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Saturday, December 4, 2021

The Heart Series by M.L. Taylor 💕 Flash Freebie Event 💕 (Historical Romance)

Will betrayal, secrets, and lies tear them apart forever?

In Jessie Denton’s world, she is battered and nearly molested by her step-brother Martin on a regular basis. Her internal dialogue starts out the same way every day - “I only need to make it through one more day - just one more day, and I can leave this place.” Her way of life, as she knows it is pathetic and deplorable, hardly being a notch above the street rats that scurry at her heels for food. The bruises on her face will fade...because they always did, and she always managed to get by. UNTIL THE NIGHT SHE MET HIM. It started out the same as any another night-cheating and stealing at cards. But when her hand brushed against his-all hope became lost for her.
Sir Lucian Hawthorne would rather have been anywhere else that night. The Mate’s Table was a dive bar on the Mercy River and he met his friends for an innocent night of playing cards.
That is until his eyes held the sapphire ones of the waif sitting on his right. He knew the cocky lad cheated, and it angered him. So he waited for him, concealed in the shadows in a darkened alley.
Now everything had changed for him.
What he assumed to be a disheveled boy, turned out to be a beautiful young woman. Now she and her blue eyes tormented his dreams nightly, and he struggled to erase her from his mind.
Can their chance encounter survive the disparity between two contrasting lives and cause love to grow? Or will betrayal, secrets, and lies tear them apart forever?

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Book 2 - Sequel to Follow Her Heart Aniela Matthews has finally returned home after disappearing three years ago on the island of Martinique. She appears thin and disheveled - not anything like the elegant woman she had once been. What kept her away from her family for so many years? And who is this man Lord Gordon Pynnoke that tortures her every night in her dreams? Or every-time she closes her eyes? When she finally reunites with her past love Sir Jaylon Veltre, will her heart be able to open for him once more? Or will his crushing secret forever keep them apart? For Jaylon, secret or not, the years have done nothing to diminish his love for her and he will do anything to bring her back into his arms. Will Aniela's physical scars forever leave her damaged and unable to feel again? Or will Jaylon's timeless devotion heal her wounds and bring her back to a love everlasting?

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Lady Camilla Veltre is wealthy, arrogant and spoiled beyond belief. Her stature leaves her to believe she could ask and want for nothing, and she does. When her brother Jaylon marries and leaves her alone, she has a sudden sense of abandonment and she begins to re-evaluate her mere existence.
That is until the fateful day she is accosted and taken by two men who have specific plans for her future.
Dominic and Hester, advisors to the Royal Prince Viktor. They had been assigned a definitive check-list and believed the blonde haired beauty filled every slot. But they find out too late, that she is not one to stand by idly and quietly, whilst they whisk her far away from her home.
Soon, Nikos is sent in to calm the fair hair enchantress and teach her the customs of Isle of Harris and Massoulieu Palace.
Sail away with Lady Camilla to find out if she finds her true love, or will she be forever be left to live her life in the wonder of what could have been.
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Brydon Hawthorne is all grown up and focused on running his father's lucrative shipping business. He understands his parents (Lucian and Jessie) desire for him to find a suitable wife, but he has no intention of marrying whom they aspire. Lylianna Massoulieu, is spoiled and reckless - but also very beautiful. She has a wilful nature and isn't ashamed to speak her mind. She understands that her parents (Viktor and Camille) wish for her to join two very prosperous families together, but she only sees Brydon Hawthorne as the boy she grew up despising. Will their childhood bond be enough to draw them together, or will her reckless nature tear them apart?
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Prince Valik Rikard Massoulieu is the only son and heir to King Viktor and Queen Camille of the Isle of Harris. Valik is beyond loyal to his family and has always tried to honor the expectations that goes along with the life of being a Prince. Upon his father's request, Valik travels to Liverpool to settle a dispute in an old family-owned business. He soon finds out what kind of evil there is in the world.
Valik is recognized as Viktor's heir and son of a king. He's hit over the head and captured for ransom by a man who has a violent vendetta against the sovereign family. Blindfolded and beaten, Valik's only hope is the help and aid from a young woman named Sophia. Her soft voice and caring hands pull him out of the depths of depravity. But Sophia's evil father expects his daughter to fulfill his nefarious misdeeds.
It doesn't take long for Valik and Sophia to battle against the growing attraction they hold for the other until it can no longer be denied. But can their two very different worlds merge enough for love to grow, or will their unspoken truths eventually tear them apart?
This is book 5 in the Heart Series. A Prince's Heart can be read as a stand-alone book.
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Everybody walks past a thousand story ideas every day. The good writers are the ones who see five or six of them. Most people don't see any. ~Orson Scott~

I realized at a young age that writing was a lifelong passion of mine. I have these stories that run through my head and I can't rest until I put them on paper, bringing them to life.

I come from the Pittsburgh Pa area, where the normal is watching the Steelers on Sundays and cheering for the Penguins several days of the week.

My husband and I have raised three daughters, two golden retrievers, and one Jack Russell Terrier.

Writing and traveling the world is my passion. Stonehenge is by far a historical site I think everyone should try and see someday.


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