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Sunday, December 5, 2021

Heart of Gold by Quinn Coleridge 💕 Book Blitz and 2 x $25 Gift Card Giveaway 💕 (Contemporary Romance)

Can love help them heal?
Or will they miss their chance at happiness?

Workaholic attorney Simon Phillips negotiates multi-million dollar deals in the tech world, but he’s secretly falling apart. With an ulcer, insomnia, and a growing dependence on alcohol, Simon conceals his dark side from the other partners at his firm, until the day he wakes up on a bathroom floor in his good Tom Ford suit, smelling of Jose Cuervo. Simon barely remembers his intoxicated rant from the night before, but it lands him with a forced leave of absence and two months of community service.

After choosing to perform his service at an obscure nonprofit medical clinic, Simon meets Dr. Kate Spencer. A dedicated physician and widow at twenty-eight, Kate knows how painful love can be, and she doesn’t trust workaholic lawyers. Especially ones with cool blue eyes and a history of breaking hearts.

Yet a rocky friendship develops between these two world-weary souls, and when dangers from Kate’s past emerge, somehow Simon is the one standing at her side.

Can love help them heal? Or will they miss their chance at happiness?

His thought pattern shut down when they made eye contact. He forgot everything. Anxiety. His job. How to breathe

She stood in the sad, run-down office, exuding vitality and strength. Her face reminded Simon of a fine painting, one filled with sunlight and smooth, pleasing lines. And pale gold everywhere, on skin, lashes, and hair.

Mermaid eyes, Simon thought. Sea-green.

Beth coughed loudly. “I don’t think we’ve seen you around here before, have we?”

“No. No, you haven’t. I’m Simon,” he replied, tearing his attention away from the other woman.

“Well, hello. My name’s Beth.” She gestured toward the golden goddess. “And this is Dr. Kate Spencer.”

Kate took a step toward Simon. “Why are you here?”

He definitely felt a chill in her tone. Is she frowning at me? And what’s with the attitude? Simon decided to give her another chance and extended his hand. “Nice to meet you, Dr. Spencer.” 

Looking as if his hand was infected with any number of contagions, Kate folded her arms. “We’ve met before. Quite a few times.”

Met before? She had to be mistaken. He would have remembered her. “Forgive me but when was this?”

Beth gave Kate a gentle elbow to the ribs. “Why are you being so rude?”

“It’s okay,” Simon replied. “She’s fine.”

He glanced at Beth and then returned his attention to Kate. If the doctor was ice before, now she burned. Her eyes nearly glowed with a fiery greenish-blue light, like a medieval heretic facing her corrupt accusers. Kate had a temper and it was fully directed at Simon. For some perverse reason this made him want to smile. 

Instead, he pointed out the obvious. “I get the feeling you don’t like me much, doctor.” 

“That’s a safe assumption.”

Beth began to apologize but Simon ignored her. He knew how to handle angry women. Usually they were girlfriends, who moaned about his schedule or lack of commitment, not strangers. “Why is that, exactly?” 

Mermaid eyes glittering, Kate said, “This is the fifth time our paths have crossed. Each meeting worse than the one before, I might add. And you still don’t remember me.” 

Call him a jackass, a playboy, or a bastard, but casting aspersions against Simon’s mind was an insult of the highest order. He bristled at the mere notion of his forgetting anyone he’d met once, let alone five times. 

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Quinn Coleridge grew up in the Pacific Northwest where she learned to love rain storms and reading by a crackling fire. She wrote often in a variety of genres, studied literature as an adult, and created a humor column for a small town paper. Since moving to the desert with her husband and kids, Quinn doesn't use her fireplace much these days, but she still loves books.


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