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Thursday, April 22, 2021

Stone Cold by M.A. Lee 💕 Book Blitz & eBook Giveaway 💕 (Contemporary Romance)

After his scandalous fight with Mad Max, Stone was banned from the professional fighting world. Turning to a wild and reckless life filled with women, alcohol, and drugs, Stone thought that his life was officially over. With nowhere left to go, Stone takes a job as a bouncer in a Las Vegas Club.

Ember grew up in a trailer park in the middle of nowhere. Once she graduated high school, she took off for the big city lights of Las Vegas and never looked back. She has no idea what she wants out of life yet, but she knows she will never go back to the world she left behind.

One night, after a couple of customers get a little too rowdy in the bar, Ember finds herself being saved by the last man she ever would have expected– Stone Cold, the infamous bad boy fighter who was shunned from the MMA fighting world. When their eyes lock, both Stone and Ember realize there’s more to the other than they ever could have imagined. Ember see’s strength in Stone and he finds hope in Ember.

Will they be able to save one another and help build the lives they are both destined for?

Quickly, our kiss deepened, and Ember crawled over my lap, her heated core warming against my jeans as she slightly rocked.  

I began to trail light kisses down her neck and Ember let her head fall back, giving me more access to her sweet skin.  

“Aren’t you tired from earlier?” she asked, but we both knew she was enjoying this.  

“I could never get tired of you,” I sighed.  

Ember stopped kissing me and stared deep into my eyes. “Stone...” 

“Ember, don’t fight this. We both know how amazing we could be. You wouldn’t believe how good this could get,” I said, winking.  

“Oh yeah. We are both royally screwed up, Stone. You think that’s good?” she asked. 

“I do. I’m on track to getting back into professional fighting and you have dreams, too. I’m going to make a lover out of you,” I said, making sure she was still looking at me.  

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I am beyond thrilled to announce that Knock Out is the first book in the exciting new Heavy Hitters Series.

Synopsis- Knock-Out is the first in an exciting and steamy standalone series about a group of up and coming fighters and the women who keep them on their toes in and out of the ring.

Mad Max has always been a fighter. With an abusive and alcoholic dad and a mom who took off after he was born, he wasn’t given much of a choice. Learning to fight, Max soon discovered the sport of boxing and grew a reputation for having a bad-boy reputation with the ladies, a hot temper, and an even hotter body. Now, on his way up to becoming a world champion in the ring, Max refuses to allow anyone or anything to get in his way. That is, until she entered the ring.

Lexi’s life seemed to enjoy throwing punches her way, but she always found a way to get back up. Now, on her own and working in the world of sports medicine, she jumped at the chance of having her first ‘real’ job. However, Lexi didn’t realize that job would consist of being on a team with Mad Max. Hired to keep Max’s body healthy and working like a well-oiled machine, Lexi quickly discovers that working for Max has awakened a primal desire for a man she once couldn’t stand.

What began as a tumultuous friendship, now has turned into a fiery obsession that they both can’t deny. As sizzling passion takes over, Max and Lexi soon realize someone else wants to knock them both out of the spotlight. Will the pair be able to stand up to their opponents, or will their flame die out just as quickly as it was ignited?


M.A. Lee is the persona of a wife and mother. Her obsession with coffee and book boyfriends drives her to create steamy romance novels.


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