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Thursday, April 1, 2021

Cherry Punch by Marvin Mason 💕 Book Blitz & Gift Card Giveaway 💕 (Romantic Suspense)

A double cross sends a couple of friends on the adventure for their lives.

A chance run in with an old friend becomes a run for their lives when Sherry Rose and Benny Freeman have a misunderstanding with local drug dealers. Witnessing the massacre of friends of Sherry’s double crossing boyfriend leads them to be hunted down by corrupt law enforcement.

Having a near death experience gives them a chance to start a romance they never knew the other wanted.

Will they survive when the bad guys close in on them and finally find the love they always wanted?

It was the first time I saw her at ‘The Fred’ in that two-piece. Her body had just developed overnight. She’d gone from wearing a onesie bathing suit with tree trunks for thighs, hanging below her to the most stunning woman this side of Dominique Chinn with tree husks for thighs and a treasure chest flowing out the top and sides of her bikini looking like she had two floatation devices. She wore a powder blue swim cap that looked like a JiffyPop popcorn tin ready to explode with popcorn. The lifeguard on duty at the deep end was a customer. I had come to let him know Ray and I were open for business and the Cherry Punch strain wouldn’t last long. He hopped out his chair, asking me to hold down the fort. He’d be right back as he dashed into the men’s locker room where Ray was waiting for him.

It wasn’t more than ten seconds after he disappeared that Sherry burst out the water like a mermaid onto dry land. The strap for her cap must’ve loosened as it floated deep into the waters as she stepped onto the concrete. Her curly hair glistened in the rays of the sun from whatever moisturizer she was using.

“Your cap,” I pointed out as I stretched my fingers to waters behind her.

Water cascaded around her as the most glorious figure emerged from the pool. Her arms had the tone of a gymnast, she was ripped from her wingspan to her calves. I knew she spent a lot of time in the water, but damn. Her face had a glow as the sun tried to crack through her darkness while water beads rolled to the ground.

“Can you get it for me, please?” she asked sweetly as her fingers rushed to her bushy hair.

I stepped back away from the life guard stand as fear instantly consumed me overtaking the shame I felt as I didn’t dare admit I didn’t know how to swim.

My eyes darted back and forth for someone to retrieve the plastic cap before it floated any further and sank below.

“Please, Benny, get it for me?” she pleaded and I was stunned. She knew my name. Like Charlie Brown’s little red head girl, she knew my name.

I took a step forward, bracing myself, telling myself it wouldn’t be that bad. I could make it out into the waters and maybe turn back. Or at least toss Sherry her cap and signal for her help after she secured the cap in place on her head. Sheesh, how long would that take? I hesitated.

“Really?” I heard from behind as Ray in a pair of red and white Speedos ran past me. A back splash of water rained upon me as he dove into the water saving the day and securing another satisfied customer.

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Marvin Mason has arrived as a refreshing new storyteller with this fun adventure of young people and African-American Midwest life, the seemingly quiet but oh-so interesting world that molded me but rarely shows up in the media." Kalisha Buckhanon, American Library Association ALEX Award-winning author of Upstate and Conception, winner of the Friends of American Writers Literature Award


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