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Monday, August 2, 2021

To Hold A Rancher’s Hand by Kadi James πŸ’• Book Blitz, Freebie Offer & Gift Card Giveaway πŸ’•(Contemporary Western Romance)

Rafe is a volunteer fireman who is sworn to protect his ranch and town. Gail has just lost everything to the devastating fire that destroyed her home. Will these two be able to heal their scars and find new love and happiness?

After the trauma of war, rancher Rafe comes home to help his community as a volunteer fireman while trying to find balance in civilian life. He must carry the mantle of his family, who have been Guardians of Coyote Valley for generations. Now its up to Gabe to protect the town from the fires that ravage the national forests around Coyote Valley. But as he gives his all to the community, he often forgets to take care of his own heart.

Loner Gail has just lost everything to the devastating fire that destroyed her home. When the handsome rancher who saved her offers to let her stay at his place, it seems like the perfect solution. Until she remembers she doesn’t really like living with people. It’s why she was living up on top of the mountain in the first place.

Rafe and Gail arrived at Rafe’s house exhausted. You wouldn’t think it would take that much out of you just meeting with a few contractors, but having to go over the numbers, the data, the timelines, and the creative decisions around the roof all in the heat of a 104° day had been a little bit much. Rafe took one glance at Gail and felt bad for her. Not only had she been moved out of her house but now she had to work so hard just to get back into it. She needed a break.  

“Why don’t you go and take a shower,” he said with a smile. “I’ll get dinner started.”

“Why are you always making me dinner?” Gail frowned as if he’d asked her to make dinner.

Fortunately, Rafe got it. She was tired. No need for him to take it personal. He gave her a sideways grin. “Don’t you like the way I cook?” 

“You are by far one of the finest chefs I’ve ever had the great pleasure of consuming food from,” Gail said with a smile.

“Well, I think that’s probably laying it on just a little thick.” Rafe rolled his eyes. “A simple ‘thank you for the very lovely meals,’ will suffice.”

“Well thank you for the most loveliest meals.” Gail took a deep breath and moving towards the counter. “Is there anything I can help you with?” 

“Nope, I’ve got it all buckled down here. Green beans and salad from the garden, southern fried steak from the Foster’s Ranch. Sound good?” He waited for her response with the uneasy feeling that he’d be severely disappointed if she didn’t like what he’d planned for dinner.

“You realize I’ve never cooked you a meal?” Gail said

“There’s plenty of time for that. Once you get up to Buttercup Ridge or even back in your home, you can invite me up for dinner.” Rafe smiled.

Gail’s eyes widened. “Did you just ask me to invite you on a date to my house so I can cook you dinner?”

Rafe laughed. “Yeah, I could see how it could’ve been construed like that. But you have to remember I’m awkward and I like to draw attention to my awkwardness to try and give it some semblance of humor rather than just being straight awkward. But mostly what I’m saying is the cottage is done. I got the call and you can move out.”

“Oh.” Gail’s face fell.

“That is what you wanted, right?” Rafe asked. “Your own place.”

“Yes, yeah, of course,” Gail stammered turning towards the hallway. “It’s wonderful news.”

“Thought you’d like that. I got the call just a little bit ago.” Rafe smiled even though he didn’t feel like it. In the short time she’d been in his home, Gail had grown on him. Suddenly, as she turned and walked down the hall, Rafe realized how much he was going to miss having her around. Every muscle in his body seized up. He wanted to chase her down the hall of his own house.

But she wasn’t looking for a relationship. And, if she was, she probably wouldn’t pick a traumatized orphaned vet. Rafe turned slowly back to the green beans. He needed to just focus on making her dinner and let go of any other thoughts he was having. He closed his eyes in prayer for a moment asking God to still his heart and guide him.

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Gabe wants to be left alone. That's perfect for Madison. She took the job at Guardian Redwood Ranch to avoid the troubles she had back home. But the owner, Gabe, looks like a whole lot of trouble to Madison. He's tall, dark, handsome and other than his naturally grumpy personality, he was really quite generous and thoughtful.

As he starts to warm on her, Madison has to battle her own need for independence against the thriving security she feels with Gabe. When he goes missing in a forest fire, though, they both start to realize just what they mean to each other. Will these two overcome themselves to realize the value and love they bring to each others' lives?

πŸ’• To be released October 5 πŸ’•

Kadi James was raised on a ranch in Northern California riding horses, writing stories, and waiting for true love to happen. Her passion for storytelling took her around the world to experience global cultures, history, and mythology, always looking for the similarities rather than the differences. After years overseas, country roads brought her back home again and she returned to California, her family, and the ranch where she grew up. Today she writes Sweet Ranch Romance that touches reader's hearts by reminding them of the simple things that really matter in life; family, kindness, and


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Daring, intrepid Margaret has followed her husband, Don, on every mission he’s ever been on as a pastor. Now, settling down on his family ranch he wants to give her a gift so sweet, it will transform her life and those around her with a love deeper than any she has known. But first she has to decide if she is ready for this great adventure.

How Foster Brothers Ranch Began...

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