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Tuesday, October 5, 2021

The Rescue by Julie Weaver πŸ’• Freebie Offer Blitz & $20 Gift Card Giveaway πŸ’•(Christmas Romantic Suspense)

One night.
One Christmas wish.
One killer on the loose.

One night. One Christmas wish. One killer on the loose.

Unlucky in love, Lilly Hart regrets volunteering to cover the New York CIA intelligence desk on Christmas Eve. That is until field operative Dylan Fox—the swoonworthy spy she’s spent far too many hours daydreaming about—dials in requesting her assistance. But before Lilly can explain his life is in imminent danger, their call is cut short, and it’s up to Lilly to dash through Manhattan and find him before it’s too late.

Dylan Fox can’t believe his luck when a gorgeous brunette crashes into him on the sidewalk and drags him into a crowded, dark bar. But when he realizes it’s none other than Lilly Hart, the intelligence analyst with the sweet voice he’s fantasized about for three long years, he thinks all his Christmases have come at once. Although, with an assassin on their heels, it could be a rendezvous to remember for all the wrong reasons.

“Are you waiting for someone?” Dylan asked, returning my focus to him. His head tilted while he waited for my answer. “Trying to make a boyfriend jealous, perhaps? Because I have to tell you, I don’t care if he’s a heavyweight champ, I’ll happily throw down with him if it means I get to taste you again.” 

He bent in for another kiss, which I was quick to intercept with my palm. “Stop. Dylan, you’re in danger.”

He froze. “Wait.” He parted my coat to look at my Christmas sweater and his eyes widened. “Lilly?” 

I nodded. “Yes, but Dylan—"

“It’s really you.” He smiled and shook his head. “What are you doing here?”

Did this man have no sense of self-preservation? We didn’t have time to chit-chat.

Although apparently, we had time to kiss. Probably shouldn’t dwell on that.

“I’m saving your ass!” I snapped and took a step back, only now realizing we were still clinging to each other.

“By kissing me?”

“What? No,” I scoffed. “Besides, you kissed me.”

“Lilly,” Dylan smirked. “Your tongue was in my mouth.”

A flush bloomed up my neck. “Only because I was trying to hide you and I needed the kiss to look authentic.”

“Oh, it was authentic all right.” He shifted closer. “And the best damn kiss I’ve had in a long time.”

He leaned in, and… Was he going to kiss me again? Was I going to let him? My tingling lady parts wanted that. A lot. But more than that, I wanted Dylan to stay alive.

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The Hit (Team Zulu, #1)

He’s her one chance for survival. She’s his last hope for salvation. ​

Hitman Elias “Shep” Shepherd lives by three strict rules: ​

Never kill an innocent. Never get caught. And never, ever get personal with the target. Not that there’s any chance of that. The Team Zulu vet doesn’t want anything to do with civilians or the world he doesn’t fit into anymore. He’d rather live alone at his remote Appalachian Mountain cabin with only his dog for company. ​

When Shep accepts a Mafia contract, he doesn’t expect his mark to be a woman, or the sexiest thing in grease-stained overalls he’s ever laid eyes on. She stirs something inside Shep’s battle-hardened heart. Despite the risks, he’ll do whatever it takes to protect her, even if it means breaking his no visitors rule at the cabin. ​

Muscle car mechanic Cameron McKenzie only needs one look at the towering wall of muscle who’s abducted her to know he’s a killing machine. Too bad for him, she’s not going down without a fight. Hidden away in his isolated mountain home, Cameron is reluctant to admit Shep might not be the heartless beast she thought he was. And as their mutual trust builds, so too does an intense attraction for her unlikely savior. ​

If the Mafia discovers Cameron is still alive, Shep will need every one of his elite skills to keep them both safe. Although he’s no longer sure which is more dangerous—The Mob’s demand for merciless retribution, or the woman who makes him wish he was worthy of her love.

Julie Weaver grew up in Perth, Western Australia, and after a childhood spent fishing, riding motorbikes, and tinkering with cars, she decided to become a mechanical engineer. Her career took her to many interesting places, including West Africa, remote Australian mine sites, and offshore oil and gas platforms.

Now married with two young sons, Julie is stretching her creative brain by writing romantic suspense stories. Her first novel, The Hit, was recently announced as a finalist in the 2021 Romance Writers of Australia Emerald Award.

Yes, Julie is still a tomboy, and her adult passions include Muay Thai (kickboxing), SCUBA diving, and desperately trying to get through her TBR list. She loves to travel, even if it's limited to her home state for now, and will never complain about a long-haul flight ever again.


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