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Sunday, January 2, 2022

💕 Day 9 💕 12 Days of Christmas Freebies presented by Kate Pearce 💕

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Can an infected tooth play matchmaker?

Desperate, Luna approaches Dr. Graham for help. She’s noticed his compassion and caring for others. Homeless and penniless, she hopes he’ll allow her to repay him with hard work.

Sebastian Graham is immediately concerned about the young woman’s swollen jaw. Unwilling to allow anyone to be in such pain, he immediately brushes away her concerns about payment and begins to treat her. Something about this young woman tells him Luna may be the Little girl he’s been trying to find.

Addiction Warning: Pepper’s stories will touch your heart and may warm your bottom. While both sweet & spicy, the Dr. Richards’ Littles stories may contain more heat than some will find comfortable. Playing doctor with Dr. Richards can be an intense experience that borders on electrifying. The greatest risk, however, is developing an intense craving for more after reading just one. Proceed with caution.

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Ever just gone for it? That's what USA Today Bestselling Author Pepper North did in 2017 when she posted a book for sale on Amazon without telling anyone. Thanks to her amazing fans, the support of the writing community, Mr. North, and a killer schedule, she has now written more than 70 books!

Enjoy contemporary, paranormal, dark, and erotic romances that are both sweet and steamy? Pepper will convert you into one of her loyal readers. What's coming in the future? A Daddypalooza!


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💕 Day 9 💕 Can an infected tooth play matchmaker? Luna: Dr. Richards' Littles® 19 by Pepper North #ContemporaryRomance #12DaysOfChristmas from Kate Pearce #FreebieOffer

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