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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Honey Bun by Victoria Pinder ๐Ÿ’• Book Blitz, Freebie Offer & Gift Card Giveaway ๐Ÿ’• (Contemporary Romance)

Arman wasn’t supposed to be the one.

I dumped him when we were 17 and married a man my parents picked for me.


Either way it’s the past, and now I have a daughter and finally left my ex.

On my way home to the beach, I didn’t expect to run into Arman, the nicest and sweetest man I’d ever met.

♥ He’s hotter than ever.

★ And a trillionaire.

And I am not looking for a relationship even from the one man’s kiss that still burned in me.

I don’t get what he still sees in me.

I’m a mess, but you’d never have expected what happened because I absolutely hadn’t.

Arman joined me. “Let’s head to the private cove so we can be alone.”

Our first kiss. My lips burned like it had just happened. We’d gone there so my parents wouldn’t find me, and I’d been tempted to know him intimately. 

The years hadn’t been kind to me. I hoped that wouldn’t get in the way of our practical future. I lifted my shoulder. “I’m being invited to your private beach?”

He pressed his hand on my back as we walked onto the beach. “You always had a pass.”

That sounded nice. I needed to keep my head straight, though. I took my sneakers off and let my toes curl into the sand. He left his light sweater and T-shirt on a rock. Those muscles of his were defined. My nipples under my well-padded bra hardened at the sight. He was even sexier now, but he’d always starred in my what-if dreams. 

I glanced away and pretended this wasn’t heaven. “So, are all your brothers visiting this summer?”

Drat, I already asked that. He’d told me the night before. I jerked and half expected Bob to tell me I was an idiot.

However, Arman didn’t even blink. “No, just the weekend, to celebrate Mom’s birthday and Joel’s new marriage surprise. Now, Mรขmรขn has ammo to convince the rest of us to get married and give her grandchildren.”

Once again, he was different and not like my father or Bob. As we stepped inside the fairy-tale cove of my dreams, I only said, “At least it’s not your dad. It’s harder to say no that way. He was the one who ordered me to break up with you that summer.”

“He wasn’t my biggest fan.” 

Being understated but classy was another of Arman’s great qualities. The slight waterfall on the hard rock continued like no time had passed, and the waves of the beach lulled me into memories. We headed out of the sea cave to the private beach surrounded by the rocks. The cave let in natural light from the open ceiling. When I needed to calm down, this was a place I still visited in my mind.

The smell of the salty air hit me again as he asked, “Is that why you married years ago?”

The question played out in my mind like the wrong chord on a guitar. I hugged my waist. “Doesn’t matter.” I’d tried to love Bob once I said yes, and being open had shattered me.

Arman walked onto the beach, wearing his gray cotton pants that had to cost more than everything I owned. I put my phone on a rock, edged closer to the water, and called out, “What matters is that you’re not wearing a bathing suit.”

He came back and picked me up like I was still a girl. “I’ll just buy more shorts and you an outfit before I take you home.”

The water lapped closer to me. I crawled onto Arman to stay dry, but then he let me go. Water rushed around me, and as I emerged, wet, I shook my hair. “I can’t believe you just dropped me in.”

He laughed. “The water’s warm, and you’re a good swimmer.”

Once upon a time, I’d been a good swimmer. This was my first return to the blue waters, and somehow, the moment was freeing. With Arman, maybe I could be carefree again.


When Cyrus came to my rescue, I knew to stay far away.

He was the father of my sister’s son.

Sure she targeted him because she knew he was rich, but that’s not my fault.

I don’t scam anyone. Sure I’m lonely, but everyone is.

However when my sister died, Cyrus needed help.

And he offered me the job as the nanny.

I’ll help him out and make sure he bonds with his son, but a #waitress does not end up with a #Trillionaire.

I know who I am and all my life I’ve avoided lies.

♥ He’s whisking me off to a private island.

✓ He’s buying me things I’d never afford

★ He kisses like he wants me.

However I refuse to fall for a handsome man who makes my body burn. Passion would only be temporary.

Except, you’d never have expected what happened because I absolutely hadn’t.

๐Ÿ’• To be released June 8 ๐Ÿ’•

When Warren offered me a ride in his truck, and a stay on his couch, I assumed he was the opposite of my ex.


I thought he needed my help so we became roommates, friends and started a business together.

Best of all Warren was the sweetest guy I’d ever meet. He listened and really seemed to get me.

Falling for him was easy.

Except it was all a lie. He’s a trillionaire.

Why was he fixing people’s lights? Or sleeping on a couch?

I was furious! He lied.

♥ He sent tingles all over me from his touch.

✓ He’s able to make me laugh

★ And he was the only person I ever missed when he was gone.

We weren’t not meant to be though, except, you’d never have expected what happened because I absolutely hadn’t.

๐Ÿ’• To be released July 6 ๐Ÿ’•

USA TODAY bestselling author Victoria Pinder moved cross country and now lives in Denver though her books always take her right back to Miami, where she lived for years. She's currently expecting another baby and raising the first one, both of whom inspire her writing. Somewhere in between using drama to make her humdrum days seem more interesting and falling in love with happily-ever-afters to offer hope to her readers, she takes to her fictional world where all her characters in Miami might mention or meet each other in one huge world and discovers what her bold heroine and her brainy, sexy hero might need to really find true love. You can follow her on twitter @VictoriaPinder


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The one you loved, never loved you back so it’ time to find a new love.

Beth Corsini takes that advice to heart. Her old best friend Nathan Sommers never noticed her as more than a friend anyhow. So it’s time to find a man who will love her and not hold out that she’s the daughter of the police chief against her.

Billionaire Nathan Sommers travels the world and realizes that he’s missing his best friend, Beth, and wishing more happened between them. So he decides for Valentine’s day to return home to win her heart. However he hadn’t expected Beth was now speed dating and refusing to even talk to him. He’ll have to work harder than ever to win a chance.

Beth was tired of being ignored, but can she trust Nathan’s return when he’s never been reliable. Will she give love a chance after closing her heart to ever falling for Nathan’s sexy brown eyes, ever again.

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