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Sunday, January 9, 2022

Dark Sentinel by Melissa Combs 💕 Book Blitz, Freebie Offer and $25 Gift Card Giveaway 💕 (Paranormal Romance)

Lash stands between Teva, who owns his heart, and Satan, who owns his soul.

Their love could give him a second chance at life—or condemn her to an eternity of damnation.

Yanked from his tortured existence in Netherworld and dumped naked in the Louisiana Bayou, Lash could swear he's died and gone to heaven. Except for the fact that a millennium ago he died a condemned soul, forever barred from Paradise. His new life feels like the next best thing, full of small miracles. Like silence. And ice water. And the company of a beautiful, compassionate woman.

Teva is a woman with a taste for heavy metal music, an inherited talent for magic, and a trusting heart. She knows nothing about the mysterious stranger she's taken in, only that he needs her help. And the fact that he's gorgeous hasn't escaped her attention. She can't see Lash as anything other than a sexy, gentle man who soothes her nightmares away.

Then Lash learns the real reason for his reprieve from Netherworld: he's been sent to corrupt Teva's soul with sinful pleasures. Starved for tenderness and aching with desire, Lash yearns to accept the loving embrace Teva offers. But he can't give in to passion without condemning her to the horrors of Netherworld.

The ultimate battle between good and evil is brewing, and Lash stands between Teva, who owns his heart, and Satan, who owns his soul.


Do you believe in chance?

Olivia Sutcliff is a lost soul who has endured the tortures of Netherworld for more than a hundred years. But now she's given one chance to get out—by completing a task set by the Dark Prince himself. She must use her sexual wiles to help damn an innocent man, and failure means a fate worse than hell.

FBI special agent Malin Cross has devoted every waking moment to catching the killer who haunts his nightmares. Until he meets the woman of his dreams. She's a perfect submissive, one who anticipates his every fantasy. But she also asks too many questions, leaving Malin to wonder if she's as innocent as she seems, or if she's bait to lure him into the killer's web.

As Olivia entices Malin deeper into a world that wants him destroyed, her reluctance to deceive him grows into a desire to save him from making a damning mistake.

But as the forces of light and dark collide, their lives—and their souls—hang on the one sacrifice that could destroy them both.

💕 To be released March 1 💕

He's a condemned soul she can't resist...

Day after day, Deke Mackenzie has been forced by his Netherworld masters to explore the most intimate details of Rhonda Lee's life and fantasies. Now he's been ordered to claim her body and steal her soul.

She's a courageous mortal he wants for himself...

Rhonda Lee thinks she's losing her mind. After months of being terrorized by her dreams, they take an unexpected turn as she meets a warrior worth saving.

Soon she makes him question his destiny—and his heart. Saving her life and soul wasn't in his plans. Nor were the overwhelming feelings she awakens in him. Their chemistry is combustive and completely against the wishes of Netherworld's powers-that-be.

Will Deke be her damnation, or will Rhonda save him from his?

💕 To be released May 3 💕

When the snow flies in Indiana, I'm dreaming about palm trees and 80 degrees. In between planning my next beach getaway, I'm taking dictation—i.e. writing down the stories the voices in my head are weaving.

The first stories I learned were the folktales my grandmother handed down by word of mouth, because as a child, I was blind. A double corneal transplant, among other groundbreaking treatments, gave me the miracle of sight at age 22—for about ten years.

Those precious years were a turning point for me in many ways, and I eventually stopped only listening to the voices in my head and, literally, put pen to paper. Hard work, determination, persistence, countless writing workshops and conferences, and cutting my teeth on fanfiction finally led to the publication of my first novel in 2006. To date, I've published dozens of books in various genres.

My eyesight will eventually fade, but my writing voice has been unleashed, and there is no turning back. In 2020, I earned a dual M.A. in English and creative writing. In addition to writing my own stories, I enjoy editing, research, cultural studies, the paranormal, and mentoring aspiring authors. Plus, I'm sure it will surprise no one that I'm an advocate for the blind. Because everyone has a voice, and they deserve to be heard.

Photo by Rafael Lopez.


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  1. Congrats on your release of Dark Sentinel, Melissa and on your upcoming releases of the Netherworld series! Your book sounds like a thrilling and fantastic book for me and I can't wait to read it! Good luck with your books and the blitz! Thanks for sharing your books with me and have a spectacular week!

  2. Great cover! Thanks! Sounds interesting.

  3. Thanks for sharing, sounds like a good book.

  4. sounds like a fun one


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