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Friday, December 31, 2021

The Wonder of You by Claire Marti 💕 FREE eBook and $75 Gift Card Giveaway 💕 (Contemporary Western Romance)

One lifelong friendship.
One snowy night.
And one kiss that changes everything.

One lifelong friendship. One snowy night. And one kiss that changes everything.

Renowned photographer Grant Michaels travels the world covering the international sports scene, but after a bitter divorce he returns home to Pacific Vista Ranch. Tired of life on the road, he wants stability and a fresh start.

Archivist librarian Olivia Hanlon spent the last decade stuck in her hometown. Now she has a chance at adventure: a dream job in Greece for one year.

Childhood best friends Grant and Olivia share a forever bond, always there for each other through thick and thin. When they get snowed in together at a snowboarding event, one steamy New Year’s Eve kiss quickly spirals into an explosive chemistry neither can deny. Except he’s ready to settle down just as she wants to spread her wings.

Will their friendship survive this newly discovered passion… or did they ruin the one relationship they each count on?

He’d had an old camera his stepdad gave him and a knack for creating extraordinary images from commonplace objects. When he’d gone to Rochester Institute of Technology and truly gotten into winter sports, he’d struck gold. She wondered if he’d be able to pivot from the adrenaline rush of extreme sports and transition to using his talents in a new way. She hoped so—he had a rare gift.

Gift or not, he was taking too long and her butt was already going numb through her multiple layers of clothing. So, she’d encourage him to pick up the pace. She gave the snowball another pat and admired her handiwork before launching it at his head.

She bit her lip to stifle the laughter bubbling up in her throat when the snowball splatted against the back of his charcoal gray beanie with a satisfying thunk.

He stood still for a moment and slowly pivoted to face her. His brows were drawn into a straight line, his eyes narrowed. “Oh no you didn’t.”

She snickered. “Hurry up. It’s freezing out here. We’ve got a snowman to build.”

He strode toward her, snow adorning his hat and dripping down his face. “You asked for it now.”

She turned to run and avoid his retaliation. He grabbed her around her middle and tugged her close against him. She started laughing again. “Come on, it was just in fun. Let’s build the snowman. You need to take some photos, right?”

He turned her toward him and lowered his mouth to hers in a quick peck. “Lucky for you I need you as a model. But, when you least expect it, expect it.”

The powdery snow that had run down his face tickled her cheeks. She wrapped her arms around him. “That would be so immature of you. Especially since you want to take photos of me with this red lipstick.”

“Okay brat. Camera’s ready. Let’s make a snowman. I’ll do the base and you start on the mid-section, okay? I’ll take some shots while you’re building, so it looks spontaneous.”

“Sounds like a plan.” Her cheeks hurt from laughing.

They got to work in companionable silence, rolling and packing the snow. As they each created their portions, Olivia peeked over at Grant. He whistled and his expression reflected his contentment. Whether it was all the recent orgasms or simply being happy, she wasn’t sure.

Playing outside was relegating them to familiar territory: the friend zone. Fortunately, his smoking hot body was buried beneath layers of bulky clothing, his broad long-fingered hands concealed by black gloves. He worked efficiently and quickly, which showcased another one of his admirable traits. She blew out a breath–– in her current haze of supreme sexual satisfaction anything and everything he did was admirable.

Regardless, they could still slip into friendship mode and it didn’t feel weird. Once they returned to San Diego tomorrow, hopefully they could easily access this camaraderie and their friendship wouldn’t suffer even a slight dent.

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From USA Today bestselling author Claire Marti comes a sizzling enemies to lovers romance with one arrogant Hollywood stuntman and a feisty horse breeder who puts him in his place.

When Holt Ericsson struts into Samantha McNeill’s secluded California horse farm, sparks fly. She doesn’t care how gorgeous he is––she wants him gone after he threatens to pull her family back into the paparazzi filled world they escaped from over a decade ago.

Holt knows Sam hates him on sight and the feeling is becoming mutual. But his entire career is riding on a favor from Sam’s legendary film director father. No way will he allow one irritating, sexy redhead to stand in his way.

Sam intends to fight him at every turn…if only her heart didn’t race when they’re together. Holt does his best to steer clear of her…except all he wants to do is hold her close. The sizzling attraction between them is either going to burn up the sheets or burn down the ranch…


A perfectionistic equine vet. A gorgeous fireman. An unrequited high school crush blazes hot twelve years later.

Reliable Amanda McNeill’s world toppled last summer when Hollywood invaded her family’s horse breeding ranch. Now she’s in a massive rut. She yearns to be impulsive, even wild, and a hot fling with Jake Cruz might be the sizzle she needs to jumpstart her life.

When firefighter Jake Cruz comes face to face with his former crush Amanda, her charming blushes and heated glances tell him she notices him this time around. While Jake longs to discover if this Amanda matches the girl who starred in his adolescent fantasies, his desire to become fire captain, and earn his family's pride, requires he focus on work, not passion.

Could his dream woman become his real love or will his professional ambitions extinguish their chances? Once the smoke clears, will Amanda realize Jake isn’t a fling but her hero after all?


For a French soccer icon, and a gifted artist, a fake engagement is the perfect solution for their current dilemmas. But when last summer’s fling slips from lust to love, their pretend relationship becomes too hot to handle.

Gabriel DuVernay is heir to one of the oldest wineries in France, but his passion is playing soccer, not tending vines. When he signs a multi-million dollar deal with the Los Angeles Galaxy, he’s able to postpone his unwelcome family duties and reunite with the striking redhead he can’t forget.

Last summer, artist Dylan McNeill’s life on her family’s Southern California horse-breeding ranch was thrown into chaos and she escaped to Paris. One electrifying night with a gorgeous playboy athlete helped her forget her problems. She’s never forgotten Gabriel, but aspiring artists trying to break into the elite art world don’t have time for romance.

When Gabriel suffers a career-shattering injury, he needs to buy some time to figure out how to remain in America and choose his own future. A fictitious engagement seems like the simple answer until living at Pacific Vista Ranch and pretending to be in love starts to feel real.

Can last year’s one night stand and this year’s fake engagement turn into true love forever?


♥2021 RONE Award Winner Best Novella ♥ 2021 CRWA Stiletto Award Best Contemporary Short♥

When cocky financial genius Rafael Cruz is forced to partner with his snarky office rival Phoebe Hollingsworth to land a prestigious new client, nothing goes as planned.

At work, they ignore each other, but at the Jingle Ball, their unexpected chemistry changes the game.

Will their secret holiday hook-up ruin the deal or is it the start of a deeper connection?

★ ★★★★ Crowned Heart for Excellence from InD’Tale Magazine! Ms. Marti’s exquisite details in this one-sitting page-turner will have the reader melting into their seat in anticipation of the next chapter. Rafe and Phoebe’s rivalry is so full of sexual tension that one will crave the details of the small glances or body brushes from the couple…All matter aside, this novel monopolizes one’s attention and eggs on the anticipation for more astounding stories from Claire Marti.

★★★★★+ Stars! A sizzling holiday office rivals romance I couldn’t put down. Instant attraction that grows to love. Smart, sassy dialogue to keep me entertained. The emotions between Rafe and Phoebe are honestly drawn while the chemistry ignites the plot. Claire Marti has a true gift for writing authentic ‘make your heart beat fast’ romance. From characters who you’ll connect with right away to emotional narration, this is a romantic gem surely to get you in the holiday mood.–N.N. Light’s Book Heaven

★★★★★“ Marti continues to hold my heart with wonderful characters, irresistible romance and unforgettable storytelling…Wrapped Up with You had me at hello.“Isha C. Book Blog

★★★★★! Quick, happy, sexy holiday read! I love holiday romances and Claire Marti’s Pacific Vista Ranch series, so to have a story that combines the two? Heavenly! I loved the glimpse we had of Jake’s brother Rafe in the Very Thought of You, and Wrapped Up With You, is the story of his romance with Phoebe. Adversaries at the office, because she’s a rival for the position at his company he’s been working toward, but sparks fly between them when they have to attend the holiday Jingle Ball together for work. I enjoyed that Phoebe was a strong, capable, confident woman and a worthy match for Rafe in every way. Having the chance to revisit beloved characters from the previous three Pacific Vista Ranch books on Christmas Eve was a bonus. I’ve loved every book Claire Marti has written and Wrapped Up With You is no exception. A quick, steamy, happy holiday read––I highly recommend! Donna S––Amazon Reviewer

★★★★★ A sexy, witty holiday read!I love Christmas romances, so I was thrilled to read this clever, steamy enchanting story. Rafael Cruz is my favorite kind of hero- -a cocky charmer who meets his match and falls hard and fast. Phoebe is a strong, independent heroine who made me laugh every time she opened her mouth. Marti excels with snappy, face-paced banter, smart characters, and unique stories and settings. Starra A––Amazon Reviewer

★★★★★ I recommend this read- -it’s definitely one l’ll return to again and again. It’s a stand-alone, but I’m glad I had read the first three books because you meet Rafael back in Book 2 as the older brother of hero Jake Cruz. I can’t wait for the next installment in the Pacific Vista Ranch series. Kay B––Amazon Reviewer

** A shorter version of this steamy enemies-to-lovers romance originally appeared in the Jingle Balls anthology. It has been revised and expanded into a novella. **


Claire Marti is an award winning and USA Today Bestselling author ​of swoonworthy Contemporary Romance novels set in Southern California, including the Pacific Vista Ranch series and the California Suits series. She lives in San Diego with her husband, silly dog and two clever cats.


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