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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Harm’s Way by Karen Renee πŸ’• Book Blitz & Gift Card Giveaway πŸ’• (Motorcycle Club Romance)

If it weren’t for bad luck, Stephanie Combes would have no luck at all.

On top of stealing her identity and ruining her credit, Stephie’s ex-boyfriend has shamed her in the most unexpected way. As a card dealer, she’s determined to make a fresh start in Biloxi where the tips are better and she can climb out from under her shame and debt. Running into her long-lost stepbrother and his sexy-as-sin best friend wasn’t in the cards, but that was her bum-luck rearing its ugly head. The last thing she wants is another man in her life.

When it rains it pours, but lucky for Stephie, Har is there to save the day during the deluge. Staying with Har temporarily should be no problem, but they can’t deny their lust. The more Stephie distances herself, the more Har fights to keep her around. And he fights dirty.

Michael “Har” Walcott’s motorcycle club is in turmoil. As president of the Riot MC Biloxi chapter, he’s determined to get his club out of the drug trade, but his brothers are resistant. The last thing he needs is a woman dividing his focus from his brothers and his club… which is precisely when he meets a spunky and seemingly familiar brunette. She’s familiar because Stephanie was once a stepsister to Har’s best friend Brute. Allowing her to distract him isn’t an option. But after her roof collapses, Har steps in to save the day. The more he learns about Stephie, the more he wants her to stay.

He fights his attraction, but he can’t control his impulses.

He hasn’t felt anything like this for a woman in years. It’ll be a cold day in hell before he lets it slip through his fingers again.

I left the laundry basket by the door and went to the bathroom to fetch my detergent and quarters. As I walked back out, I eyed the ceiling. The outline of the stain hadn’t grown, but it seemed darker. I made a mental note to call the office about it, but on a Sunday they weren’t very responsive. No sooner had the bottle of detergent hit the top of my laundry than an ominous knock sounded from my door.

My instinct said it wasn’t Brute on the other side of the door, and checking the peephole, I was right. 

Har stood outside with a blank expression on his face.

Once the chain and deadbolt were undone, I opened the door but tried to block his view into my space.

I tried, but I failed.

Har took one look at me and the door, before he moved toward me while shoving the door wide open. He stood so close to me, I could smell his sandalwood cologne. Quickly, he shut the door, locked it, and scanned my place. His blank expression became disgusted within seconds. 

“Jesus. Sam wasn’t yanking my chain.”

Since I always called him Sammy, it took a moment before I realized he was talking about Brute. My spine straightened. “It isn’t a hovel.”

His head turned while his lips twisted to the side, his goatee proving more fabulous since it framed his lips so well. “You’re right. Not a hovel… because it’s a slum.”

My fists went to my hips as I said, “You are wrong—”

But the weird groaning noise from overhead cut me off, just before the ceiling dropped onto the edge of my futon. 

My alarm had to be written on my face, but Har’s face showed acceptance, which only added outrage to my alarm. 

In a blink, I noticed his expression shifted from acceptance to something which looked like curiosity. He warred with himself before his hand shot to my neck, holding me in place, and he kissed me.

I found myself in sensory overload between his whisker-framed lips on mine, that insanely warm hand at my neck, and his insistent tongue probing into my mouth.

If I had learned anything in my life, it was to strike when opportunity knocked and something told me I wouldn’t have the chance to kiss him again, so I kissed him back.


He tasted of toothpaste and something yeasty. Possibly beer, but just as easily bread. Whatever it was, I knew it was my new favorite flavor – bar none.

My fingers slid just into his hair before he reared back, halting their progress. 

“Shit,” he groaned in such a way that I doubted he was as thrilled with our kiss as I was.

I dropped my hands and opened my eyes to see him focused on my futon. 

His head shook, and he let me go to examine the hole in the ceiling.

He skirted the futon and the debris, all with his gaze cast upward and the occasional head shake. 

When he stopped moving, his eyes met mine. “Yeah. Whatever’s worse than a ‘slum,’ that’s what this is, Steph.”


The sexy, action-packed second book in the Riot MC Biloxi series from Karen Renee.

As Vice President of the Riot MC Biloxi Chapter, Brute lives for his motorcycle club. Meeting Kenzie Whitehall challenges his dedication to his carefree lifestyle. Everything about her appeals to him, but he knows she’s looking for commitment. She’s forced to tell him she’s a single mom which should send Brute packing, but he can’t stay away.

Meanwhile, Brute has a homicide detective breathing down his neck. The officer believes Brute has answers in an unsolved murder, and he isn’t above playing Kenzie against Brute to solve the case.

When Kenzie’s ex-husband finds out she’s dating a biker, he drags her back to court regarding custody and child support payments. Kenzie refuses to give up her shot at happiness with Brute to appease her ex-husband.

Even though he’s falling fast for Kenzie, Brute knows walking away from her is the best thing for her and her daughter. Leaving should be easy. But with three hearts on the line, will Brute find the strength to fight for love?

πŸ’• To be released July 16 πŸ’•

Karen Renee is the award-winning author of the Riot MC series, the Beta series, and upcoming O-Town series. She has been writing since she was a teen, but has only recently brought her dream to life. Karen spent years working in the wonderful world of advertising, banking, and local television media research. She is a Jacksonville native, as well as a proud wife and mother. When she’s not at the soccer field or cooking, you can find her at her local library, the grocery store, in her car jamming out to some tunes, or hibernating while she writes and/or reads books.


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