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Friday, September 3, 2021

Tabou by Beckett Riley 💕 Guest Post, Book Blitz & $10 Gift Card Giveaway 💕 (Contemporary Romance)

We would burn this world and everyone in it to the ground to be together.

Trapped between societal boundaries, siblings Tom and Theia Edwards thought they knew all about the family business they just inherited from their father. When the true nature of his dealings are revealed, they are thrust into the savage world of drug smuggling for a Mexican cartel.

Forced to continue the work their father once did or suffer the consequences of having their darkest secret exposed, they embark on a journey that will reel them into a nest of vipers full of deceit and betrayal at every turn. But underestimating the forbidden and unbreakable bond between Tom and Theia can prove to be just as deadly to anyone standing in their way.

**Can you share a little something about Beckett Riley that’s not mentioned in your bio on your website?

Growing up, I was obsessed with VC Andrews. She went where no other writer had gone before and even though some of the stuff that went on in her stories was borderline illegal and downright shocking, she wrote them so seamlessly that it didn’t make me feel dirty for wanting to read more. That’s where my love of forbidden and taboo stories stemmed from and there shouldn’t be any shame in that. Only the Lord can judge you, friends! 

**When did you know that you wanted to be a writer?

I’ve always had a passion for storytelling and wrote on and off for many years, purely for fun. It wasn’t until about two years ago that I began to take it more seriously and really pursued it, landing my first publishing offer shortly after querying. 

**How long have you been writing?

Some critics may say not long enough but I’ve been at it for over fifteen years.

**What does writing do for you? Is it fun, cathartic, do you get emotional or exhausted when you write those hot scenes? 

Writing for me is an escape, an outlet for the stresses of every day life so when I’m in the middle of bringing to life a steamy or outrageous sex scene, it’s definitely a lot of fun. Have I suffered from exhaustion when googling different sex positions? Not yet.

**Describe what your writing routine looks like. Are you disciplined with a strict schedule or do you have to be in the mood?

Oh my God, it’s insane. There is no structure, no method, no cork board with tiny post-it notes detailing each character’s pet peeve. I write when I can and that includes in between chasing a sometimes feral four-year-old human and cleaning chicken coops. 

**Did you go into writing thinking that it would be a hobby or a job?

Ha! That’s a good one! No, I approached writing as a hobby because I’d be very disappointed if I set out to make a living off it. To be more specific, I’d be broke and living under a bridge pushing a shopping cart around.

**What inspires you?

My love of forbidden romance mixed with hot, kinky sex and happily ever afters. 

Let's move on and give readers some insight into your personal life.

** What are your pet peeves?

-Aisle hoggers at the supermarket.

-Loud kissers

** Who is your hero?

 E.L. James. The woman wrote a (spectacularly poorly edited) dirty book, laughed all the way to the bank, and is now probably on a yacht sipping champagne somewhere off the Almafi coast. She’s my spirit animal.

**Any bad habits?

I leave my dirty clothes on the bathroom floor even though there is a perfectly capable hamper in there. 

**What’s the funniest thing that ever happened to you?

At a school ceremony, I thought I heard my name being called and walked up to the podium to accept an award only to be told someone else’s name had in fact been called out. True and absolutely cringeworthy story. Thankfully it was a long time ago so I’ve recovered from the trauma and can now laugh my butt off.

Now that our readers know who Beckett Riley is let’s get down to the business of your novelette, a dark, forbidden romance, Taboo.

**What has been your hardest challenge you have encountered in writing?

I had a disastrous debut with a publishing house almost two years ago that really affected me. I was disillusioned with the industry as a whole and felt as if my soul had been sucked out. I lost almost all creative control during this process and had to do so many rewrites that it felt like someone else’s story at the end. The book eventually launched but did horribly and the publisher dropped me soon after so it was a while before I started writing again. When I made the decision to go it alone, it felt like a huge burden had been lifted. My stories are told the exact way I want them to be told and that’s the most rewarding part of writing for me.

**What kind of research do you have to do for your stories?

Oh boy, if you go through my google search engine history, you’ll find sex positions, ballet positions, wolf mating rituals, bear penis sizes, incest laws, you name it!   

**What in your opinion makes good chemistry between your leading characters?

Good chemistry is simply an energetic exchange between people so I chose to peel back the layers of that exchange to something raw, primitive, and animalistic which is something that lives in all of us even if we’re too embarrassed to admit. My characters don’t dance around or ponder their choices, they already know what they want and give in to their desires without any fears hindering them. 

**Any other works in progress?

I have another taboo novel based on an infamous family of serial killers known as the Bloody Benders coming out later this year. 

**Final words?

Thank you to ________ for picking my brain for a bit and if you’re into quick (and dirty) reads, make sure to follow me on one of my social media accounts. You can also visit my website and sign up for my newsletter to keep up to date with my upcoming releases!

 “Get the fuck out of my house,” he spat, blocking Theia from Tenoch’s view. 

“That’s no way to speak to your guests, gringo. We just stopped by to say hello and discuss some... unfinished business. But first, I want to meet that lovely little creature hiding behind you,” he said, the corners of his mouth ticking upwards into a punchable cheshire grin. “Come here, mamita, let me have a good look at you.” 

Before Tom had a chance to take one step in Tenoch’s direction, one of 

the guns on Jake was now pointed directly at him. “What do you want?” he 

demanded, looking back at Theia who had tears streaming down her face. 

“Well, Tom, we seem to have a couple of problems. One: you are refusing to 

continue a particular service your papi used to provide. And two: you know 

what I do, and that doesn’t sit well with me. But no worries, I found a solution 

now since I know what you... do,” he said, eyeing Theia with his cocky grin still plastered on his face.


Beckett Riley resides in the sunshine state where she writes in between taking care of a four-year-old daughter, three dogs, six chickens, a grumpy barn cat, and a husband (sometimes in that order according to him). She loves writing erotic stories as much as she enjoys reading them. Dark romance and happily ever afters with hot, possessive, guys bring tears of joy to her eyes so please excuse the alpha males roaming her pages, they know not what they do.


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