie Drae (Ze/Hir/Hirs) is a registered nurse by day and a best-selling, award-winning male/male romance writer by night. Ze has won first place in seven Romance Writers of America® (RWA®) competitions, including the prestigious title “Best of the Best” in the 2018 Golden Opportunity Contest. Ze was a double finalist in the 2019 Golden Heart® in both the Contemporary Romance and Romantic Suspense categories.

One of Evie’s favorite things to do is encourage hir fellow writers. To that end, ze started the #writeLGBTQ and #promoLGBTQ hashtags on Twitter to support and promote LGBTQ+ authors and allies while providing a safe space to connect and grow as a community. Ze is married to the love of hir life, is the parent of two wonderful fur babies, and runs almost entirely on coffee and good vibes.

Evie loves to link up with fellow writers and readers. You can reach hir directly at or find hir on hir social media accounts listed below. Twitter is where ze’s most active but be sure to check out hir blog too. Ze focuses on reviews for LGBTQ+ authors and allies with the occasional quirky advice/recommendation post just to toss things up.


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