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Thursday, December 30, 2021

Stop the Clock by Cassie Swindon 💕 Book Tour and $10 Gift Card Giveaway 💕 (Romantic Suspense)

Fast-paced adventure and heart-pounding action with a dash of romance!

Stop the Clock is the finale in the Golden Chains trilogy.

Raelyn Bell has already experienced death and loss. Her family is falling apart at the seams. Despite her fears that Zohaib will hurt the few people she has left, Raelyn is still determined to prove him guilty. But this villain’s hunger for more power threatens to rip her and Kody apart.

To save Raelyn from being captured, Kody Walsh makes a deal with the devil and is dragged across the border to the middle of a rainforest by Zohaib’s hostile force. Commanded to complete unimaginable tasks for the sake of the enemy, Kody’s stakes couldn’t be higher.

Raelyn desperately seeks for any way to rescue Kody and has to decide if she can trust her mother for help after all they have been through. Can they see this journey through without losing their lives—and each other?

Kody swallowed hard and patted the side of his pants where he stored the engagement ring and pocket watch. When he had proposed to Raelyn for the seventh time, her face fogged over, and he wondered what was holding her back. Kody would still stand by her side if the baby was Phoenix's, so why was she so hesitant? 

I know how much she loves me. 

Kody walked to the back room and dug in the bottom of his emergency pack, a bag he kept full of supplies in case they needed to escape in a hurry. At the bottom, he felt the phone and pulled it out, pocketing the device before Raelyn or Liam spotted it. 

“I need to go skin the deer.” He charged past them without meeting Raelyn’s eye.  If she caught his gaze, she’d know in an instant that he had been hiding something from her for five months. 

Usually, he thrived in the woods, yet tonight, the natural sounds under the brilliant, blue-mooned night turned unsettling. Squinting and shielding his eyes from the wind, Kody snuck through the frigid darkness. An owl hooted, and strong wings flapped, making him look up for the source, but he only saw stars freckling the night sky. Halfway down a hill, he tried to mask his footsteps but slipped and skidded to a spot he knew had cell reception. His body shivered, and muscles tightened together as if trying to cluster up into a ball. 

The phone’s screen lit up. Kody rubbed his temple, then quickly dialed Dabbott’s number before changing his mind. 

She picked up on the first ring. “Walsh?”

It was so good to hear someone from his team. “Yes. Are we clear to talk?”

“Roger, that. Are you safe?”

“Yes. I need info on Zohaib.”

“He’s two hours from your location.”

A giant knot formed in his throat. “Is he in custody?”

“No.” She paused. “We think Zohaib’s looking for Raelyn.” 

Suddenly, visions swarmed the wintery scene like he was drowning in a drug of dreams. Agonizing memories jabbed his mind like the point of a spear. Raelyn laid in a pool of blood with a piece of metal sticking out of her stomach. The nightmare that had ripped him to pieces every single night for months returned, refusing to subside. 

Kody shook his head. 

It’s not real. It’s not real. 

He clenched his jaw tightly. “That won’t happen. I won’t let Zohaib near Raelyn.”

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***This suspenseful adventure, full of mysterious threats and military romance is perfect for fans of fast-paced storylines and cliffhangers*** Raelyn Bell defies her father’s wishes by investigating the truth of her mother’s death. But if she keeps snooping, it could sever the fragile relationship with the only parent she has left. Meanwhile, Army Specialist Kody Walsh’s obeys questionable orders that lead him straight to Raelyn. "Love at first sight" doesn't mean it'll be an easy journey. If Kody aids in her quest, it could mean game over for his career. If Raelyn stops searching for answers, she'll never learn the truth about her mother. As the two cut through layers of lies, threats, explosions, ambushes, and stalkers, their bond grows stronger. But the dangers prove worse than they ever feared. Can they see this adventure through without losing their lives—and each other?


***An engaging page-turner, perfect for readers who enjoy a mix of suspense, action and romance***

Learning that her mother is alive came at a great cost.

Desperate to bring Ma home, eighteen-year-old Raelyn embarks on a dangerous journey to a desert land. Wanting to prove her strength, she leaves Kody behind. But soon, sex traffickers stalk Raelyn. In a flurry of treacherous events, she chooses to team up with Private Phoenix Peterson - which changes everything.

Army Specialist, Kody Walsh is determined to keep Raelyn safe, no matter the cost. After realizing she abandoned him, he hunts for her in hostile territory but ends up in the most unlikely of places. Yet, Kody holds a secret up his sleeve which could end the tyranny once and for all.

Hunt the Storm is the second book in the Golden Chains trilogy and for adult audiences.


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Instead of the boring bio info, here’s some interesting tidbits about the author:
• Tackled her father for a pair of Michael Phelps’ personal goggles
• Cried when the Cubs won the World Series
• Met husband freshman year of college- a blizzard & tequila may have been involved
• Moved cross-country by the flip of a coin
• Mutated into a zombie when daughter was born in 2013, then again 17 months later when her son was born
• Evacuated from a boat crash in the Atlantic during a whale watching tour
• Witnessed a wild horse pack galloping through the Rockies
• Cofounded a three-person Beanie Baby Club in the 90s- in a treehouse
• Snorkeled in The Great Barrier Reef
• Broke her foot when pretending to be a Baywatch lifeguard
• Stranded in a Cancun lagoon while jet skiing
• Crunched the back of a Dodge Neon against a wall while transporting a Medieval knight to a pub
• Invented a symbol language to pass notes to her best friend in high school
• Swung off a rope swing of pirate ship in Aruba
• Backpacked through Italy
• Stole plaques showing what swim records she broke


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