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Sunday, October 24, 2021

Baby, It’s Hot Outside: A Christmas Down Under πŸ’• Anthology Tour and Kindle Fire Giveaway πŸ’• (Christmas Romance)

Come Down Under for a hot and steamy SUMMER festive season.

100% pure SUMMER Christmas.

Come Down Under for a hot and steamy SUMMER festive season.

Escape those winter blues with 12 summer Christmas novellas. A fabulous collection of sexy Down Under summer Christmas romances. Hot sun and hotter men, friends to lovers, reunion stories and more. Come visit a world of hot, sultry kisses and long, lazy days in the sun. It’s Christmas Down Under and just another day at the beach!

Join USA Today bestselling author, Bronwen Evans with ten of her fellow Australasian authors. Warm your heart, and maybe a little bit more, too, with 11 never before published sexy novellas of Down Under lovin’ in the Christmas sun. Only 11 – aren’t there 12? There are! The 12th story is a collaboration between the 11 authors in this boxed set. Each author is writing a chapter of THE WEEK BEFORE CHRISTMAS.

Twelve standalone novellas (never before published)
Only available until the end of January 2022 – get your copy today!

Twelve perfect indulgences to get you in the Christmas spirit:
ANNA FOXKIRK – The Worst Noelle
ANNIE SEATON – Her Christmas Star
BRONWEN EVANS – Fast Track To Love
JACQUELINE LEE – Unrequited Love
JAYNE KINGSLEY – Twelve Days Of Christmas KENDRA DELUGAR – Something In The Water
KRIS PEARSON – Summer Santa
MEGAN MAYFAIR – The Season For Second Chances
RAY COLLET – Home For Christmas
SOFIA GREY – A Christmas Retreat (Falling For The Colonel’s Daughter)
SUSANNE BELLAMY – Red Dirt Christmas
COLLABORATION – The Week Before Christmas – A collaborative novella with a chapter from each of the authors in this box set. We will be running a fabulous contest of guess who wrote what chapter!

from Red Dirt Christmas by Susanne Bellamy

Nick held up a container of food and his water bottle. ‘I was looking for a shady spot when I saw you. Want to share? I’ve got caramel slice.’ He jiggled the container and held it out to her. 


‘I had an unexpected trip to the hardware store, so I popped into the bakery on the way home. Is it still your favorite?’ While he preferred Mum’s Anzac biscuits, he’d indulged in the sticky sweet slice a few times since Pen had left, as a reminder of her. 

‘Does a leopard change its spots?’ She plucked the container out of his hand, opened it and sniffed appreciatively. Suddenly, she sang a snatch of a tune: ‘Sweet carameline.’ 

Her parody of the old Neil Diamond song drew a snort of laughter from him. ‘I’d forgotten your song.’ The silly words and her big smile—the smile Pen had always given him when he surprised her with the treat back when neither had sports training after school—was like a cool drink on a hot summer day. It gave him hope her wounds were beginning to heal. Maybe yesterday was meant to happen. 

And if it happened that she stayed—when, not if—he would be waiting with arms open and an offer he hoped she’d accept. 

Pen sank onto the sloping bank and patted a spot beside her. 

He dropped to the ground, tipped his hat back and drank from his water bottle, aware she was watching him. ‘What? 

‘Would you like to share the slice, or swap for what I have?’

‘Depends. What have you got?’

‘Something you love.’ The teasing note in her voice was new and precious. Keep things light, he reminded himself. ‘Chocolate kisses?’

She nudged his shoulder with hers and shook her head. ‘What did you always ask for?’

‘Strawberry kisses.’
‘Hmm, sounds like you’re destined to be disappointed then. In this box I have—’
‘Penelope kisses?’
Her eyes lit with laughter, and she picked up a container he hadn’t noticed and peeped inside then met his gaze. ‘If you’re willing to take a chance, close your eyes.’ 

‘You haven’t been collecting worms, have you?’
‘There’s only one way to find out.’

With a show of reluctance, he closed his eyes and waited to see what she would do. A soft scrape of boots and a small disturbance of air followed. Through closed eyelids, he saw her shadow move against the morning light. 

‘Are you ready for this?’ Her breath whispered across his face. He sensed she was close, but he curbed the instinct to move towards her. Letting her play out her little game was oddly exciting. Not seeing, only sensing through sound and touch fired his body. Waiting had never felt so hard, or so promising. 


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