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Sunday, October 10, 2021

Daddy’s Stowaway by Rogue London 💕 Book Blitz and $20 Gift Card Giveaway 💕 (BDSM Romance)

The only question is, will he still want me once he learns the truth about why I ran?

Stealing a first class ticket was a risk, but it was one I couldn’t afford not to take. Worst case scenario, I’d sit in airport jail for a while and then try again, right?


The man I stole from isn’t just any first class passenger. Turns out, he owns the whole damn airline.

And now he owns me.

For the next eighteen hours, I earn my passage through humiliating punishments that leave me begging for more. And for a moment, I allow myself to believe it won’t end when we land in Tahiti. But there is nowhere I can go where my past won’t find me, and when it does, Daddy is the only one who can save me.

The only question is, will he still want me once he learns the truth about why I ran?

 I WATCHED her from the corner of my eye. The hungry desperation I saw in her mien radiated from her in waves. She was a diamond in the rough, and I wanted to be the one who polished and savored the jewel, restoring her to full luster. I knew why she was at the airport. It didn’t require deep introspection to see that she was here to get on a flight, and she had no money.

I had watched her for some time before making an appearance. Suspecting she wouldn’t be able to resist the ticket, I purposely left it hanging precariously from my overcoat pocket. I was impressed by her quick and smooth movements to retrieve my ticket. I could tell the two ladies I spoke with had no idea what was really going on.

But I had grown up in the airline industry and had spent hours with my father watching people. From when I was a young lad, he showed me identifiable qualities in dress, mannerisms, and actions. Her intentions may be unnoticeable to my female companions but not to me; she may as well have been wearing a sign that said “thief.”

Unfortunately for me, my father had died suddenly and left me with his airline far too young. At twenty-eight years old, I have traveled the world three times and seen things most people only dream about. I have had sex with a myriad of women ranging from the wealthiest of foreign dignitaries to a simple romp in the sheets on a layover with a flight attendant.

I could say that I was desensitized by all of my experiences which were almost a blur. I didn’t often

find anything or anyone that stimulated a reaction from me. But something about this one young woman did. Despite her overly large weathered t-shirt, you could see she had perfect breasts that would sit in a man’s hands like ripe fruit. Her jeans fit well, albeit they were threadbare and did nothing to hide her heart-shaped ass, which happened to be my favorite curvature on a woman.

Her golden hair was like finely woven thread, and I wanted to run my hands through it and feel her silky locks. Her complexion was quite pale, and with no makeup on, lent to a fragility in her appearance. Add to that her green eyes shone with hunger and determination, and I was hooked.

When she scuttled off with my ticket, presumably to the bathroom to find out just how good her prize was, I laughed inwardly, my Dom rubbing his hands together in anticipation. I just couldn’t resist being a Daddy, and this one clearly needed one, desperately.

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Rogue London is an author of naughty romance designed to awaken your sensual side.

Rogue has a flair for writing about the D/s dynamic and as a true romantic at heart, her books have an HEA.

Check out her first, Daddy's Brat Series


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