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Monday, January 17, 2022

The Scent of a Man Series by Veralyn Keach 💕 Series Tour and $20 Gift Card Giveaway 💕 (Paranormal Romance)

Will Ariel lose one man to the scent of another or will she lose everything, including her life?

Ariel Landford realized she was about to enter a whole new life when Damian Vanburg suddenly appeared. Half Vampire/Half Man. Will Ariel lose one man to the scent of another or will she lose everything, including her life?

Two vampires mates were out on a rampage and had gotten the fever to kill humans whenever a new Half Vampire/Half Man was born. Their plan was to wipe all half breeds out of existence. Especially, on the hunt for Damian and Ariel’s child, Gabriel.

How many battles would it take to stop these vampires? Would Gabriel survive the attacks?

Gabriel had imprinted with Ruth but would he grow to marry and have a child of his own? If he was to survive the attacks and fill Ruth’s womb with a baby, would she survive the birth or would their child take their lives?


Damian saw the vampire in charge right away but he was completely surrounded by newborns which were clearly out of control while looking for blood and their next victim.

“We will have to wait for a moment that he’s alone and it’ll only be for a split second.” Said Damian. “Whoever sees it first, go in for the kill.

Hours had passed and the newborns still made it impossible.

Damian was about to call it a night when he heard a roar and something flew past him. It was Ash. “Ash No!” Yelled Damian.

The newborns were all over Ash. He couldn't fight them all off. He was covered in bites, whimpering and barely conscious.

Will Ash survive the Newborn Army?

What will be left of Damian’s covenant after the attack of the Newborn Army?


Damian shared Alyssa’s visions out loud.

"Apparently, the vampire that we killed was from the Bodescu covenant. It turns out that they want revenge and to wipe my covenant out of existence. There is no telling how many are in their covenant.”

Ariel was the first to speak. “Is there no one in control over the covenants? Someone who is the judge and jury? Someone who can stop this nonsense?”

”The Morachis” said Damian.  “I have spoken to Head Count Elijah and he has summoned both covenants to stand before him within three days from today or there will be consequences.”

Alyssa asked, “What will they do if the other covenant doesn’t show? Or if they go against the Morachis? Their covenant said they would take us out regardless.”

Damian replied, “They will take the covenant out of existence.”

But whose covenant will suffer the consequences?


“Well that was fast.” Said Damian.

Paul responded, “It didn’t take much tracking. An easy find for me and my pack. There are five male vampires and they’re down by coconut creek. Approximately six miles north from your place. They have set up a little camping area. What do you want to do? Set up a surprise attack?”

Damian responded, “We definitely have the element of surprise for an attack.

“Let’s go take them out.” Said Paul.

“The kill seems too easy.” Said A leery Damian.

Alyssa took in a quick breath of fear. She walked over to Damian and placed her hand upon his face and said, “It’s deceitful. They’re the size of an army. There were only four there at the time of Paul’s observation but that’s not all of them.”

Just then the phone rang. It was Elijah. “Damian, don’t go. It’s a trap.


Damian headed for the birthing room with Ariel.

Right away Damian knew something wasn’t right. Mary’s character was like that of his covenants birthing mothers that have been impregnated by a vampire.

Damian laid his hand on Mary’s belly. He could feel the hard kicking. This poor girl was beaten and bruised up and apparently had no blood in her diet. She must have been suffering and going through this alone.

He looked up at Ariel and she nodded. Letting him know she was reading his mind.

Just as Damian was getting ready to remove his hand he heard a voice. What’s this? He thought. A gifted childlike Alyssa but more. They can be read by the touch of a hand.

That sound had jolted him so he placed his hand back on her belly and listened. The voice returned. “She was raped by a vampire and left for dead. She suffered through all this alone while living on the streets. By the way, I’m a boy.”

“Ariel venom?” Damian asked.


Suddenly there came from outside a lot of loud shouting, hooting and hollering.

Damian looked out the window and the Tucci covenant was up in the field and Elijah was right. There were approximately forty of them.

“Alright ….” Said Damian. “Jane, Ariel, John, Michael, Jack, Gabriel and Ash let’s go. Paul, lets hold a perimeter until The Morachis arrive.”

They all went outside and the pack shape shifted.

Damian led them to the edge of the field and formed a line with the pack.

Billy shouted. “Vanburg I’ve no beef with you. This is between me and The Morachis.”

“Did someone speak my name?” Said Elijah.


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from Half Vampire/ Half-Man

Gabriel and Ariel were celebrating their wedding engagement in Kansas City. Being from Chicago, brought them closer to his family.


Ariel had them packed and ready to go after breakfast. There was little conversation, just the pleasantries. She gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, and they were off to get showered and dressed. 


It was a beautiful spring day. They talked, sang, and continued as though everything was normal on their drive. Gabriel even promised to fix the kitchen sink when they returned home. It meant a lot to her. He wanted to please her, but this concerned her too because he was no Mr. Fix It.


When they arrived, Gabriel kissed her hand before releasing it. Surprisingly, he held her hand for most of the ride. It was as if he couldn’t get enough of her, would not be seeing her for a while, and had already missed her. He was acting as a man in love should but a little out of his character. Regardless, there was no doubt that he still loved her. 


The valet took their keys and once inside the party’s banquet room and foyer area Ariel could see it was huge and being catered by Tina Marias. The staff was dressed classy in white and black tuxedo style uniforms with black shiny shoes.


There were only supposed to be 100-150 in attendance. It appeared that many of the guests had already arrived and Ariel mingled but stayed by Gabriel’s side. She had no family here and knew no one. She had no surviving family. Gabriel was all she had.


The event turned out gorgeous as Tina decided on a vintage-themed wedding engagement party.


Everyone was dressed in light and breezy vintage wear. The room was adorned in red velvet, brick accents, and fully set tables of vintage to match but with white roses mixed in red. There was so much white too that it all appeared angelic.

Ariel wore a white vintage dress that made her feel like she was partying at the Gatsby’s House. Very nostalgic and taking one back in time. She received so much praise on her choice of dress and how much it brought out the green in her eyes, as well as the shine of her auburn red hair with blonde highlights.


Gabriel was tall and lean with deep brown eyes, dark short hair, and a smile to die for. He looked dashing in a vintage Sailsbury green suit with matching shoes.


They all sat down to a lovely dinner. They enjoyed New England Clam Chowder Soup, Antipasto, Salmon with Pilaf, and Broccoli. For dessert, they devoured hot Apple Pie with Ice Cream on top.


The icing on the cake was the timeless sounds of Anita Baker singing, Sweet Love, softly in the background.


“Ariel, would you like to dance?” Gabriel asked.


While beaming with a glow of happiness, Ariel responded, “Yes.”


Ariel always loved how just the touch of his hand could make her blush with thoughts of their lovemaking. His scent drove her to weakened knees. And when he placed his hand upon the small of her back she breathed in and released it slowly with contentment. 


As they danced, Gabriel’s lips touched her ear, running shockwaves through her body and he whispered, “You look beautiful today. Just know that I will always love you, Ariel.” 


He said it like a goodbye was coming. 


Her contentment quickly and abruptly ended.


“Let’s step out onto the balcony, I need to speak with you,” said Gabriel. “It’s important.”


He chose what was to be an “us” moment and admitted to finding him another; he just didn’t love her anymore. Turning their moment into a goodbye. A very cold one. He couldn’t even look her in the eyes when he spoke. Almost robotic.


He just proclaimed his love for her and now there is another? No way.


How could he put her through a trip, party, and then dance with her as if all were well between them? This made no sense. He had never functioned as if there was another. Quite the opposite. His breakup sounded forced.


Ariel was so devastated; he was all she had in the world. Her eyes filled with tears and she was so embarrassed that she just ran off down Barley Avenue. She ran frantically onto a busy city street with blurred eyes; unable to see. 


Screeeeeeech …. Everything went black 

Veralyn Keach is the writer and author of the new Fiction/Fantasy/Romance Paranormal Vampire series, "The Scent Of A Man." As well as the Romance Novella “Then Came You.” She resides in Port St Lucie, Florida, and when she's not writing she is glued to Netflix or Hulu!
This has been an exciting time for her to write this series about vampires, werewolves, and romance because she grew up reading and watching fiction/fantasy/paranormal/young adult books and movies, which is the category for which her series falls under. If this is you too, you are the perfect reader for this series.


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