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Sunday, April 25, 2021

Desert Rose by Jayne Townsley 💕 Book Tour & Smell-Good SWAG Pack Giveaway 💕 (Contemporary Romance)

Eight years ago, Sarah trusted Christopher on her 16th birthday, and it was trust misplaced. His abusive nature reared its ugly head, and Christopher was removed from her life so that she could raise their child in safety.
Eight years ago, Benjamin Reed told his girlfriend Pam that he couldn’t take any more of her physical abuse. He couldn’t handle any more betrayals. Pam either needed to get clean and commit or leave his life and never contact him again. She chose to leave and took with her the baby he knew nothing about. As Ben and Sarah cautiously work their way to trusting one another, both Christopher and Pam come crashing back into their lives.
Christopher returns to Oklahoma, professing to be a changed man and hoping to reclaim both Sarah and Amber, the child he left behind. He is done missing his daughter, and Christopher swears he is ready to make things right.
Ben and Sarah are working their way through these rocky waters when Ben gets a call from Georgia that he never expected: Pam wants to talk to him about their son, Tristan. A son that Ben didn’t know existed. Pam’s clean, sober, and had a life-changing event that has her reaching out to him for help. Can he come to Georgia so she can explain everything?
Can two people newly in love and with significant trust issues overcome their fears to give each other the room they need to deal with such overwhelming circumstances?

“Sarah, I need to let you know this now,” Crystal said gently. “Amber knows that was her ‘father.’ Her Auntie Lana told her all about him but that today was a big wonderful surprise for you, and she was keeping it a secret. Auntie Lana told her it was a good secret to keep and that it would make you happy.”

Ben watched the woman he had loved from afar for the last 15 months crumple to the ground. Sarah had her hand in her mouth, biting down for all she was worth. He guessed it was to keep from screaming. He shielded her from those in the pavilion as best he could and asked Crystal to distract Amber and make sure Amber did not see her momma like this. Darlena was kneeling on the ground next to Sarah, stroking her hair and speaking soothing words. Ben was lost. Angry and lost. How was he going to help her through this? Not by going off half-cocked and beating Christopher within an inch of his life. Not by giving Lana a verbal beat down.

Finally, he could stand it no more and bent to lift her, cradling her to his chest.

“I’m taking her to Rin’s. Will all of you follow me with Amber?” Ben asked Darlena and Adam.

“NO!” Sarah screamed and began to try to jump out of his arms. “She has to ride with me!”

“Sarah, we will keep her safe. You don’t want her to see you like this,” Adam said gently. “We’ll be right behind you. Ben, you put Sarah in your car and wait for us to load up Amber so we can follow your vehicle, and Sarah can see us in your mirrors, OK?”

“Sounds good, Mr. Ellis,” Ben replied.

“Adam. Call me Adam.”

“Sounds good, Adam.” He began walking Sarah to his Subaru, and she continued to sob quietly. 

“We’ll figure this out, Sarah. We will.”

She continued to cry.

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A friend of the family has done despicable things and has his eyes set on Rin and she has no idea what he has in store for her.

Rin lost her mother four years after the murder of her best friend on the night of their high school graduation. Although her mother’s death was unexpected, there is nothing suspicious about it whereas Hannah’s death is an open cold case. At least Rin thinks her mother’s death was nothing more than an untimely tragedy. Going on the long dreamed of post-college vacation that she and her friends have been planning since grade school, she hopes to leave the pain behind for a bit and relax in the Florida sunshine.

Kevin loves his life and his job as an Army Ranger. When he and his Army brothers use some well-earned time off to visit Panama City Beach, he’s not expecting to meet the woman who will change his life forever. A woman being hunted by an unknown monster intent on keeping them apart by any means necessary.

Can Kevin keep Rin from Hannah’s fate? Or is it his turn to face loss like Rin?

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Crystal Davis got her wish for the Crew’s long-awaited post-graduation trip. Sun and fun before focusing on her new career as a pediatric RN at St. Francis’ Children’s Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was just what she needed. Bonus? She met Troy Bennett, and she realized she wanted less frivolity in her life and a little more serious.

Troy Bennett is a man fighting the demons who tell him he is worthless every day of his life. Demons his mother conjured. He quiets them with alcohol and casual relationships, never allowing any woman to get close enough to him so he will never have to disappoint one. Then on the spur of the moment trip to Panama City Beach with his Ranger buddies, he sees the future he’s always been afraid to pursue exit a Jeep Wrangler at a local donut shop.

Just as Troy and Crystal are finding their footing, she gets the call she never thought she would earn: Crystal Davis is going to Hollywood to be a contestant on America’s Next Chart Topper. What started as a way to honor her murdered friend has now become her dream. Chasing her dream means leaving Troy behind for a bit, and she wonders if her absence will cause what they’ve built so far to come crashing down.

Chasing her dream also means she’s put herself in a place where she’s vulnerable to the side of Hollywood that no one wants to acknowledge. A place where people only care about her and Troy’s story for the audience while behind the scenes, evil, selfish people work to tear them apart.


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Jayne Townsley lives with her multi-generational family in Northeast Oklahoma’s aptly named Green Country. A transplanted Okie from the Chicago suburbs, she has grown to love this state and its people with a passion, happily calling it home for the past 15 years.

Jayne shares her home with a rescued Shollie named Maui and two cats called Gamora and Nebula.

Jayne enjoys old-fashioned road trips and is in the process of planning one to tour Oklahoma’s Route 66.

She is also something of a Disney World addict. Run to You is her debut novel. She writes clean romance with a sharp edge.


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