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Monday, April 26, 2021

Stryker’s Girl by Alyssa Bailey πŸ’• Book Blitz & Gift Card Giveaway πŸ’• (Contemporary Western Romantic Suspense)

He needs to fire her or claim her before it’s too late.

Avery gets caught in a web of deceit when she agrees to help save her family farm. As her life begins to tangle chaotically, her attraction grows for her new boss, Stryker Red Eagle, but he is the enemy… or is he?

Stryker’s ordered life is turned upside down when Avery arrives as a woman, not the male assistant he thought he was getting. She is stealing his concentration, and something is going on with her that he can’t figure out.

To save his sanity, Stryker needs to either fire Avery or claim her as his own. But then the real trouble begins.

Renee opened the door to his office and ushered in the temp. Stryker looked up, and his first impression was he must have misunderstood who this was. This woman was too beautiful and delicate to deal with the roughness of this place. Besides, who would name their daughter Avery, especially one that looked so unlike any man he’d ever met?

“Hello,” he said in his friendly business voice.

The woman by Renee’s side strode in with confidence. She appeared like a little powerhouse of energy that he didn’t want to leave, but she couldn’t stay. Then his mouth salivated, and his groin tightened. She really couldn’t stay, but maybe he could get her home number. He’d love to take her out.

“Stryker, this is Avery Emerson, our new temp,” said Renee.

“But, you aren’t a man,” said Stryker.

The small feisty woman grinned. “Very observant, and no, I’m not a man. Avery used to be a man’s name. My mother loved it, so my father allowed her to call me Avery, but he gave me the middle name of Rose, so people didn’t confuse me with a boy.”

Stryker couldn’t help but stare in disbelief. Oh, hell, no. The guy he was expecting had turned out to be a girl. Not a man who looked like he ate nails for breakfast and would not encourage backtalk, but a petite woman who made him want to stand between her and the rest of the world. His hands itched to caress her face and spank her at the same time for coming out here, thinking she would be able to handle the rowdiness of the Dude Ranch guests and his cowboys.

He’d never get anything done with her around. Her pillowy breasts called to him, and were her nipples showing? Was she cold, or was she interested? Like men’s penises, nipples were a dead giveaway. She was either very cold or very stimulated. He could guess why hers were puckered, and it wasn’t the seventy-five-degree weather they had today. Eyes higher, Red Eagle.

“I can assure you there is no way anyone could confuse you with a boy,” he murmured.

“Stryker,” Renee whispered urgently.

“Sorry. Hello, Miss Emerson. Nice to meet you. Renee, after you get Miss Emerson settled, could you check back in with me? Something has come up, and we need to go over it.”

“Really? Give me a minute.” It was clear Renee was confused, but she led Avery out to the front room where the assistant’s desk was or would be if he allowed her to stay.


Alyssa Bailey is a USA Today and Amazon No. 1 bestselling author of Historical and Contemporary Suspense romances, Alyssa writes light, realistic romance novels full of sizzling alpha males and the spicy adventuresome women they love. My characters live in Cowboy Country, Regency/Victorian England, and the Contemporary realm all with a touch of suspense and a Happily Ever After.

A proud Texan living among the wealth of Alaska's beauty, I watch eagles fly overhead, whales and salmon frolicking in the sea, seals clapping for attention, and bears in the neighbor's garbage. I vacation where rattlesnakes and scorpions roam beside black widow spiders, cattle country, rodeos, and horses that are eager to take you on your own happy trails.

Thank you for reading my adventures of love with a touch of something special.


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