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Sunday, May 2, 2021

Jaded Vamp by L.D. Wosar 💕 Guest Post, Book Tour & Gift Card Giveaway 💕 (Erotic Vampire Romance)

Kaysee Goad
I was born only to be a menace to society until I was ratted out and became a menace inside of the walls of the Swift Correctional Facility in Southern California while doing an LWOP sentence. However, freedom came in the form of sacrificing my mortality to become an immortal killer - a kick-ass vamp. In my journey to immortality, my bond with my maker, Dominic Belluomo opens the door to not only great and powerful love, but to be an elite soldier in his Milite Coven. It is my duty to drain those who did me wrong, to protect my coven, and to protect the man who spared my life.

Dominic Belluomo
When my thoughts were first overwhelmed with visions of inmate Goad, all I could envision was the resurrection of my love, Kassandra Lillywhite. I chose to sacrifice a young girl’s wasted life for my own selfish reasons-I wanted to feel my love again. However, Kaycee Goad teaches me to be patient and what real love is. She is my mate, she is my elite soldier with a huge IDGAF attitude who could save this dying covenant. Kaycee Goad is my forever love and I do everything in my power to protect what’s mine.

Where were you born/grew up at?

I was born in Olympia, Washington a very long time ago – in the same hospital as my father. I was a Navy Brat, so we moved every four years. I grew up in Washington to California to Florida back to Washington and eventually down to California. However, I’ve been living in Las Vegas for 17 years now and this is what I call my home. 

How did you come up with name of this book?

At first the book was called I.D.G.A.F and it was going to be a modern day retelling of Little Orphan Annie where the lead character was indifferent to everything. Yet, it transformed into a vampire story and decided to change the name to ‘Jaded Vamp.’

Who designed your book covers?

Trice Ellis at DreamCovers by K&L designed my gorgeous covers for the entire Jaded Vamp series. (Wild Vamp coming soon – Fierce Vamp in September)

How did you come up with the concept and characters for the book?

The original concept was about a teenage girl who did nothing but cause a lot of trouble. Once I changed it to a vampire story, it became a girl who was essentially lost and a troublemaker when she was a human. However, once she’s turned, she looks at this as a second chance at ‘life’ and love, for that matter.  Kaysee Goad is the main character and she’s been bounced around foster homes. She get mixed up with an older man who leads her into a life of crime. When she is solely accused of the crimes, which were plenty and she’s not innocent, she is sentenced to a LWOP term in prison. Ten years into her sentence she gains the attention of a handsome vampire who ‘gives her the choice he never had.’ 

Dominic Belluomo is the main male whose purpose of being ‘King’ of the Milite Coven was to see how many vampires he could sleep with, while throwing his weight around. However, when he turns and bonds with Kaysee, he becomes more centered and his perspective about love and power shifts because of her.  

Where did you come up with the names in the story?

I started writing a story a long time with a female named Casey and wanted to use the name. Originally, her name was spelled Kaycee – the last name Goad, I have no idea. I may have been craving cheese and thinking of Gouda. My PA helped me with the name Dominic and Belluomo is Italian for handsome. 

What did you enjoy most about writing this book?

Stepping out of my comfort zone for one. I normally write historical PNR in 3rd person prose, so this was my first contemporary and first vampire in the 1st person prose. Oh, not to mention, it’s my first heavy erotic novel. It was also liberating to curse up a storm. Even so, it was the characters in the book that made this so fun to write. 


“Since you are apprehensive, I will leave this cell and never bother you again, Kassandra. It’s up to you, eternal life, or rot here within these four walls?” He had one hand on the door, about ready to knock. 

“Wait. Wait. Don’t go.” Dominic sat down on my cot and raised his brows. “So I watched ‘Interview with the Vampire’ about a thousand times. I know how this works. You suck my blood.” Doing my best Tom Cruise impression, quoted a line from ‘Interview with the Vampire.’ “And then you make me drink your blood. I lose my shit as I die as a mortal, and then I look on with my ‘vampire eyes’ and go on a killing spree.” 

Dominic smiled at me, furrowing his brow, “It’s something like that. So, Kassandra, I’m going to start the process and give you twenty-four hours to give me your decision.”

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Kaysee Belluomo
There is a theory that when you add more fuel to the fire, it grows and this is what happened in the Summer of 2069. More fuel and more serum was added and the amount of vampire/lycan hybrids expanded, whereas the numbers in the vampire community kept dwindling. No matter what we do, we can’t defeat them and the Milite Coven refuses to join them - we just want to try and beat them.
During our mission to extinguish as many hybrids as we could, loyalties turned and my husband, Dominic, was abducted. Was he supposed to be bait to lure me in to join what they considered the elite breed? You bet your ass it was and I took it - though not for their benefit, for mine. A woman scorned is one thing, a vampire woman scorned is something one doesn’t want to subject themselves to.
Will I save my husband in time and end this hybrid pandemic? Or will my coven members’ efforts, along with mine, be all for nothing?


After Panthaos’s murder and the destruction of the Noir Lion coven in Paris, the hybrids are nearly extinct, thanks to Kaysee and the members of the Milite Coven. It is peacetime, as Dominic and Kaysee’s bond is even stronger, trust is regained and they vow to be more of a team than they were in the past. There are no monsters to threaten their now peaceful existence in Tuscany, until the Belluomos receive an invitation to a gala in Rome they cannot refuse.
Claudia Mandra’s idea to lure the Belluomo family to this gala in Rome is to introduce hers and Dominic’s son, Adrian Belluomo Mandra, with the idea to tear this close couple apart by driving a wedge of betrayal between them. Her jealousy and hatred for Kaysee only enhances the dark magic the half witch-half vampire is able to dole out on her enemies.
Will Dominic be weak to succumb to Claudia’s whims and leave Kaysee vulnerable? Or will the devout devotion and love he has for his wife bring Claudia’s reign as self-proclaimed Queen of all Arcane to an end?
💕 To be released September 25 💕

LD Wosar writes Western Fantasy. She's from Olympia, Washington but currently living in Las Vegas and works in the Gaming Industry. She's written the Western trilogy, Kit Weston Chronicles, A Capot Adventure Series, and newly a time-travel adventure, Relic. Writing is her obsession, which she spends all of her free time writing stories with a Paranormal flare.


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