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Friday, December 10, 2021

Kissing Charlie by Elsa Winckler 💕 Book Blitz and eBook Giveaway 💕(Contemporary Romance)

One Kiss Will Change Their Lives Forever

One Kiss Will Change Their Lives Forever

Bowen therapist Charlie Wilson is not interested in men or relationships. Her only concern is making sure her sister Lindsay is safe.

But then billionaire Logan Johnson walks into her rooms and stirs powerful feelings inside of her. Logan’s perfectly knotted tie is a clear indication free-spirit Charlie should steer clear of him at all costs.

They are complete opposites, so why does he keep coming back to see her?

Charlie exhaled slowly. Oh, my word, she wouldn’t be surprised if she’d burst into flames. She had no idea why this man had the ability to turn her insides to mush, but she was a quivering mess and the night was still young. Listening to her instincts—that was what she should be doing, but where were they when she needed them?

And where was Lindsay? She had to get out of there before she did something completely stupid, like ending up on Logan’s lap.

Her sister wasn’t at the table, and frantically, she searched through the throng of people in the pub. Finally, she saw Lindsay heading back toward their table, but something was wrong. Even in the dim light of the pub, she could see her sister was pale.

“I have to get to my sister,” Charlie said, and tried to move her chair.

Logan looked at her. “What’s wrong?”

“I have to get to Lindsay,” she repeated urgently.

Logan got up quickly and moved out of her way. Lindsay was in Charlie’s arms before she took another step.

“What happened?”

“He…he’s found me, Charlie. He knows where I am!” she repeated over and over.

With her arms around her sister, Charlie quickly walked them out of the bar. They’d strolled over to meet there earlier—it was such a lovely evening—but now she rather wished they’d taken the car.

“I can take you home,” Logan said, behind her. “My car is parked right here.” He motioned toward a black sports car.

Charlie didn’t even think to protest. How was it possible that Lindsay’s ex-boyfriend had discovered their whereabouts? They’d been so careful. Not even their closest friends back in South Africa knew where they were going.

She helped Lindsay into the back of the car and slid in next to her. Logan nodded as if he understood her reluctance to leave her sister, even for a minute.

“It’s not far—down the street and then the second one to your right,” she said, holding tightly on to Lindsay, who was shaking like a leaf.

Charlie took Lindsay’s hand. “Sweetie, what happened?”

Lindsay opened her phone. “Look at the last email,” she hiccupped.


I write love stories because I love reading them. I like the heroines to be feisty, independent and headstrong. And the heroes must be strong but possess a generous amount of sensitivity and should of course, be gorgeous!


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