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Monday, December 13, 2021

Grocery Girl by Virginia'dele Smith 💕 Fun Facts, Book Tour and $25 Gift Card Giveaway 💕 (Wholesome Small-Town Romance)

Can they rise above tragedy to find their happily ever after?

She inhales life with every breath. He’s suffered a world of pain. Can they rise above tragedy to find their happily ever after?

Maree Davenport refuses to let a tearful past rule her future. After losing her parents at the age of five, the big-hearted fabric designer is determined to embrace her feelings and find happiness no matter what. So when she literally runs over a handsome new firefighter in the produce section, the hopeless romantic is certain she’s just collided with destiny.

Everyone Rhys Larsen ever loved has died. And though he may have hit it off with the pretty girl at the store, the haunted EMT knows better than to let her into his heart. But when an accident leaves her wounded and in need of care, he vows to nurse her back to health.

As Maree struggles to break through the grieving man’s walls, she fears his deep-seated superhero complex will make him unreachable. And as Rhys grapples with trying to protect the beautiful woman from his curse, he worries he’ll have to choose between doing the right thing and true love.

Can this conflicted couple reconcile their opposite takes on adversity and find purpose in each other’s arms?

Grocery Girl is the touching first book in the Green Hills wholesome small-town romance series. If you like strong but vulnerable characters, emotional growth, and quaint backdrops, then you’ll adore Virginia'dele Smith’s celebration of joy.

Fun Fact…the grocery story meet cute scenario is based on real life.

While my daughter was in high school, we really did purchase fruit every week for a local youth shelter. When we were at the grocery store, we almost always saw a firetruck in the parking lot and a crew of firefighters shopping. The crew was quite eye-catching: strong and virile, walking proudly in their turnout pants, heavy boots, and fire department t-shirts.

Sometimes they seemed relaxed and content to take their time gathering the foods and ingredients they needed to cook at the fire station. Those are the days they were “high-fiving kids and saying hello to customers throughout the store.” (Chapter 1)

Other times they seemed intense, strung tightly and on the clock to shop and get back to the station. I could tell that those days were chaotic and required their best skills and most focused attention. Those encounters got me to thinking about the heavy load that public servants like firefighters, police, EMTs, doctors, nurses, and teachers carry with them. I imagined the burdens that one of those cute firefighters might be feeling in his heart.

From there, Rhys’s backstory came alive for me. A story that created a reluctant hero, a man who felt cursed in the world, undeserving of love, and a danger to those around him. Rhys’s story has brought many a tear, and I must confess that I am thrilled when readers say that they cried during the scenes where he shares his past with the new people in his life. I believe that the best books make us feel; they make us experience joy and fear and love and pain and sadness and hope. If I’ve accomplished that in Grocery Girl, then I deem Book 1 a success.

So, that’s the fun fact behind the premise for my début novel. And yes, it all began in the grocery store. A kindhearted, giving young woman and a broody young man meant to be together, no matter the hurdles and history they must overcome to find their happily ever after.

And then her gaze locked with a set of uniquely gray eyes.

Maree had never seen this firefighter before. Their stare held for a smidge longer than a split second. Then he nodded a brief acknowledgment and kept walking. It took her a blink or two — or maybe ten — to get her wits about her.

He was definitely new in town, because there was no way she would have forgotten having seen him before. Taking a deep, intentional breath and with a little shake of her head, she broke out of the mini-trance she’d found herself in, forced herself to refocus, and finished her shopping.

She giggled at herself when she recounted the whole second-and-a-half time lapse of the not-quite interaction to Miss Sadie when she delivered her fruit a half hour later. When Sadie asked what the rest of him looked like, Maree honestly had no idea.

“Miss Sadie,” she confessed, “I didn’t make it past those eyes.”

“Well, that’s surely a shame,” Miss Sadie crooned. “Now you’ll never know if it’s the same fellow when you meet him in town or simply walking down the street.”

She was giving Maree a hard time, teasing in good fun, but Maree wasn’t worried.

“Oh, I’ll know him,” she replied with dreamy confidence. “I’m certain I’d know him anywhere.”

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Ashli Montgomery is a wife, a momma, and an author whose passion is sharing love stories, books, quilts, yoga, recipes, and all of her favorite things in life. She is quilting to mend the mind by spearheading and educating a community of friends who love quilts and quilting but hate Alzheimer’s disease through Quilt 2 End ALZ, Inc. ( , a 501(c)(3) nonprofit she launched to use her quilting hobby as a platform to advocate for an end to Alzheimer's disease.

Ashli writes under the pen name Virginia’dele Smith to honor Syble Virginia Tidwell, Adele Gertrude Baylin, and Etta Jean Smith. These three cherished grandmothers were beautiful role models, teaching Ashli to love without judgment and to always put family first. Through Grandma Syble’s journals and appetite for books, through Momadele’s priceless cards and handwritten letters, and through many, many hours of visiting over fabric at Mema’s kitchen island, Ashli also learned to treasure words.

You are invited to join Ashli in Green Hills ( and learn more about Virginia’dele Smith by subscribing to Ashli’s newsletter, The Gazette (, at


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  1. Love the excerpt and think the book sounds good.

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